Wedding Cupcake Adventure

So, my auntie unofficially appointed me to be official cupcake baker for my cousin’s wedding. She was so excited that even before my cousin announce her engagement, she was asking me about cupcake boxes and how many i can bake -_-

So we had our little meeting and decided that we don’t need a box, as it wont’ be a favor, but it will be served at the end of the 10 course and served by the restaurant people.

Size: Need to speak to my aunt to find out what size she wants…

We figured, why not make like some cupcake topper to write like “Jes+Mike’s wedding” or “thank You” or something like that. Maybe a monogram (is it called monogram?)


  • cupcake trays (depending on size)
  • 2 inch circle puncher/with scallops on the side for easier cutting!
  • Cupcake cups

Some inspirations…

TomKatStudio even gives out free printable cupcake toppers! also gives out free cupcake toppers printables!

Monogramed one from

This one is so cute! From

OMG, this one is more me than Jes πŸ˜€ TOO CUTE!!!! From Craftzine

This one is tre cute, but i think it will take a long time to make 500 of it, set with ribbons all! LOL! From Flappergirlcreation


We’ll get there fast, And then we’ll take it slow, That’s where we wanna go, Way down to Kokomo…

I think my beach bum bum is aching for another beach holiday… how ah liddis?

LOLS. Speaking of beach bags…I need to confirm my order from Bagskaki already! So that I can enjoy my next beach vacay with my gin&Jacqie beach bag πŸ˜€

They’ve also updated with SO MANY wristlets/slingbags/wallets. GO TAKE A LOOK. They’re all also on sale too.

COACH Poppy Leather Wallet – RM460, Bagskaki

COACH Heritage Signature Stripe Swingpack, RM400,Β Bagskaki

COACH Signature Pleasted Swingpack, RM400,Β Bagskaki

I’ve got a special special special deal from BagskakiΒ for you.

Readers of Pink Shoes (YES YOU!) will be entitled to a free gin&Jacqie Swinging Nikki waist pouch worth RM79.00…..this is on top of whatever prevailing sale/discounts already at Bagskaki.

Conditions :

  • For any purchase above RM500
  • You must have heard it from here, so of course, you’re a reader of mine, thank you!
  • Must be a ‘Follower’ Bagskaki.
    How to be a follower? SIMPLE!
    1. Search for this section on the right side of the sidebar:
    2. Click on “Follow” and just follow the instructions that they give.
    3. And wala, you are now a follower of Bagskaki!
  • Buyers only need to identify themselves as Pink Shoes & Bagskaki followers in their Order
  • Effective 15-31st July.


And remember, you heard it here first! πŸ˜€

Colourful Wedding

hahahhaha, continuing my wedding must have lists.

and also looking at places for work, Jes’ wedding and Koko’s wedding….I stumbled upon these…

My wedding will be something like this:

So pretty and yet i think the decorations are all handmade and simple.

okla, set!

This was at TTDI’s Taman Rimba. You can actually have garden dinner at TTDI. very pretty!

Other places:

Laman Andaman at Kg. Sungai Penchala:

Its more of a open air hall area. They cater very much to Malay weddings. But I guess if you want, you can twist a bit.

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