It has been a while since I did a verbal diarrhea.

It is a Saturday morning and I am under my blankie. It is cold and i am feeling content. Content about life and everything that has been happening. It has been progressing. I have been learning and I am ready to move on to something bigger and exciting. Something more challenging.

Last week I helped Wei Yenn and Vincent decorate their wedding. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Thanks Miss Wei Yenn for trusting me with it. Really gave me some confidence in pulling bigger things. I was worried no one will like it, but in the end, it was a hit. Hopefully other people will want my services of decorating. Always nice to do something you are passionate about.

This is me and Kalai arranging the pinwheels.

The church session…

Don’t we look so cute and innocent! 😛

We also had a photobooth at the wedding! We recycled the backdrop and put the pinwheels on a bunting and wa-la our photowall is ready. It was so pretty on photos! Loved it!

Prop table! :)

And here are the photobooth shots that I loved!

The night went well :) the couple sang on stage, we yum seng, ate awesome 10-course dinner and danced the dikir barat on our table. Geng Bas Sekolah Full attendance. Here’s one shot minus Vincent:

I love handmade crafty artsy stuff. Yes, I am yaya like that 😀 So I bought a really pretty sling bag with bows and pretty mix-matched print from Shambie. Shopping budget (in KL) for this month is finished! Must shop at BKK like crazy for one year’s supply of clothes!

On another happie note. I got myself an Instax! Polaroid photos FTW! Thanks for buying it for me! 😀


I tried my very best to make my desk look like its mine!

Here’s what I did. Its not done yet :)

More is yet to come. But what is the “etiquette” of decorating cubicles?

So, my auntie unofficially appointed me to be official cupcake baker for my cousin’s wedding. She was so excited that even before my cousin announce her engagement, she was asking me about cupcake boxes and how many i can bake -_-

So we had our little meeting and decided that we don’t need a box, as it wont’ be a favor, but it will be served at the end of the 10 course and served by the restaurant people.

Size: Need to speak to my aunt to find out what size she wants…

We figured, why not make like some cupcake topper to write like “Jes+Mike’s wedding” or “thank You” or something like that. Maybe a monogram (is it called monogram?)


  • cupcake trays (depending on size)
  • 2 inch circle puncher/with scallops on the side for easier cutting!
  • Cupcake cups

Some inspirations…

TomKatStudio even gives out free printable cupcake toppers! also gives out free cupcake toppers printables!

Monogramed one from

This one is so cute! From

OMG, this one is more me than Jes 😀 TOO CUTE!!!! From Craftzine

This one is tre cute, but i think it will take a long time to make 500 of it, set with ribbons all! LOL! From Flappergirlcreation

Its 249am and guess what I achieved today?

A ribbon headpiece.

I am awesome.

I need to sleep soon.

I need to wakey earlier to pack for gym tomorrow.

I need a slap for staying up so late, but I am awesome aren’t I?!

Karen’s accomplishments over the weekend…

Made Margaritas

Using a margarita mix. taste as awesome as the real one as I added lime juice also 😀 I LOVE MARGARITAS! My mum thinks I am becoming an alcoholic. but, how to get drunk with one glass? -_-

Made a leopard print bow head band

I LOVE IT! I used my unused bra strap as my headband (Its clean and new, wtf -_-).  I reuse, recycle mar. The leopard print cloth was from my BKK bag which i absolutely adore….but tore after a month or so of using it -_- So I cut cut cut and sew sew sew to make an awesome headband 😀

29th coming soon ):

Shucks, my birthday coming soon. I will be 23 and older. DANG! No birthday plans this year, but maybe over the weekend, I shall have a little get together to drink Margarita’s and Mojitos! Who’s in? HAHA

(Since I just learnt the art of making them right?)

by plasticcoatedcolors

I want to take photos of myself liddat. with balloons and colourful stuff…Who wants to take my photos?

It has been a while since I’ve tracked who came to my site. I always forget to place the analytics back into the different theme i used.

Traffic has been low and good. hahaha. 40-50 visits per day. I used to be such a traffic whore. Till I realise, omg, why why do I want people reading what I write. It is just scary! haha.

Today I met a friend’s colleague. Then she said, eh, you look familiar…..then friend said, owh, she’s the girl who owns that blog.


lol. I is famous.

I also decided to unadvertise-fied my blog. Not that I don’t like extra income, but its useless when my traffic is so low -_- Give nuffnang more views only, and I don’t get nothing.

I’ve been searching high and low for a clean looking theme where I can edit. So far, I’m not satisfied with all my findings :( This one comes close. I just need to find time to edit the background -this is so pink!

My glove rabbit plush needs arms and head to be attached. This rabbit is probably the ugliest handmade plush evahh!! Photos when I’m done with it. hahaha. I’ll probably make a flower choker for my rabbit! hahaha.

ok, too much guessing game. But I finally got photoshop:) Now life is complete.

These are my photo booth pictures. More of you should come into my photobooth and take photos with me!!!

  • Skirt:MNA, RM10
  • Top: DP, RM30+
  • Shoes: F21, RM99

Guess who looks skinner here? hahahaha.

I live in denial.

I don’t like my tumblr to be my dress showing off blog. not nice.hahaha. I shall start posting them here. haha.

Anyways, I finally bought my cotton and now I can make my rabbit soft toy out of gloves:) I go shower and start my crafting session.

ok bye.

me me me!!!!

oklah, domestic goddess may be a bit too over.

But…I did do something so girly. I sew-ed a flower!!!!

hahaha. It was pretty easy. If I had the correct fabric, it would probably be easier. I just cut out old t shirts which were quite thick. I also made it a little too big! hahaha. I didn’t have a smaller reference for a circle, took an old CD and made it into circles for the petals.

It is almost as big as my palm! But so pretty. If only I had prettier fabrics!

What do I make this into? Maybe brooch. or a really HUGE headband! hahaha. Must be damn daring to wear this flower as a headband as it is HUGE!


I wanna make more! in many pretty colours. Even if i don’t wear them, I will be contented just making and looking at them! hahahaha.

My weekend is fulfilled.

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