Happy Birthday Me!

Dear you,

Once again, you’re at that time of the year where you will now write yourself a birthday letter. (so lame la you!)

But then again, you’re so awesome la! Did I tell you that already? You are so awesome, awesomeness oozes out of you! 🙂

I know now you’re like old now, what? you’re 24 now? OMG. where did all the fun loving younger years went to? But do know that you’re always forever young! :p

You’ll be embarking in a new career once again. Cannot stay put in one place ah you?? wtf. anyways, Good luck girl! You can do it. Despite the weird looks you got from people today, I think you’re gonna rock that job. Right??? *channels positive energy*

(if that doesn’t work out, I think you should just like stay home and bake cakes la. wtf. )

Anyways, please also go meet all your long lost friends can or not? You’ve been abandoning them and that’s not good okay? Tk misses you so much! (LOL, its true, he crying everyday cos never see you! ;p Joking! Jangan marah! 😀 )

and ah, can loose weight or not? Always say wanna loose weight, but never do anything about it? WTF! *angry*

Last words before I end my yearly letter to you: You Rock and I Love You! 🙂

and here’s a yearly narcissistic picture of yourself…ish.


Karen Marie

Wishlist 2010

So ahem, next week is like my 24th and here’s what I want:

(HAHAHAHAHAH I am so full of myself aren’t i?) This is also for Lea who said she wants to know what I want for my birthday! HAHAAH

a black bag for work.

This one leave it up to you la. I don’t mind Sg. Wang bag also, any black hobo-ish slouchy bag would be nice 🙂

I love my brown Rip Curl bag that i bring around everywhere, but I need a black one now. I keep on wearing it with un-matchy clothes. LOL!

Zebra Stripe Clutch

I need RM45 for a clutch i just ordered from Shambijoux Store.  LOL! I custom ordered it to have a pink flap. So it matches me. the lovely designer said she can make it for me and I cannot wait to have it. Although I know it is a long waiting list before she gets to mine 🙂 But issokay, I can wait!

USD$10 for a domain name

I want $10 USD for a few domain names. So if you can go change MYR to USD, Wrap that USD$10 in an envelop to give me also can! HAHAHAHAHA, or you can send me through PayPal!

Fujifilm instax mini 7

I’ve always wanted this! But it is too mahal! IT retails at RM290 at The Clossette. Or RM268 from TheClickShop. LOL. Anyone wanna buy for me? (Photojojo)

Michelle Eco-Bag In the mail!:)

From Gin&Jacqie (Only because i love love love the print on this bag! Rm29.90)

All Donations can be sent here:

Singapore with Mom

a few months ago I was supposed to go to London, but the trip got cancelled due to some reasons which i shall not go into. Such a bummer cos I was secretly super happy and excited about the trip. So to make ourselves feel happy, Mom and I made our way to Singapore for a 4 day trip to visit the new casinos and other singaporean places.

For me, this would be my yearly trip to SG. Although I need to go to SG again with my friends, just to make the annual trip with friends complete. I’ll always go to SG again! hahaha.

Day 1.

We arrived quite early like around 10 something. So we made our way to the hotel to chuck our bags as check in time was at 2 -_-

For the first time evah, we took bus around SG. We reached Orchard road and the first stop: Rubi accessories!


Mom forgot to buy sunnies, so we bought 2 sunnies, as they were on sale! HAHAHA. New sunnies for me. Love my new sunnies. Mom got a wayferer style one and she said she looked awesome in it. LOL. Now she wanna make sunnies in this shape.

Didn’t get any shoes as they were similar to the ones we can get at Cotton On here in Malaysia.


Of course , when in Singapore or Thailand, you MUST eat this awesome burger. 100 points for guessing what burger this is! LOL!


It is so yummeh!

So after buying shoes from sketchers -_- we decided to go back already. Baru sampai shop already! hahaha!

Best Value Hotel Balestier was our hotel for 3 nights. It is a budget hotel that is super small. Almost like Tune Hotel in terms of size, but they do offer daily cleaning, TV, A/C, towel and other hotel things like coffee and water. Quite an OK hotel if you’re planning to crash to sleep only everyday and please don’t expect any room service! hahaha.


After mandi, we went to makan at a chicken rice shop at the corner of the block. it was alright, but we wanted to eat Balestier Bah Kut Teh, but we couldn’t find one nearby!

We took the bus again and went to a MRt station to head to City Hall. We wanted to go to esplanade to just visit the durian and its artsy surroundings, since mom has not been there yet.


This is the view of SG financial district from Esplanade. SO PRETTY! The ambiance there was nice that night. Windy, music at the background and while we were there, they were doing the Youth Olympic Games rehearsals. So there were many people from all over the world, mostly youths sitting at the bay area.


Us with Marina Bay Sands tower. Someday I will stay here and use the infinity pool! 😀


doesn’t it look like the 2012 ship that can save humanity should a huge flood happen on 2012? HAHAHAHHA! The view up there is amazing too. I went there on the third day.


After going for a boat trip around the river thingy, we went to have some sinful fondue and hot chocolate at Max Brenner. This reminded me of my first visit there with my lainey boo! 🙂 memoriessssss fun times.

On the way back, we passed one of those artsy decorations at Esplanade. This time, they weren’t finished yet. they wanted to show how humans rely so much on facebook and social media and they mocked the whole thing in art form.

Quite interesting, too bad they were not done yet.

So i took a picture.


We went back by MRT and cab after that because we wanted to take bus at the wrong station! hahaha. so fail!

Day 2 coming up soon 🙂


How’s everybody doing.

I feel like I’ve been abondoning my writing. Including my other assignments. ish. 5 articles and 5 blog posts by Sunday! 😀 Promise! hahahaha!

Not feeling too well today. haihs. must be because of my shampoo and cosmetics.

Anyways, here’s something I’d like to share with everyone. I need to find cosmetics products that doesn’t harm the environment and myself now.

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