A lot has been happening in my life lately.

a few changes. a few stagnant things. most importantly, life went on.

-_- wtf am i talking about?

I should really take more photos. I want an Olympus Pen, someone buy for me?

karen ♥hearts concerts

anyways, here’s an update on the concerts I’ve attended recently. Malaysia’s getting quite a number of stars coming down. also resulting in a dry wallet. wtf.

A few weeks back, I went for Mizz Nina’s album launch and I met Colby O Donis. (which reminds me, I need my Colby photos from the guy from AMP!!!)

4869229732_efcd88e5c7_b.jpg (500×740)

Earlier, I also saw Usher in concert. He was as hot as ever, well in terms of his performance. His nostrils are as huge as ever. LOL

4868615115_1bbe7f8d9f.jpg (500×375)

And, Orianthi few days ago.

She’s an awesome guitarist! Respect! Her drummer is also damn hot.

We also went for MTV World Stage. It was raining and we were wet. Read my report of the show here. I dowanna repeat myself. haha. Leave a comment there! Layan my work, yo!

We reached damn late and it was raining, so we entered quite late! We missed the first act, Bunkface. But, managed to watch Wondergirls, Tokio Hotal and Katy Perry. My favourite performance was Katy Perry! She really did up her set to look so whimsical and awesome. I LOVE the colours and the cupcakes, cherries and all the lollipops! She’s so quirky and fun!

Other life updates:

Taken a long time ago, it deserves a spot on my blog cos its too pretty!

Dinner with the girls!

Father’s Day at KL with Darryl.

Craft Party!

Lea invited me for free beer one night and we had all kinds of beer. I come to realize that i really like Irish beer.

This is the boss and I with a car we launched to the media.

Hyundai Tucson, want one?

Jes and the wedding planning geng met up for a wedding update.

2 weeks earlier, Daney came down from BKK and geng bas sekolah met for a Karaoke session.

This is Ko and Daney in Ikea.

Yes, my mom and dad also came and sang songs like from the Alleycats and dream dream dream by the Everly brothers.

Last weekend, Lea and I stayed at the Sheraton for a quickie r&r. HAHA. by quickie i mean, she had dinner at the hotel, I met her at 11pm, we talked, slept, woke up like p diddy, ate a hearty breakfast, swam, showered, ate a hearty lunch and went back home! hahahah.

Here’s us with our P.Diddy robes:

Anyways, I got a haircut on Sunday after mass. My plans of growing it long totally went away when I was feeling icky with the long hair. Plus I didn’t really like how I looked so normal. meh.

Of course that excellent shape of my hair was because it was taken right after the haircut -_- now it doesn’t look so shapely, but its shorter and thinner than the unruly long hair.

I am too lazy to blow dry my hair on a daily basis. I also feel im balding lesser now with lesser hair. Earlier, with the long hair, my hair was like crazyly dropping outta my skull. I feel so sad.

And for the final cherry on top of this post.


Taken at Istana Budaya, outside the theater before the show.

Went to watch Cuci the Musical. IT WAS AWESOME, 10 stars!!! Farnee shit. Love the whole musical set up, the lame jokes -_-, the awesome singing. But hated our FARAWAY seats! :(

Sleepy. Nights!

click: http://pinkshoesss.tumblr.com/

I’m SO glad that Fall is here and the season of series have all started. My nights have meanings now. So many newbie series, old ones also started. I truly hate OTH though. Without Lucas and Peyton, it seems empty. The series now have no meaning. No Lucas’ voice narrating the story is just wrong! :(It was his story! I hope they would bring them back. I miss Lucas and Peyton!

My week has been alright. Monday was my brother’s birthday. I decorated the house quite nicely for this party. I love decorating 😀 My David Tutera ness was all out for the planning as I had a theme….a photo wall, pictures all over the ceilings, Martha Stewart’s pompoms, and matching pink drinks! 😀

As I was a crazy woman walking here and there being hostess, I did not really stop and take a picture of the whole party scene or the little details that was up..Like, the Margarita we made…and the Mojito! haha. But thanks to the pink photo wall, I didn’t have to worry about having to take guests pictures as they willingly went to my room for a photo op! hehe. We managed to get a lot of them on photo. Plus, we had props for them to play with. Thanks Weiyenn for that idea! :) I had fun decorating a space for the party.

If I had more time though, I would have so done more!

If I had more KA-CHING, I would have done so much more too!

I spent damn a lot on this party from buying the decorative items to fruits and mixers for the alcohols -_- but it was all good! Money well spent. I still have the photo wall here. It’s still there. So if you wanna come my house to pose with my wall..please do so asap before my brother steals the lighting away…haha.

I just realised I blogged damn little this month. boo. I should ramble more often. I think its all twitter’s fault!If you don’t have twitter already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

okay, i gotta go rest up. Long day tmr. BEP at Arthur’s Day :)

To Arthur!!!

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

So, this concert was awesum. You know why?

  1. Cos we didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get the mosh pit tickets. We were invited by MTV. How exclusive eh?
  2. We saw AAR at Popeye’s at Sunway Pyramid before the show…asked for a photo, but the guards said NO!
  3. We were at the mosh pits – SO FREAKING NEAR!
  4. We also didn’t know any of the songs -_____- Well aside from the super famous ones (even that also we dunno lyrics wan).

