ok, since I’m on a roll talking about what bag to get…

I saw a Gin&Jacqie bag in Isetan The Gardens that I so want because it has my favourite prints on it and its only RM29.90! the SAME one as my other Gin&Jacqie bag.

i walked away….

HAHAHAHA smart move eh?

When I have the time, I will review an organizer that I recently got. On how to use it creatively!

now I shall go shower and like, try to finish some work. I think the latter is going to be a failed mission.

We’ll see.

Some pics from Urbanscapes 2010

Classic KLPAC in the hot sun picture.
Louanne’s newly bought hat for RM15. Whatta steal!
I love my colourful top. I wore bright green inside too. To contrast like crazy! But nice.
This day also gave me like the worst sun burn EVAHHH
I also got 2 rings this time around.
A flower ring from Mimpi Murni that I wanted for a long time already!
an umbrella ring from Ring Apartment.
The bunny is Louanne’s, also from Ring Apartment! 🙂
Tres Cute!

Quest for a designer bag

Because every fashionista needs to start somewhere…so Coach it is! 🙂 Hopefully Coach doesn’t disappoint me-in terms of their quality and stitch! LOL!

Remember I wrote about the little clutches/wallet that i was eyeing on the Coach Website? I love love love the design 😀

poppy kaleidoscope swingpack

poppy op art large wristlet

madison op art chainlink small wallet

Well, I got the price from Bagskaki already!

All three of them are priced at RM470 (as their real prices are at USD$98). It’s all inclusive, including shipping & Custom Duty 🙂 No other hidden charges.

its quite on the high end, only because they’re new arrivals and not on sale yet. Bagskaki always goes to US to source for marked down items that she can also sell it at marked down prices for all bag kakis like meeeee!

So, the question is, should I get a wristlet, or a pink signature pleated hobo bag?

(I have so many questions -_- )

This bag looks nice…so very Louanne. I remember her telling me she wanted this bag when we were at the Coach Store…

Sellng at RM1350.

Till the next post, happy shopping! LOL!


Bagskaki‘s having a secret (okayla, not so secret) 48 hour ONLY sale!

29th JUNE (12am) ~ 30th JUNE (11.59pm)

FOR 48 HOURS ONLY! Grab them before someone else does!

This reminds me, I am ready to make the plunge to get a designer bag of my own now. I do have the cash, but im still thinking. But I KNOW its a good deal! hehe.  I shall look at the “monthly installments” plan with Bagskakii to help me pay, as I dowanna pay full lum sum for the bags.

Their terms are (Read more here):

  • we offer ANY # of installments, subject to a maximum of 90 days.
  • For purchases of ANY amount. (*please provide us a copy of your transaction details to facilitate us in tracking your payment)
  • You will only get your item(s) once payment has been complete

The last one made me think twice -_- LOL! But I guess delayed gratification is good for me. Don’t worry, Bagskaki won’t run away with your money! They’re a trusted seller, as I’ve seen many bloggers who had a good experience with Bagskaki.

One Tip: Always always ask a lot of questions about the seller AND the product before making a big purchase like this from blogshops. Don’t also trust online sellers so much, as I’ve been cheated before many times. Ask around, see other people’s feedback on online blogshops before buying anything online.

Am I ready for a Coach bag?

Mobile Friendly

I just made my blog mobile friendly. If you’re reading my blog from an iphone, it is now in an awesome mobile theme. LOL!

it has been a long time since I’ve browsed the plugins page for new stuff. #i’msuchageek

yes, i know.

anyways, today was work night. Launched this car officially to the media…

Pretty hor?

On the bright side, I have a day off tmr 😀

Did you know, I’m running the KL Marathon! LOL!

Yes, its quite amusing. Me running. don’t worry la, its the 5km “fun” run. not exactly marathon. they won’t even count our timing -_-

ok nights!

Moving On

Life gives you lemons, you drink lemonades….but sometimes, lemonades are nice. Just ask Lea!


so been having an emotional whirlwind in my stomach these few days/week or so. Most of you know what’s going on. Been doing a lot of thinking about life and what will I make out of it.

Been dreaming a lot too. Which makes me damn tired in the morning. Somedays I tahan sleep in office, others time passes by damn fast. Sometimes I feel like life just went on without me noticing it.

I’m getting the hang of work,I’m getting the hang of life as a salaried person. Without it, I would so totally die. There is a need to improve and get more moolah, now that I’m growing up and you know moving on with life.

Everything involved monayy that you can’t stay on in the “blissful” period of ignorance and happy skippy life…

I need a new bank account.


for life savings.

and travel savings.

looks like project UK 2011 is looking okay if i keep up this savings+extra money i get from here and there. Ps, please wait for me to visit before you go anywhere! HAHAHA

I just need to stop shopping, or limit my budget to RM200 a month. LOL!

