I drew this heart on my iphone. so talented hor?

anyways, ive been sick lately. like flu headache bodyache kinda thing. ish. so unfair. I want to live and go out and have fun, not stay home and sleep to recover.

Need to sleep the last sleep before the weekend is over. Workday tomorrow. Meh.

Anywhooo, excited that Lea now has an awesome phone with data plan. groupchat on whatsapp! Our Epic Fail Night crew needs to meet up for another dinner just to reminisce and laugh at ourselves again. HAHA. It’s been one week since the “incident” HAHAHA.

Need to go on a redoxon-drink-alot-of-water diet. HAHA. Just so we can become healthier.

Mission: become healthier.


5416121272_ea5b029a0c.jpg (320×480)

Day 2 at Taiping. We’re going back tomorrow. Short trip.

I seriously lost the “thing” for blogging and writing. I should really get back into it.

I got this new cover thingy for my macbook. Makes typing so hard. I think without it, typing is much easier. hehe. Be gone pink keyboard cover. I like feeling the keys…even if my keyboards aren’t pimped out anymore.

/just moved location to a couch at Starbucks 🙂

ahhh, comfy. Where would everyone go online without Starbucks? LOL.

Anyways, random musings.

There are a lot of people you “have to” tolerate in this world… Some annoying loud mouth, complainers, braggers, hamsap lou’s…etc etc. luckily i have a lot of patience.I can tolerate them, but sometimes when it gets too much, I really try hard to ignore them, then I feel bad for ignoring them. HAHA.

Such is life. Luckily i can unfollow annoying people on Twitter.

Hello February!

Hello world!

5413496672_69d541e209.jpg (500×500)

How have you been? Happy CNY!

I am now hiding from the children at Taiping in Starbucks. They are cute and all, but sometimes, a little too much kids can make the world go round and round. LOL. Peace and quiet is nice. I cannot take anymore “I want to play your iPhone”. LOL.

Anyways, life’s been alright lately. Work’s been okay. Regarding previous post, I’m alright now. Learnt to take the everything with a pinch of salt. Not to the heart. hehe.

I love being in a working environment with colleagues and people. It has been awesome possum.

Been to one small christmas party at the office.

5412890395_0debb0f2c7_b.jpg (500×667)

Been on one company trip to Club Med Cherating. It was superdy duper awesome. I love being in a 5 star hotel, after all these years of staying in small boutique hotels and backpackers places. LOL.

All we did was, eat, drink, chill and oogle at hot GO’s bods. Here, you can see the girls looking to the side? Hot Bod was playing water basketball…

5412889985_48462c31f8.jpg (500×375)

5413497068_b12b99e151.jpg (500×374)

Say Hi to the Agendans…

5412887395_7dc76843ee_z.jpg (572×340)

This is our Sarong Party Girls-June, Sarah and Me- posing with our very own White Boy, Prentice! LOL.

5412891279_b9611dc9ee_b.jpg (496×720)

Also been to one HUGEASS CNY Sau Kung Dinner with a rabbit theme! It was great fun! 🙂 It also was the first time I got an Ang Pow from company! Hehe!

5412890763_d6f7fa6acd.jpg (445×453)

This is Andrea, June, Teck Yew, Me, Joanne

5412889165_6c09a55e75.jpg (500×375)

David and Me! Love this photo! teehee! We look like kanak-kanak istimewa.

5412889483_0197b07703.jpg (500×254)

The Bunny Family.

Fun Fun times.

Also, PS is back and we went bar hopping at Changkat with Amelia + Pui Yin + Kenny + Bavani. We had an epic time! Great drinks, awesome company, everyone was quite wasted + dancing. Great night. I think it was because everyone went with the flowww and clicked really well. LOL.

5413496292_725835c26f.jpg (500×375)

Came back home super late. Dad was like “What is the time nowww??” HAHAHA

Ok time to check out of Starbucks and go back home to sleep.

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