Wise words from me, if I say so myself. I watched this Soul Pancake video about a girl living her best life as she had 8 more months to live. She was just so positive and had the most loving husband. Bless their souls. Then I look back at my life. I’ve been thinking about what my worth is and how much I’d value my time in this world. If I had 8 more months to live, would I be worrying about the things I’m worrying about. Why am I really waking up every morning to go to a job where you’re just a tiny spec of resource that no one really is going to appreciate no matter what effort you put in or how much knowledge and experience you have. I mean, the corporate world right, egos and red tapes and sexism. Why am I even putting any effort to please anyone who don’t matter in my life? I just want to have the balls to just do all the things I want and try to make a living out of it. 5 year plan. In the mean time, find more ways to earn more salaries after 6 and only spend 8 hours at a day job that sparks joy. First up, fix my MacBookAir, get photoshop and start something. Or start growing raspberries, broccoli and potatoes (because my aunt said I’d always marry one) and be a farmer. Lol. I dunno why I need photoshop tho. Old habits. Ok end late night ranting bye.

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