Its been a while since I finished an assignment, or like studied for an exam. So in preparation for my post grad, I shall set new targets for myself to achieve.

I know, this exercise thing has been with me since like 2005 when I started gaining weight. I think I’ve reached a point where I can’t get any fatter if not, I will just burst!



Mission 1:

Go to gym in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for cardio. Monday/Tuesday Body Combat.

Deadline: March 2010  – must see results!

Mission Assignment 2:

Study and practice my Thai language.

Assignment due: December 23rd….Cos 24th I’m going to BKK! LOLS

So, wish me luck and force me to finish my mission and assignment….

This is my personal statement. I need to get back in focus and start studying before i actually forget how to study! :)


So yesterday was my last day at college, officially. Not counting exams and those things.

I went to the old CFP department in KPD E and boy, does it feel different now. KPDE no longer is the same anymore. Earlier I wrote about how level 4 is now a library. Now that KPDE no longer has CFP, it looks so bare. You know how we used to have like a million posters here and there, it is now literally so bare and the posters are all gone. I did see the ADPSC poster board. With the old blue, ADPSC logo that Aaron made for us. I printed it and pasted it on the board. That one’s still there.

But it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I mean, KPDE used to be ADP/CFP building. Where all ADP students were CFP studets and we all were together forever. Until B psych came in and they totally were snobbish towards ADP. Bleh. I mean, they are nice people (I know so many of them!), they just have this mentality that they are all that. sheesh.

But anyways, My last day of class was by Fatimah. LOLS. People hate her lectures, but really, she’s quite ok.

My last class was at Wisma HELP. Meh. Level 8 now is so vibrant and CFP-like. 😀

As I drove pass the parking lot, I felt like “hmmmmm” a bit nostalic lah, like come on, I’ve been going there everyday for the past 3.5 years! I will miss the SanFran Coffee, Maxis…..lols. the roti sardin, chinese mixed rice, sausage and potato, indome goreng from maxis, tuna sandwich+BLT+iced choc from San Fran. The 50% discount for students on drinks. haihs.

I have already missed college life earlier this year when everyone left as this year’s college life is like -go class come back- no fun at all. So not much nostalgic feelings about college life. -_-


Owh, I just found out that I might be having the “graduation” ceremony only in December 2009? like wtf? I thought it was in April. That’s why I rushed my degree to graduate on time.

Xue Zhen, did you know about this? Are you graduating this month? Please tell me? If you don’t know about this, let’s go make a hoohah, and like make them graduate us in April!!!


Lea’s birthday was on wednesday and Joyce, Lea and I spent one night together basically catching up and doing nothing. We literally walked the whole Desa Park City fr fun. LOLS. so mengada, but it was fun. I lovelovelove times like these when we just hang out and do nothing.

More to com girls!:) eh, don’t forget our Langkawi Trip :)


Went to Bangkok Jazz last night for a show by Giant Timeline ft Najwa. They are a band from ICOM. It was a nice place, but I had to go back early, boohoo. when will i be fully emancipated from my parents?

Emmagem’s having this really cool competition in January! Join k? hahahah. Although friends and family cannot join.. lols.

Algebra & Trigonometry is omg, so hard. . .

it takes me like SO LONG to understand one question, let alone do the exercises. I’m doomed!

Work has been aright, need to finish up final stuff and then leave the premises. lols.

and I need to sleep now *yawns*

so, petrol price increased… everyone went to rush for extra petrol just to save some money.. causing jams everywhere. Not that i noticed, because when i came back the roads were unsuspectingly clear at 530pm. My brother caught in the jam.

i took a nap at 6 something. I woke up to loud screams of my mother shouting at my dad. It was something to do with petrol too. My dad didn’t believe my mum when she told him that petrol price increased. So he went to buy some chicken for dinner and he came back telling my mum petrol price increased and scolded her for not watching news. So my mother got angry and scolded him back. During dinner, my brother made insensitive comments on the petrol price hike, and my mother got all emo about it. The fight continues.

If this happened to my household(well, this fight wasn’t even about the price increase, just my mum and dad’s issues), i wonder how families with lesser household income would feel as of this moment. I guess everyone will just have to drive less!

This means me.

