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I think most of y’all know that I met Sidney on Friendster. But we really officially met at MPH Bookstore at Sunway Pyramid. After Econs class at CIMP, we had some after class meeting, I was late, so he said he’ll be at MPH wearing blue. I forgot what I was wearing. We ate at a mamak nearby afterwards. It was awkward af. But I’m glad we met. Thanks for choosing me every day and doing life with me, @sidneyng 😘 Happy Birthday! via Instagram October 18, 2020 at 07:24PM

Life Updates in Motion

I am a very easy going person. I get along fine with most people all my life since I was young. Blame the libra social butterfly that I am. I love being with people and is most happyy around people. I had many friends growing up, primary school, secondary school. There was a little bump during my college years when I lost friends who I cared about over some things I still wonder if it was totally my fault or maybe that was when I first realized that not everyone will love you the way you love them. It scarred me forever I think. It probably changed the way I relate to other people indefinitely and maybe that affects how people relate to me.

I realized I’m always at the side of being cautious with friends after that. I overthink if I’m being too annoyingly friendly to people then I start retreating and stop being friendly. I stop asking them out to makan, group chats die a slow death, I stop messaging and start just observing from afar (aka just stalking on Facebook and IG if they update, if not they are just gone forever) because I always think that nobody really wants to be that close to me.

I guess it’s like self sabotaging, cos then the other party thinks I don’t really care anymore and stop doing their part. I said I had many friends growing up, but I never had that closeness I seek in some friends or at least that’s what I perceive my relationship with other people is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have friends who care about me. I hope at least I can genuinely count on a few people who will be there for me when I really need them.
I work hard to maintain them, but it sometimes some people slip away and I grief for these lost relationships because I genuinely thought that it was mutual. To comfort my mental health, I always tell myself that “people always leave” (Quote Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill!). No one is going to love you forever or maybe they were friends with you because it was useful to them at that point in their lives. Which is fine, I guess most friendships are built on that as s priorities change. Or maybe they were never as close as I perceived them to be anyway.

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Life Updates

Harlo, it me! Just wanted to say hi! I’m doing ok. Dramatic, traumatic week, but my ear is not in pain, but gotta check up next week. Hope it’s healing well. I need a new in-ear photo.

Hope y’all doing great too ❤️ via Instagram October 07, 2020 at 10:27PM

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