Like this month’s shopping is busted with my purchase of 3 cardigans -_-

Urbanscapes, I shall only go cos Louanne wants to go. Going with only RM50 for food+parking and etc. I SHALL NOT SPEND. Cos there’s no ATM there too, which is good! unless they bring one there -_-

Been running with the girls a lot lately. We need to keep this up girls! Loosing fats, here we come!

I’m also seriously considering joining the Daily Muscle’s Transformation camp. Just to try out for a month.

See how much fats i loose in a month. if its working for me, I’ll continue, if not, I shall save my money! HAHAHA

anyways, I need to dry my hair and sleep now. damn tired -_-


I dreamt yesterday that I drove to Singapore on a work day, then I forgot it was work day and quickly patah balik as I was walking in a Garden, somewhere near the pier…

Then I saw some people swimming in the ocean with oil spills. and I think they were trying to clean it…, they were in their snorkeling gear all..

I took the wrong turn and had to walk up stairs that were a little too steep, took me so long to go back up to my car.

As I was walking out of the “gate” I saw a bunch of people standing in line, waiting on a bride and groom walking into the singapore park/garden.

When I went out, I saw Darryl and he followed me back to God knows where. I asked him if he told his parents, he said yeah la yeah la…and we drove off.

I then went to an African-ish/jungle-ish place where there were like a family feud between 2 families.. We were in one of the family’s house..My mom was there and she was telling me to keep my phone properly.

Then suddenly a phone rang (in another scene) and my maternal cousins called me and said they were all somewhere waiting for dinner -__________-

What can you decipher from my dream today?

On another note:

Twitter is down, HOMAIGAWDDDD!

What will i do! I have so much to tweet about -_- Here’s some of my thoughts.

  • I also haven’t paid for my bagskaki bags yet. I should do so by this week. Counting money…
  • I need to research and improve my talking skills -_-
  • I gotta go call press now.

I wanna go for Mimpi Murni’s craft party! LOL! I wanna learn so mucchh and do crafty things 😀

Please let me know okay! 😀 I RSVP first! Louanne wanna come?

On another note, I really wanna join the Daily Muscle Transformation Camp.

It is a training thing for 6 months!I mean, I think I can freeze my CF account to pay minimal fees to join this program. I think this may be the right choice to loose all my fats. LOL! I’ve  followed the DM program for a month. I think it has really made me choose what I eat and eat lesser. Although, I really don’t like the fish oil regime. gross. it is supposed to help, but i don’t like eating oil! HAHAHAHA

Click here to enter the pre-sale list. Anyone wanna join with me? I think if i join this, I’ll have to start drinking fish oil again -_-

Img Credit

I wanna dance the English Folk Dance like in Pride & Prejudice, can? I wanna wear corset and a huge ass dress and dance with such grace 😀

Where can I learn? I need about 10 people too -_-

Perhentian 2010

You know…I used to be able to post like a million pictures and describe what happened…’

Now I’m just so lazy! Whoever spends so much time on a blog post? Owh yeah…paid bloggers! -_-

Anyways, here are some of my fave photos..


I pose underwater too!

Scary coral!

Customary skinny picture 😀



On our way back… 🙁

I was browsing…..

Once upon a time ago….I was browsing….when I found the bag print that i truly LOVE!

Stylish Carrie


I was so so so so so so sad that I was a broke blogger back then…Couldn’t afford a RM229 bag. BUT I helped in a charity project and I was given this bag as a token of appreciation! 😀 I really really love it much. I take it to overnight travels and carry my lappie case with me all the time.


I know laa, i rave about GinJacqie all the time wan, cos I really do love the prints on the bags and how practical most of the bags are  😀 Also super affordable as compared to other brands like, ahem, LeSportsSac! HAHA!

okay. end syok sendiri moment.

Today I’m supposed to go to a FIFA World Cup event -_- I don’t really like football…but it is for work, so bolehla!

I’m supporting Mexico, only because I love Fajitas, Nachos, Tacos and Tequila!

Although i really think this Zakumi is really cute!

But so Brazil colour. Unfair right? HAHAHAHA


so its 630. I’ve got an hour plus to kill. Ran out of movies to watch…So here i am listening to RAN and doing my Thai homework.

Thai words are so hard to write -_- omg! I need more Thai friends!!! So that I can practice speaking Thai with them! Anyone wanna introduce me to Utt?


haihs. i hate waiting. i’ve got a huge camera to lug around together with my laptop and my handbag of rubbish later. *dies*

Maybe I’ll blog about perhentian after I’ve finished 3 more pages of Thai words…LOL!

ok brb

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