First Quarter Report


It is also Easter weekend. Which means I can finally indulge in food. I think I’m getting used to this eating vege thing. Maybe I shall continue doing it. Until i loose some fats -_- I’ve been running every weekend to help with the process. Don’t think it is working that much because I am still fat. I should really start doing it daily.

Can’t believe it is already APRIL!

Let’s recap what happened since January 2012.


Owh I went to Singapore with Lea to watch Wicked! It was an awesome weekend. The show was great. We stayed at a hostel. But too bad no kwai Lo for Lea to cuci mata! :) We walked around SG. Ate, drank, shopped. A week later, Lea and I went to catch AJ Rafael in concert. It was awesome watching my fav Youtube singer perform IRL. 17th January also marked the day I spent RM700 on a flight ticket to see my Lainey Boo in Sydney. As usual, we also went to Taiping for CNY at the end of the month. Met up with my crazy noisy family :) Pictured below is Ah Boy making funny faces for my camera! Such a fun bunch.


Feb… what happened in feb? I’m not too sure (Digs old instagram photos)….

Met Lainey boo who came down for CNY. We had yaya breakfast and cake. OWH, I went to Singapore again to teman Sidney make some big life decisions. Met Nad for lunch. Saw the Lumia MRT station.Then I had an eye infection again :( FML laa srsly. I made a scarf out of an old T shirt. It was so funky and nice. Felt such a sense of achievement. I guess I’m very much of a creator. I love creating something out of nothing. like cake, or even a scarf! :) Maybe that’s why i love taking photos of things. So that I can keep. I’m such a hoarder. also baked FAILED rainbow cake. It was too weird tasting. I don’t know why. I guess cos its dry.


Went to Changkat with the girls. As usual it was an awesome night out. OWH, I made super awesome Red Velvet cupcakes the other day. The cheese was pricey as hell, but the cake turned out awesome. Maybe I shall switch the mascarpone cheese to cream cheese frosting. That sounds cheaper :) The batter looked like real blood. Quite gross looking. but i like it! So colourful! Can I make Yellow Velvet, Green Velvet, Blue Velvet and other colours too? It would be so awesome! OK SET I think the next round i make this cake, I’m making many many colours! Won tickets to Kina Grannis, another youtube star i like :) been Stir-frying a lot lately. Quite yums if i must say :) Ive also learnt that i LOVELOVELOVE BIG’s Walnut Brownie with ice cream. IT IS SO AWESOME! Made my photobook and it arrived. It took SO long to finish, but it was worth it. All my photos are finally getting printed, some way…I also washed my car in March! It is such an achievement ok. I never wash my car! Lavina came back for a while. Only to let us know she’s migrating to Australia :( That country stealing more of my friends. Well at least TK is still here. Only until he migrates too :( #iDieAloneInMalaysia


Anyway, I think that’s enough. That’s more writing than all the 3 months put together. LOL. See ya!

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