Champions right?

But it was super fun! We just headbanged, danced, hands up the air-ed our way throughout the concert. FUN! We saw Estranged, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, All American Rejects (Tyson is a freakshow!), Hoobastank (WAS AWESOME!), and Kasabian.

Guess we’re not too old after all for concerts like these. hahaha. But I’m sure everyone there were 20 and below! haha. Enjoyed most of the performances. Tried our very best to follow all the songs….but super fail.

Finished at 11ish. Walked past the post party. so jeles, cos we cannot go. So we just went to 7-11 and had some coke&slurpee. Picked Shermaine and had mcdees for supper.

Lea and I promised to drink 6 shots of tequila each if we get post party passes for any of the next international shows. HAHAHAHHA

wish us luck!

FUN-est part of the night was watching Hoobastank perform!

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

They were rockingly awesome! Well, maybe because I know this band more than all the other performers. Used to LOVE their first album! I did see them in concert a few years back, owh, and I also got their autograph wayy back when they were so tiny. They had autograph session at Tower Records at 1 Utama! They didn’t even have new wing when tower was at 1U! hahaha.

Those were the days. Tower Records was memang the place which had alot of memories for me. Lea, remember, we saw Ammo there? Our first everrrr show. Asyikin also was with us, plus my brother.

They sang the reason and crawling in the dark, which of course, everyone knew and sang along!

Watch me on MTV World Stage!

28th August 2009.

I dunno what time. I think at night. Check your Astroview!

Anyways, its 330am.

Time for some reading and sleep. I’m so thirsty actually….Shall go get some OJ!

So today after mass, we decided to go to 1U for some stuff (which didn’t work out, so it shall not be mentioned and give them more publicity! pfft). Then, we heard “I want my money back…I want my money back…” and RAN towards the main entrance. And there she was….performing and doing her soundcheck with her really good looking bunch for a band:)

Not many people were there….duh, it was 945. haha. So, we took the opportunity to get a picture with her:)

Karen * Lenka * Aaron

At 330pm, we also went for her showcase. It was SO hot, can die. Took some videos and pictures which are on FB. She’s very purdy. Her bandmates are very good looking…Her music was awesomely cute! :) The concert was alright. they should’ve done it at night tho.

She’s got sharp cheekbones!

Ok, just got back from my first ever SOLD OUT CONCERT. Jason Mraz was awesome. He deserved the sold out concert. he can really make the crowd go wild:) Although this concert was a chillax concert, no pushy pushy like BSB. Lea got in line first:) So we got the best seats/spot for our price 😀 He performed very well and entertaining. His songs are best heard live and I’m glad I made the decision to go for this concert 😀 Awesome possum:)

Anyways, we also met him upclose while he was going back to his hotel. Double Awesome Possum. If there is even a triple, it would be triple. lols.

Update later. Its 2am. Need to wakey early tmr to go to Taman SEA:) My neck hurts from massage this morning. I hate massages that hurt :(

and just great, I got my period!!!! GAHHHHH Just when Langkawi is this weekend. But luckily tmr will be my first day and hopefully on friday it will be lesser :( I hate wearing tampons.

Long overdue Picture-esque update!:)


Friday, 20/4/07
Shopping with Elaine, and night out with my friends (read more about it in LJ)

We went to BTS and shopped at Nichii. HEHE.

Estherrrrrr and Elaine posing at Esther’s house

i look hot here!*cough cough*
hahhahahaha! love my pink tube and the gold chain is Elaine’s..lovely ain’t it? i want one!!!

Jack joined us too. Anthro group rocks:) haha.

Miss elaine, who made it all happen. *hugz* heehee.

Saturday, 21/4/07
Good Charlotte’s Concert.
truckload of pictures here. haha.

We had Digi VIP passes…so we didn’t have to wait in line and we went straight to the front. muahahhaha. felt good to be VIP for once. hehe.

My darling, Utt. he’s so hot.

Opening Act was One Buck Short. I could sing to OBS more than what i could sing to for Good Charlotte! hahaha.

This is for someone *ahem ahem*. hahaha.

I was singing my lungs out to “Itu Kamu”. HAHAHA

my all time fave, Lo. I sang to his song more than Good Charlotte too. hahahaha.

MTV VJ Colby, Denise, Utt and Fazura.

GOOD CHARLOTTE, finally. the main event.

We were quite far behind about 7 rows behind.but, okay la can see very clearly.

Then, when the lead singer. *shy, i forgot his name, Joel Madden?* came damn close, and of course, the crowd just went crazy, we pushed our way to the front, and got to take really close shots of him.

upclose and personal. hahaha.

Sunday 22/4/07
Today, i officially went to Fitness First at The Curve to get my first ever gym access. yay! i got passport one for RM175. With my cool new spiderman merchandise. hahaha.

These tops i bought with Elaine at Nichii

Since i had a study lamp, i took pictures of my recently purchased earrings.

love the last one. its so me!:)

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