I am so fat


its not even funny. ish. my stomach has grown to this fatty piece of thing. haihs.

when will i ever learrnnn??? Gym and eat sandwich from now on. LOL. No more chinese food! hahahaha Wish there was a subway nearby.

Anyways, see you in two days πŸ™‚

I’ll be going to one of my fav cities.


random photos

5078146959_58291da449.jpg (496Γ—325)

Went to this place called Pinchos in Changkat twice in August. Many kwai lo’s kinda place. Lea sangat ghairah! LOL

5078740556_d58990e864.jpg (342Γ—489)

One of my last event Β πŸ™‚

5078146539_28aa918dbd.jpg (391Γ—500)

I went on a plane last saturday. Quite cool. I got to see KL skyline which was really not that bad πŸ™‚

5078146675_47d32509e8.jpg (349Γ—499)

Got this new app called action cam.

Happy Birthday colleagues!

Picture by Marcky_365, a colleague, I tweaked it using Picnik

This idea of a “September” and “October” babies collective birthday is new to me. I never had it, well except for last week when Angela and Kalai had lunch with me. LOL!

Anyways, today I had a collective birthday with my new colleagues. We had red velvet cake. how nice, they secretly bought my favourite cake! Β πŸ™‚

Work has been nice. I like working on new things all the time and I get new things to do. Things are definitely not mundane. Although there are some mundane stuff. but the rest are exciting. (Well, for now while my “new to everything/noob” feeling is still here.) Still loads to learn.

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll be FLYING A PLANE!

I know right, flying a plane. Sidney and Koko are sitting in my plane! LOL. I wish us all luck! kinda takut a bit, but will not miss this opportunity to fly on a small Β ish plane! Hopefully i don’t puke or something.

I should leave.. Supposed to go for this party, but i think i’m too late πŸ™

Wii Night In

5046212455_1bb6406f1e.jpg (400Γ—400)

So Lea, Joyce and Loulou came to my house for a night of games last night. We were all 13 again playing Wii. LOL.

We played Guitar Hero, Ju-On game, some silly Japanese games and Wii sports of course! The best was the Ju On game, we switched off all the lights and played like we were really in a dark factory looking for the dog. LOL. Louanne and Joyce was covering their faces, while Lea and I braced the dark old factory looking for our missing dog Ivy, while getting scared by Ju On kid and girl. Fun game!

5046835370_b4e582f19e.jpg (400Γ—400)

We also sorta like did a pot luck, well sorta, cos my mom cooked some food and Lea made salad and bought salted egg yolk prawns. We also had Just Heavenly cakes for dessert! We ended the night with some poser photos and they left at 12 something.

5046212543_5ac4d0c4ef.jpg (400Γ—400)

They also got me a necklace from Foxy Originals that is shaped of a heart and 2 wings for my birthday! So pretty!!! πŸ™‚ But i know its so mahal, you girls shouldn’t have buy so mahal! Just Sg Wang stuff also can! LOL. But anyways, I’ve always loved wings related jewelry ever since Peyton wore the wings earrings in One Tree Hill! Such a TV whore me.

Anyways, THANKS for coming for my lil games party. We should have more “tennis” games! Thanks for the prezzie too!

It is official!

For my birthday, I got myself a Coach Bag from Bagskaki πŸ™‚ And because I was quick, I managed to get the best deal promotion they had in July and snagged myself 3 other Gin&Jacqie items! πŸ™‚

Just made final my payment yesterday to Bagskaki and guess what, I got my parcel today! Super fast man this Bagskaki! LOL! I paid and they sent immediately!

Of course, since no one was at home, its now held at Poslaju, at Batu Caves!!! GAHHHH!Β So far, and since tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, the office is closed and I can only collect it on MONDAY! GAHHHH!!!!Β But nevermind, I asked my dad to collect for me on Monday! πŸ™‚

Anyways, a few of my friends are asking if the bags from Β are genuinely real. There are many cheating blogsites that sell those Grade AAA fakes and pretend it is real and sell it at “real” prices. A lot of people do get cheated, but I can surely say that Bagskaki do sell genuine items because well, Pauline from Bagskaki told me that their bags all come with an authentic care card, and if it was bought from a boutique, they will also include a receipt from the boutique. She is also an authorized reseller for Gin&Jacqie’s bags. I know Gin&Jacqie will only be associated with a genuine reseller right?

I guess that’s best way of knowing how trustable an online blogshop is by seeing testimonials of other people’s purchases from the shop. A good friend of mine, Louanne, just purchased a black hobo Coach bag and a Gin&Jacqie purse organizer from Bagskaki and she can definitely confirm that it is an authentic Coach bag! πŸ™‚ What’s awesome, is that she got her bag at a fraction of the price.. She was happily showing it to me when she got it. So happie for her! πŸ™‚Β Also, a blogger from Iamthewitch.com too bought a bag from Bagskaki and she is happy with her purchase and it is of course, authentic!

HAHA and of course, when I get my bag next week, I will take loads of photos for you to see if it is authentic or not! Till then, go browse and see if you like anything from Bagskaki ;p they have a special promotions for the second purchase! πŸ™‚ Buy any Gin&Jacqie bags at RM5! So cheappp!

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