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So two years ago today, I decided to leave the comfort of my hood and come to this tiny red dot. It’s been one helluva ride emotionally. Lol. But I’m sure I’m much grown up now compared to if I was still living at home. I don’t know what’s next. We’ll see. Thanks for having me, Singapore! I was just telling my friends that I would have never met a South African or a Brazilian in KL. Now I know both and a Taiwanese dan lain-lain. #grateful (oh and MOM is gonna send me my EP tomorrow, yay! #legal)

2 years.

It has been 2 years since i’ve decided to move to another country and live on my own. I must say, its not as easy as i thought it would be. I’m still broke ass, thanks to the many concerts and holidays i am going to.

Broke ass, but happy. in a way. I’m happy being on my own. I can come back at any time, eat delish pork kimchi fried rice, shower at any time, sleep semi naked (in my room, duh), light up my cucumber cantaloupe candles and listen to my fav songs on Spotify. at 2am.

Having said that, I also hate coming home, alone. I mean, I do have my lovely housemate and cutest baby to come home to, but sometimes, it just gets so hard to be here alone with no family.

I do have friends, but not the kind of support and love I have back home. Everyone has their own “people” already. y’know? LOL.


Work’s been good. Had a little struggle to find my way in the new place. But thank God for the lovely people i’ve met here. I benchmarked people in Singapore to my previous company, guess I was half wrong.

I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m going to be 29 soon. bloody old. still broke ass. Here’s to hoping Sidney and I can find a common location to stay at by end of year. here, bali, or timbuktu. I do miss having him around.

one day at a time.

Instagram Love

Steamboat! Manage to sneak in a session before I go back tomorrow.

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