I dreamt yesterday that I drove to Singapore on a work day, then I forgot it was work day and quickly patah balik as I was walking in a Garden, somewhere near the pier…

Then I saw some people swimming in the ocean with oil spills. and I think they were trying to clean it…, they were in their snorkeling gear all..

I took the wrong turn and had to walk up stairs that were a little too steep, took me so long to go back up to my car.

As I was walking out of the “gate” I saw a bunch of people standing in line, waiting on a bride and groom walking into the singapore park/garden.

When I went out, I saw Darryl and he followed me back to God knows where. I asked him if he told his parents, he said yeah la yeah la…and we drove off.

I then went to an African-ish/jungle-ish place where there were like a family feud between 2 families.. We were in one of the family’s house..My mom was there and she was telling me to keep my phone properly.

Then suddenly a phone rang (in another scene) and my maternal cousins called me and said they were all somewhere waiting for dinner -__________-

What can you decipher from my dream today?

On another note:

Twitter is down, HOMAIGAWDDDD!

What will i do! I have so much to tweet about -_- Here’s some of my thoughts.

  • I also haven’t paid for my bagskaki bags yet. I should do so by this week. Counting money…
  • I need to research and improve my talking skills -_-
  • I gotta go call press now.

I wanna go for Mimpi Murni’s craft party! LOL! I wanna learn so mucchh and do crafty things 😀

Please let me know okay! 😀 I RSVP first! Louanne wanna come?

On another note, I really wanna join the Daily Muscle Transformation Camp.

It is a training thing for 6 months!I mean, I think I can freeze my CF account to pay minimal fees to join this program. I think this may be the right choice to loose all my fats. LOL! I’ve  followed the DM program for a month. I think it has really made me choose what I eat and eat lesser. Although, I really don’t like the fish oil regime. gross. it is supposed to help, but i don’t like eating oil! HAHAHAHA

Click here to enter the pre-sale list. Anyone wanna join with me? I think if i join this, I’ll have to start drinking fish oil again -_-

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I wanna dance the English Folk Dance like in Pride & Prejudice, can? I wanna wear corset and a huge ass dress and dance with such grace 😀

Where can I learn? I need about 10 people too -_-

You know…I used to be able to post like a million pictures and describe what happened…’

Now I’m just so lazy! Whoever spends so much time on a blog post? Owh yeah…paid bloggers! -_-

Anyways, here are some of my fave photos..


I pose underwater too!

Scary coral!

Customary skinny picture 😀



On our way back… :(

Once upon a time ago….I was browsing GinJacqie.com….when I found the bag print that i truly LOVE!

Stylish Carrie


I was so so so so so so sad that I was a broke blogger back then…Couldn’t afford a RM229 bag. BUT I helped in a charity project and I was given this bag as a token of appreciation! 😀 I really really love it much. I take it to overnight travels and carry my lappie case with me all the time.


I know laa, i rave about GinJacqie all the time wan, cos I really do love the prints on the bags and how practical most of the bags are  😀 Also super affordable as compared to other brands like, ahem, LeSportsSac! HAHA!

okay. end syok sendiri moment.

Today I’m supposed to go to a FIFA World Cup event -_- I don’t really like football…but it is for work, so bolehla!

I’m supporting Mexico, only because I love Fajitas, Nachos, Tacos and Tequila!

Although i really think this Zakumi is really cute!

But so Brazil colour. Unfair right? HAHAHAHA


so its 630. I’ve got an hour plus to kill. Ran out of movies to watch…So here i am listening to RAN and doing my Thai homework.

Thai words are so hard to write -_- omg! I need more Thai friends!!! So that I can practice speaking Thai with them! Anyone wanna introduce me to Utt?


haihs. i hate waiting. i’ve got a huge camera to lug around together with my laptop and my handbag of rubbish later. *dies*

Maybe I’ll blog about perhentian after I’ve finished 3 more pages of Thai words…LOL!

ok brb

I know I knowwww, the top part is weird. I haven’t got the chance to tweak it yet, chill!

ok, so I saw Sidney’s new theme and loved it. So I googled and found it on WooThemes. This theme makes me wanna blog!

