Happy Birthday Me!

Dear you,

You forgot to write this letter to yourself this year. I know you’re older, so forgetful meh? Its a tradition okay, how to forget?

Anyway, imagine today is 29th September 2012, what would you say to yourself?

I’m quite proud of your progress i think. I mean. You’ve tried a bit to achieve your dreams. I sincerely hope your dream comes true. #crossesfingers

Hope you also go get more money for yourself. EVERY YEAR is the same thing i tell you. 26 already, still never change.

Spend spend spend so much money. but then again, you only live once, might die tomorrow right?

So proud of you that you went to Sydney and Melbourne. First time going on a long flight, walking and navigating around a foreign land on your own.

Sucks that your ear thing is still bugging you. Can you please go put the nose medication so that your ear canal won’t be watery? Srsly.

You have great friends who love you much. Great boy friend who bought you a birthday holiday (thanks love!). Great family who looks out for you.

So many great possibilities in life.

Please live life to the fullest and live with no regrets. I don’t want you to grow old and regret everything. Try all the things you want to try.

You so rock, even until now 🙂

2012 photo:

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