It has been a while since I did a verbal diarrhea.

It is a Saturday morning and I am under my blankie. It is cold and i am feeling content. Content about life and everything that has been happening. It has been progressing. I have been learning and I am ready to move on to something bigger and exciting. Something more challenging.

Last week I helped Wei Yenn and Vincent decorate their wedding. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Thanks Miss Wei Yenn for trusting me with it. Really gave me some confidence in pulling bigger things. I was worried no one will like it, but in the end, it was a hit. Hopefully other people will want my services of decorating. Always nice to do something you are passionate about.

This is me and Kalai arranging the pinwheels.

The church session…

Don’t we look so cute and innocent! 😛

We also had a photobooth at the wedding! We recycled the backdrop and put the pinwheels on a bunting and wa-la our photowall is ready. It was so pretty on photos! Loved it!

Prop table! :)

And here are the photobooth shots that I loved!

The night went well :) the couple sang on stage, we yum seng, ate awesome 10-course dinner and danced the dikir barat on our table. Geng Bas Sekolah Full attendance. Here’s one shot minus Vincent:

I love fonts. I used to like collect fonts and know them by name when I was actively designing back in college. When I was given the task to do a backdrop and photobooth for Wei Yenn’s wedding, I was so excited! hohohoh. Wedding fonts, will so determine the tone of the wedding. Guess choosing the right one is a lot of work :)

Here are some WIP sample fonts for Wei Yenn to choose from :)












So I bought a t shirt with a Chevron print on it last month in Singapore. It was pretty and reminded me of a road sign. Ever since then, I started to notice all things chevron on Pinterest!

//Sidetrack, I super love Pinterest btw. I can spend so many hours on it! :) Here are my boards:

Anyway, back to my chevron obsession. This pattern is too pretty and I love how it makes everything looks chic and awesome. Since I can’t find some decent desktop and iPhone wallpapers, I created them myself.

Then, @clairelolnessstudios asked me to upload one on Instagram, so I decided to share them to everyone else who might be having a Chevron fever right now like me.

Here are some for you to download for your iPhones.

Say Thank You Karen :)


karen @lyyyl on instagram :)

///How to save? touch the wallpaper that you like and hold it until the prompt comes out. Save as an Image and set as wallpaper! That’s it!


Download Chevron iPhone Wallpaper for FREE, here:

Yellow yellow dirty fellow

Sunshine Orange!

Turquoise is love

Baby Blue that Joyce likes

Blue Blue (But lea wanted blue instead -_-)

Darker Blue


This is called LaineyBooLovesPurple

Pale pink for all you pastel fans :)

HotPinkShoes after my blog. #narcissistic

I call this Salmon. and this is so Lea!

Some kinda redish tone

I love this green. Lime Green?

Green Green

Dirty Green

Grassy Green

Brown like wood

If you need some dull colour :p

And the classic black and white which is like Louanne’s wardrobe 😛

Have fun saving it on your iPhones! :)

Hello there blog.

You’ve been missed!

Am watching Gilmore Girls while waiting for Lea to get ready. Rory and Logan are finally together! 😀

Went out to Changkat last night. It was fun. We played this stupid card game that sidney came up with. LOL. It was quite pointless, but when you’re tipsy, its fun. LOL. Had chicken wings and left sober. We should do this again before Victor leaves for his doctor job somewhere foar away! HAHA

ok its 2. and im hungerssss!

Come watch with us!

We’re watching on 9th August 2010 (last day, ignore the poster, they bluff, there isn’t a 10th August show!)

You’d have to understand Malay to understand most of the jokes tho, although there are subtitles.

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