Lea, look! I channeled my ANTM and found the light through the shadow! ON MY ARMS!


I look so yaya -_- mengada to the max

Lea, Louanne, sidney and I went to Sepang Gold Coast on Saturday for a day of chilling and picnic. It was so spontaneous! so we packed a cooler box with drinks, cups with cute straws, junk food, and mats and headed to Pantai Bagan Lalang.

I even brought props to cam whore with a Fish Eye Lomo too! What to do in a beach right, camwhore -_- Photos on FB.

We came back with souvenirs from the beach – FARKING SANDFLY BITES!


Can’t wait to get my Gin&Jacqie Beach Bag from Bagskaki. I’ve decided to get that Best Value Set! I’m excited. I’ve informed her and now I’m just waiting on my paycheque to come so that I don’t have to spend on my savings -_- die next month.

But it is so worth it, I cannot miss this chance! Mark Down prices at Bagskaki. Quick go get some sinful bags! 😀

I’m also eyeing on these few bags from Coach.com. Bagskaki offers pre orders of bags from many designers like Gucci, Prada and all the other designers. Usually when you want to order something from Bagskaki, you can just send her the style number (as stated below each pics) and colour to her in an email. Then Bagskaki will send you a reply with her price quotation and how fast she can get it for you (if it is available also la, must see if she can get it or not)…

So for example…if I am interested in these bags, I will just need to tell her what I want and she will get back to me! :)

poppy kaleidoscope swingpack

poppy op art large wristlet

madison op art chainlink small wallet

Hopefully she can come back to me with a quote. Then, I can tell you how much these wristlets are. Maybe you can buy for me?


I would like to think I help initiate the online shopping frenzy here in KL. I remember back in those days, circa 2007/2008 when there were so little online blogshops, I started collecting them and putting them into a now popular, MOFSD.com, when I was with emmagem. There were measly few online blogshops then with some of the awesome sites like ShopaholicSU.blogspot.com, Osixnine and the ever so popular, SellTradeKL on Livejournal.

Ever since girls started noticing all the sites and how easy it was to be an online entrepreneur, they all started their own. I’ve heard so many of them telling me at that time that it was because of emmagem that they started their shops, now they’re so popular amongst girls here in Klang Valley (and i’m sure on other states). Then came along all those online review sites, etc. etc. I watched it grow from having less than 20 to now over 500+ the last time I was updating it, a year ago. I’m sure there are more now! :)


/end nostalgia

Anyways, one of the trends of online blogshops are now moving towards a more niche high class target, where they source for designer bags and sell them online. Back in those days, I wouldn’t even think about getting a designer bag, unless i’m some rich kid with loaded parents (which I’m NOT), or when I am working a really high paying job as designer bags are so overpriced here in Malaysia, after all that conversion, taxes and all that.

Luckily we have these awesome ladies who actually do the shopping for us. They do ship for us all the way from US, or UK. Of course, you’d have to pay for shipping, but since they do bulk shipping, the charges are significantly lower than what you’d pay from overseas by yourself.

Among the many online blogshops I browse to drool on designer bag is Bagskaki.blogspot.com

So cute their logo – Bagskaki

You know why? Cos they have my favourite Malaysian bag designer in their stash of designer bags! – Gin & Jacqie! :)

HAHA, but their main business is of course, bringing you the bestest designer bags!

They have ALOTOF Coach, Gin&Jacqie and recently they started stocking on Burberry, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Cole Haan and other European brands. (I mean, its only a smart thing to do to stock on European goodies while the Euro Dollar is low now! HEHE! )


(Most of her Coach swingpacks aka sling bags are RM445)


(nice graffiti!)


(heart the hearts!)


(Basic black bag from Cole Haan, I LOVE Cole Haan’s designs, simple and nice)

gin&Jacqie MARY & KATE Beach bag, RM89

(I’m eyeing on this bag!)

Bagskaki is popular for having the LOWEST price for any designer bags around (as compared to other blogshops).