I will now have to park at Main block, lug my gym clothes around and go to gym during my two days long break between classes. Which is a good thing, because i get to save petrol AND loose weight at the same time. Besides, I miss having to shower at gym and blow dry my hair! lols!

I was browsing Miss Bow Boutique’s website as myspace gave me an update notification. I found the top i bought. It was actually RM39. But the owner, Fanna told me it was RM29, accidentally i guess! lols, I got a RM10 discount, yeay!

Anyways, I have to write an essay about a cat and black ants for tomorrow. OWH, James Kuake actually commented that he remembered my cat and ants essay from yesterday! Which is a good thing, because whatever i read out, he remembered today! snaps for Karen!

I don’t think I want to write the cat and ant essay today as I want to start on my assignment essay soon. 2000 words. I guess I will write something close to my heart. Story of my life. Will try to put as much sorrow as possible. As you know, my life is so sad! wtf.

HAHAHA, I really can’t think of anything else to write about. Okay, maybe i shall start studying for my mid terms. Next week MID TERMS, 5 chapters. Can kill me now please?

Btw, have you seen this AWESOME dress?

It is by Sofira’s Collection and it flows so nicely and the whiteness, is just awesomely beautiful. I want to wear a dress like that!

okays, need to go take a shower and start doing something! at least some college related work.


For the past 2 weeks, i’ve been going to class, parking at KPD(E) and coming home straight after. Today, I experienced my first day of being a loner in campus! I parked at KPD (E) and had a 1 1/2 hours break in between classes.

It isn’t as easy as i thought. Being in class is okay, as I usually randomly chat people up, but after class, its not easy man.. I keep on thinking about those times where i hung out with Elaine, after she left then Rachael and also Sok Ling and not forgetting last time with Row, Mel and Pia. It was fun times. Really. Just being able to ask them stupid questions and talking nonsensical stuff, commenting on how others dress and eavesdropping and talking about it.

I miss all of em so badly. Being a loner ain’t easy man. When I walk, I listen to Kate Voegele on my PSP. To “show” people i’m busy, you know like how most college students are, always on the mp3. I walk fast fast so that i don’t have to bump into people that i know, but have nothing to talk to them about. I look out for people i can hang out with all the time, but I can’t find anymore elaines, soklings and rachaels around.

There were many acquaintances that I could be-friend last semester, but this semester, everyone else was a stranger to me. All freshies, bpsychers and other weird people i do not know.

College is dreadful. I need to leave this piece pie hole soon.

My results for last semester was er, so-so.

Chemistry A-

Counseling A-

Internship A

Abnormal B

Computers B

Sociology B

B’s seem to be dominating my transcripts these past few semesters. I even got a B- once. How dreadful, this close to getting a C! omg!

Spring 2008 Chemistry 101 class 😀 I love my classmates! they so cute!Freshies to the max!

I need to buck up man. But i seem to have lost my passion for learning and studying. No presents for guessing why!

Although life outside the “studying realm” is going alright. Emmagem’s been getting the hits and advertisements are coming in slowly. Even with the mushrooming fashion blogs around that has totally copied our concept. If i could sue them i would! Because we created the online shopping blog!! wtf! okay, i know its a free world, but still!! lols.

Everyone thinks i’m underpaid. I think so too. But then again, i spend a lot also. So, no difference. No one understands that now, i do emmagem for my passion and energy put into it. Not as an intern anymore. There is no longer the “I work for my boss”, now “i work with my boss” to bring more money into emmagem. We’re a struggling small blog, with needs to get more money, so that i can get paid.

So if you know of anyone who wants to advertise, please email me at . . .. .


yes, I really want to see emmagem grow. She’s (yes, emmagem’s a she, because i say so!) like my little baby growing up from 10 unique hits in Jan 2007 to 1700 unique in May 2008. How much has she grown!!

My friends “outside college” are awesome, I’ve reaffirmed my relationship with Louanne. . .we have now started a new relationship where we eat and shop and do things like going to MPYO and KLPAC. HAHA. We used to hang out last time after Sunday School days. Until she was with her now ex. Then we grew apart.

I miss my deary elaineyyy belainneeyyy who is now a working adult with all working adult responsibilities. lol.

I miss my IWD gang too. We were so girl power, and WOMEN RULES, until now, i am still women rules!:)

TK, where are youuuuu? Need more random grocery outings with you, then maybe i will forget about lonely college days! hahha. Owh, and Lav’s coming home! yeay! Ps too!

