First Designer Purchase

this is mom and I at Universal Studios!

I’ve made a couple of big decisions this year.

First, is something which i will blog about later. haha.

Second – I GOT A COACH BAG!!!!

(Well sorta)

My first designer purchase of my life. Guess is not counted okay, Guess is ugly. LOL. Remember I mentioned that I wanted to buy this bag from Bagskaki in the previous post?

Well, no one donated money to me, but I managed to work my butts off to buy my own. Am I awesome or am I awesome? All that extra work i did for that extra cash is really awesome.

(After this no more big purchases!)

I actually haven’t gotten this bag yet. Considering how poor i am, I took the installment plan on Bagskaki. What’s so amazing about this service offered by Bagskaki is that you get to pay them within 90 days, monhtly, or whichever time you want, as long as you finish your payment in 90 days.

They just changed their T&C for Installment plans to cater to ANY amount of bag purchases. So even if you’re getting a Rm200 wallet/clutch, you can still afford it, because if you divide RM200 into 3, you’ll only have to pay RM66.67 each month, and you can own a designer bag already! 😀

Here are the details:

  • we offer ANY # of installments, subject to a maximum of 90 days
  • For purchases of ANY amount. (*please provide us a copy of your transaction details to facilitate us in tracking your payment)
  • You will only get your item(s) once payment has been completed.

So once you’ve made your payment, you can let Bagskaki know your shipping details and the bag will be shipped to you in no time using PosLaju. What’s awesome-er is that the bag price you paid for is all inclusive, so for RM799, I get the bags with shipping already included in the payment.

I just made my first payment and the bags will be reserved until I finish paying. When my bag arrives, I will update everyone! 😀 😀

Messy me

A lot has been happening in my life lately.

a few changes. a few stagnant things. most importantly, life went on.

-_- wtf am i talking about?

I should really take more photos. I want an Olympus Pen, someone buy for me?

karen ♥hearts concerts

anyways, here’s an update on the concerts I’ve attended recently. Malaysia’s getting quite a number of stars coming down. also resulting in a dry wallet. wtf.

A few weeks back, I went for Mizz Nina’s album launch and I met Colby O Donis. (which reminds me, I need my Colby photos from the guy from AMP!!!)

4869229732_efcd88e5c7_b.jpg (500×740)

Earlier, I also saw Usher in concert. He was as hot as ever, well in terms of his performance. His nostrils are as huge as ever. LOL

4868615115_1bbe7f8d9f.jpg (500×375)

And, Orianthi few days ago.

She’s an awesome guitarist! Respect! Her drummer is also damn hot.

We also went for MTV World Stage. It was raining and we were wet. Read my report of the show here. I dowanna repeat myself. haha. Leave a comment there! Layan my work, yo!

We reached damn late and it was raining, so we entered quite late! We missed the first act, Bunkface. But, managed to watch Wondergirls, Tokio Hotal and Katy Perry. My favourite performance was Katy Perry! She really did up her set to look so whimsical and awesome. I LOVE the colours and the cupcakes, cherries and all the lollipops! She’s so quirky and fun!

Other life updates:

Taken a long time ago, it deserves a spot on my blog cos its too pretty!

Dinner with the girls!

Father’s Day at KL with Darryl.

Craft Party!

Lea invited me for free beer one night and we had all kinds of beer. I come to realize that i really like Irish beer.

This is the boss and I with a car we launched to the media.

Hyundai Tucson, want one?

Jes and the wedding planning geng met up for a wedding update.

2 weeks earlier, Daney came down from BKK and geng bas sekolah met for a Karaoke session.

This is Ko and Daney in Ikea.

Yes, my mom and dad also came and sang songs like from the Alleycats and dream dream dream by the Everly brothers.

Last weekend, Lea and I stayed at the Sheraton for a quickie r&r. HAHA. by quickie i mean, she had dinner at the hotel, I met her at 11pm, we talked, slept, woke up like p diddy, ate a hearty breakfast, swam, showered, ate a hearty lunch and went back home! hahahah.

Here’s us with our P.Diddy robes:

Anyways, I got a haircut on Sunday after mass. My plans of growing it long totally went away when I was feeling icky with the long hair. Plus I didn’t really like how I looked so normal. meh.

Of course that excellent shape of my hair was because it was taken right after the haircut -_- now it doesn’t look so shapely, but its shorter and thinner than the unruly long hair.

I am too lazy to blow dry my hair on a daily basis. I also feel im balding lesser now with lesser hair. Earlier, with the long hair, my hair was like crazyly dropping outta my skull. I feel so sad.

And for the final cherry on top of this post.


Hello new ballerina sneakers!

hee hee! Pretty hor? Love the grey and blue!

for once i prefer the blue over pink (actually the pink insides had white outsides and im too lazy to wash shoes, so blue it is!)

There are more colours online, but the shop only had 2. meh. but i like, can match more clothes -_-

shall wear it later 😀

wokey back to work -_-

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