Hello 2005 self

Since the holidays are over and its approaching May, I need to start losing weight -_- I want to regain my 2005 self. I was awkward but skinny y’know!

So, apparently, the Dukan Diet works for my colleague, twitter friend and some other French women. LOL. It seems like a super HARD thing to do, considering I’d have to skip rice/bread/noodles/nasilemak omg. DIE LOR.

My motivation: I want to look like my 2005 self again. To fit into UK12 again. To buy more clothes in BKK to sit and not have fats showing off. to loose width of legs. LOL

Other “excuses” to loose weight: my cousin’s wedding in september and Joanne’s in november, plus another one next year, my brother’s wedding.

So the solution:

Protein + Vege

That’s all i can eat till September to achieve my true weight.

Apart from protein and vege everyday… I’d have to do these:

  • Drink 1.5litres of water per day (plain or carbonated) particularly at mealtimes to help you feel full. Tea, coffee and diet drinks (no more than 1 calorie per glass) can be included in this total.
  • Eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day (as porridge, sprinkled on yoghurt, or made into a pancake).
  • Walk briskly for 20 minutes every day. This is a non-negotiable doctor’s prescription.
  • Avoid all butter and oil.

Links to refer:

Am I ready?

No Carbs!

Lomo Adventures – Sprocket Rocket

So, I recently got a Sprocket Rocket camera with a bunch of iso 50-200 Redscale XR negative film from Sidney as a christmas gift+birthday gift+2010 gift!

The film, Red-scale one, would normally work well on any other cameras, but a sprocket rocket – So I’ve learnt from Stuff.tv.

So all my photos turned out crap and 50% empty! HAHA. I really dunno what the hell i took -_- or how i took it, sampai most of it was not even exposed! ishhh.

And since the negative is red-scale… they were all red-ish in colour -____- and of course BLUR like crazy.


I also dunno why the picture wasn’t stretched till the end of the negative. It was supposed to… hmmm…Maybe i didn’t take out the sprocket thingy. Next time i shall scan myself at The Click Shop.

Nevermind. We shall learn from this mistake. Lesson Learnt:

  • Get ISO 800 films to shoot next time.
  • Probably shoot only in the morning, with super sun light!
  • Bulb for night exposure, leave it for a minute or so to expose…LOL.
  • Get an Colour Splash Flash or a Diana F flash for more light!

Handmade Lomo Camera <3

I love handmade crafty artsy stuff. Yes, I am yaya like that 😀 So I bought a really pretty sling bag with bows and pretty mix-matched print from Shambie. Shopping budget (in KL) for this month is finished! Must shop at BKK like crazy for one year’s supply of clothes!

On another happie note. I got myself an Instax! Polaroid photos FTW! Thanks for buying it for me! 😀


Codename D3100

I finally have my own.


Thanks mommy!

Now all i need is this camera bag and my life would be complete. well, for now.


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