Melia and PS wants to berclubbing when PS comes back. AWESOME . . . . . NOT! I hate humiliating myself. I can’t dance! wtf! But i like dressing up and going to clubs! Watching everyone else dance and bottoming ups.

We shall see how things goes! 😀

On a brighter note, here’s some(i mean only 31!) happy pictures below:

Glorious Cendol (eek, I don’t like cendol)

But i love love love love this assam laksa! omgness, AWESOME!

In the bus! lols, See the eyes difference. . .

0_0 and -_-

HAHAHA sorry steph, i love you! HAHAHAHAHHA

I used to tease XueZhen about this 0_0 and -_-

Baba House!

Our tiny room at Baba House behind Jonker Street

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Coloured Cow Fun

I coloured this cow using photoshop!:) super cute!!hahaha. downloaded this children’s colouring thingy and painted it with photoshop.


I wanna colour more drawings!:) heehee

anyways, i’ve been seeing cow prints very much lately…thanks to my presentation on Sacred Cow Hunts. (google it)

My presentation is on Friday.

Wish me luck!:

anyways, on tuesday, Elaine and I went to gym, happily waiting for Alvin‘s Body Attack Class….suddenly, the board changed to Ken!

jeng jeng jeng!

we were reluctant to go…..just when we’re getting used to Alvin’s class, they HAD to change instructor la! (also we were feeling damn lazy la, usual!) hahaha. We went in the end. It was OK!Different, but similar. After class, Ken came to us and asked us if we were ok in the class. HAHAHA. He obviously noticed our uncoordinated-ness and flaws during the class. hahaha.


you’ll laugh when you see me in body jam class.

Don’t even wanna think about the people looking at me when i’m dancing last time when i was out in parties. omg.

can’t believe i used to dance in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL last time.


i just finished my presentation slides. need to practice presenting tomorrow…

morning class tmr. ugh.

have to type invoice now. byebye.

update #3 by Elaine..

I woke up superdyduper early today, but still was late for class! :(
stupid HUGE ASS HOLE in the middle of the road to segambut.
James Kuake’s gonna start hating me…NOooooooOOoooo..can’t let that happen. I need to be on his good side until i graduate…
which is in 1.5 years time. can you believe it? i can’t.
i have 15 more subjects to go =D
la la la la la la la la la la
i’m gonna graduate in 1.5 years more. HAHAHA.
damn happy, but no use also. graduate alone…:( everyone else would be graduated already.

owh wells. after effective listening, i went to the library to do “pre-reading”.
i went to the library, sat my butt down for 2 hours and started reading chapter 3.
I also wanted to borrow 3 books for my Effective Listening Class.. but i haven’t renewed my library card. like WTF right? stupid old man said, “no, no no….cannot! cannot!”
stupid system i tell you. Dah la using the zaman dahulu kala primary school borrowing system. (even my high school has bar coded library books!) must renew every semester pulak! so i just gave him an annoyed stare and left to class.

I/O psych was so-so. I actually like pre-reading ! hahahah. cos my lecturer really doesn’t teach much…he babbles on a lot on other things.

while walking out, i met Amelia, Rowena and Melody!:) Nice seeing them and catching up with them again! I missed them…This is Rowena’s last sem and Amelia’s 2nd last sem..I also saw Dhiraj at the bus stop. this is his last sem too..
boo hoo.
college is so different without seeing Maria and her gang…Carla…Laily…Fira…

next year will be even weird-er when i have to take CS101 and SO101 and CHEM101 with freshies…..hahaha. yes, i haven’t taken my year one papers yet! Gonna be he OLD one in class.

Went to gym at the curve. i was so hungry i ate a bun. so i went walking around before exercising… went to Nichii to try on clothes. haha. shopping alone is fun at times. but when there are no comments from friends, not fun.

treadmill 30 minutes.
floating thingy 10 minutes.
Drink Iced lemon tea and eaves dropping 10 minutes.

altogether 50 minutes! hahahahhaha.

I hate my sibuk ears. always listen listen listen. not fun at times. distraction to the max.

anyways. Munkao is looking for a vege girl to share his Marmalade Salad. any girl who lives, breathe and eats vegan food only. please comment here, thank you.


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