Hi, my name is Karen Marie and I love all things colourful!

Why pinkshoes?
Because I simply can’t think of a cooler name anymore!

Why cupcakesrock.com/pinkshoes?
Because I lazy to think of a new name for a domain. So I just used my existing domain for my dead cupcakes business.

Why new blog again?
Because I want a feature in wordpress that all other blogs can’t provide. Protected post!

Who am i?
Well, that’s one thing you’ll never know!!
gossip girl

drama -_-

I’m karen!

Whats the password for the protected post?
Ask me in person.I might tell you, I might not tell you!:)

How old are you?
I’m 24

Where are you from?

Why you love the color pink?
Pink is too pretty lah!

What do you want to be whe you grow up?
I want to be . . . shit, i really don’t know! All I know is I want to travel the world, do something I’m passionate about and live a happy life! 😀

Here are some things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I can eavesdrop really well. So please don’t talk so loud k? I can hear!!
  2. I enjoy going for concerts, if you don’t already know. I just love listening to live music and live singing and also, ahem, seeing the hot stars on stage. There’s something so special about listening to live music :) I like.
  3. Recently, I painted my room pink.
  4. I appeared on national newspaper twice: One for my cupcakes on The Sun and one as a blogger for emmagem on NST. I also wrote for The Star’s RAGE once.
  5. Owh, I appeared on Astroview for having this really messy room. My mum was so disappointed in me for publicizing my messy room! Astroview can now come and take more photos of my new and improved room: CLUTTER FREE!!
  6. I am a mini celebrity in my own mind, thank you!
  7. I enjoy blogging and I always think that one day when i’m 55, I can look back at my crazy life way back when I was 22. Too bad i threw away my teenage years diary. Damn.
  8. I also love taking pictures. Either of myself or random things and friends.
  9. Friends come and go. But I will always remember my good times with them :D I will never forget you, my friends. I love you, you, you and you, including you, and you and youuuuuuuuuuuuuu and you, you too, the one there, you tooo!!!!
  10. I hate exercising, but I really need to.
  11. Watching reality life stories is love. Think: Jon&Kate Plus 8 (OMG, I love this show! Kids are so cute), Little People Big World, Life in the Fab Lane, Kimora Lee Simmons, Snoop’s Doghouse, Run’s house….you get the idea!
  12. (OMG, now only number 9) i love to make my dog’s life miserable by taking pictures of him with my toys or blankets. I LOVE MY TEEZEEBOY!
  13. I used to crush on very little guys. I can count them.
  14. When I was a teenager, I had the best time of my life chasing boybands and Poetic Ammo. lols. Safe to say that I was a groupie. hahaha. Ok, very mild groupie. We were 15!! I cherish my groupie years
  15. I Tweet. Its like mini blogging. It makes the world a smaller place. It makes life in office fun-er. Add me: http://twitter.com/lyyyl
  16. I usually hate the air con. Sometimes I can sleep under the comforter at night without fan or aircon. I am champion!
  17. I love going to Singapore!! I have no idea why. Maybe I just enjoy all the food there that I cannot get in Malaysia. hahahaha. MOS burger, Ben & Jerry’s, Max Brenner…etcetcetc.
  18. If you didn’t already know, I love children!!! I wanna pinch their faces everytime i see them!! hahaha. Such cute little creatures.
  19. Google is my life and encyclopedia. I google everything and anything. I also use google to learn so many things. I learnt HTML by googling and now I am semi-good with HTML. I learnt how to make cupcakes and decorating techniques from Youtube. I learnt how to make a 2 tier cake with fondant icing for Elaine’s bday from the internet. i also use google to stalk people. hahahaha
  20. I never was a “fashion” person. I hated carrying handbags and used to wear khakis pants with a lot of pockets and chuck everything in it. I also thought wearing make up was yucky.
  21. On my 21st birthday my friends made me drunk and I puked on my bed while I was sleeping. I never saw vodka the same way again. Tequila please, k thanks bye!
  22. My dog’s name was originally Timtam. He then became Tamboy, Tamster, Tammy Boy, Thomas(don’t ask!), The Boy, boyyyy and now he’s known as TeeZeeBoy/Teezster/Teez/Tee/ZeeStar. I make up these name and my family follows them.
  23. I wish everyday was a holiday and I get to go to every beach hotspots in the world!

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