Hello 25 year old!

You suck, seriously!

2 years later and you still are so poor. FYL!

But issokay. I guess you now have something to write in your memoir. You can say you are forever broke!

Srsly now, there’s a second bank account. Throw some money in it will ya?

anyways, you’re so lucky to be where you are now. Despitbeing low in ka ching. Many people don’t have such luxuries that you have, so to that “frugal” me, please laaa, stop being a bitch to that “carefree” me!

Did you see the balloons your colleagues gave you? SO PRETTY! Aren’t you lucky to have such awesome colleagues <3

You are so loved.


Life has just begun. Please put extra money into that second account. Stop shopping. Stop eating so much food. Stop eating expensive food. Drink lesser Chatime. Eat lesser Snowflakes. Watch more TV. Take more lomo photos. Get the iPhone 5!



Birthday desserts! I haven’t even eat dinner. Can’t wait to dig in! :)

from Instagram: http://instagr.am/p/Oc-pb/
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