Bagskaki ~ managed by bagaholics for bagaholics ~ only offers authentic Designer bags

* Insanely Lowest Price guaranteed! Do your price checks to believe!
* 100% authenticity guaranteed!
* Exclusively available items / Rare & Hard-to-find items

I checked and its correct. Their prices are wayy cheaper than other blogshops who usually charge service charge and customs/tax fees on the customer. You can ask Louanne who is another bagkaki who has done her fair share of research when she, ahem, bought a certain designer wallet. The price you see on Bagskaki, is what you pay for the bag! They minimize all the charges to give us the best price, awesome no?

Pssttt: They also have installment plans! HAHAHAHA My kinda thing, maklumlah, I’m always broke. Will look into that soon.

Not like I can afford any bags anytime soon.

But but but…..not until I found this deal…… I love this deal – Best Value Sets. They combined a few bags for a price of one, like value meals, only for bags! *SMILES* You know how cheapskate I am right? I love freebies and warehouse sales!

If I had Rm799, I would SO FREAKING BUY THIS SET! Its a pink Coach bag some more. Die la. God please help me, stop me from purchasing this bulk bag crazy promo!

1 Coach Bag + 3 Gin&Jacqie bags. I wanna buy this one! How ah? Should I? Should I not? 3 reasons I should…

  1. I LOVE the size and style of the Coach bag. It is also affordable considering how many freebies I’m getting.
  2. I’ve been eyeing that beach bag for AGES! I really want a beach bag that can dry faster and look awesome too! (Plus it comes with the organizer!)
  3. I love the slingbag too. Good for travelling! (ok, so I don’t really fancy the fanny pack, but I’ll take it anyway, give to mom! HAHAHAH)

3 reasons I should not

HAHAHAHA Can’t think of any reasons. Maybe the only reason I should not is that I AM BROKE! (But wait, there’s installment plan!). Just don’t go shopping for 3 months can lor. I usually spend that much on clothes+ misc things anyway! :) Good choice, no? Plus my iphone payment plan is gonna finish soon! hehe!

OK the question is now…how to order…

LOL! I will email the person rightawayyyy!!!

(please stop me)

This friday, you’ll find me sipping awesome Mojitos at the beach!


As if!

But come Friday, I will be chilling in crystal clear blue waters, snorkeling and soaking up the sun! I cannot wait to swim in salt water and see turtles. I also wanna sleep under the tree, hear the sound of the waves and smell the ocean.

Melia looking purdy in a purdy beach dress!

Me looking awesome!

Ps’ meditating, konon!

Browsing through my Redang Pictures, brings back memories. I’m not putting high hopes for Perhentian to be as clean as our, ahem, private beach back at Redang

(Will always wanna go back there despite gross room!LOL, the water is so untainted there)

, but I’m hoping the water is clear enough!

We’ll be staying at Mama’s Chalet, as recommended by Nora. Once again, girls, we should not have any high expectation for the chalets. AHAHAHHAA.

Could turn out to be nasty! But, we’ll survive!

Should we bring mosquito coil thingy? I think it would help keep away the bugs. That also means we need lighter and coil holder. HAHA.

You can finally fit into a dress you bought yonks ago which you’ve outgrown a bit, then now it fits perfectly! LOL! And I got a perfect bra to fit too! From the Triumph warehouse sale…

I measure my fitness success by wearing clothes I love but can’t fit anymore. I terror! More protein meal replacement + gym tmr yeay! :) I love gym (*psyching self*)

On another note…I got a MNG skirt today to match a pink top for a work event. I am mengada because I use the event as an excuse! HAHAHAHA! Well, I had to wear pink and pink matches khaki colour better than black right? Here’s my test outfit:

Thanks to MyLaineyBoo’s rave on this shaved iced concoction, I have fallen in love with Snowflakes! Had my third one again last weekend. hehe! Every time I eat it, it reminds me of how she describes the ice and cincau and how unfattening it is! HAHAHA!

My blog posts are so shallow. Sue me!

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