okay. so here’s the updates on how many per boxes i’m selling it for.

(must order at least 3 boxes)
(in a plastic box)

(must order at least 2 boxes)
(in a plastic box)

(one box also can la. lol)
(in a plastic box)

(in a cardbox box, pink coloured hearts print. lol)


lol. still undecided. Probably a little cheaper than market price for cupcakes in KL.

of course, the more u order, the cheaper it will be. lol.

I need RM239. My mum asked me to invest first on the tips, then make money to cover cost. lol. maybe i will. Wilton Malaysia has the tips for RM239.

Tell me EARLY when you want to buy them for me. So that i can plan my time.

cupcakes for sale. cupcakes for sale. Come come buy buy.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

a lot of pictures coming up!:)

cupcake love
my cupcake little helpers.

Jessica, Louanne and Karen

I’m loving my Tempered Mental CD~!:) Everyone go buy one. Only RM20. heehee. Anyways, I still want their first first single, Honestly. I love that song. Shall go get it from but wait i think i have their mp3 on my brother’s computer…

shall dig for it.

i shall update gluttons on a diet now. buhhbye!:)


cupcakes yums.jpg

You missed the cupcakes!:)

we sold them for RM1 (FOR ONE PIECE)

cut throat like mad….but many loved them
love to see their faces when they are choosing.
many did not believe i made them. HAHAHAH

ok byebye

Sher’s 21st Birthday
Sher is Elaine’s Friend who invited me for her glam birthday party on Friday, at the Asian Heritage Row. It was at a bar called “That indian thing” So cute name!:) lovely place too. I met all of Elaine’s friends.

What i wore for the black and red theme

Baked her cupcakes as her present =D
Sue, Manda, Elaine and I were baking like mad!

BTW, when we were at the party place, Sher’s friends thought our cupcakes were from cuppacakes!!!!

=D =D =D =D

we so rock at icing. hahaha!

ok, so any orders?

Karen, Sue, BirthdayGirl Sher, Elaine, Manda, Christin, Stacy, Yvonne

Sue, Karen, Stacy, Manda, Elaine, christin

Christin, Elaine, Karen

Anthro Presentation Group
click to download picture

Jack, Elaine, Esther, Karen

tom yum gang..haha.

Banana leaf rice at Nirwana’s At Bangsar
elaine’s fav!:)

Baked Cupcakes on Thursday

OK bye bye now..

im so sad right now.

cos my D: is not here and its not reformatted either. so its in here, but i can’t reach it

*crosses fingers*

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost (my D:)
And can’t be found


btw, i made cupcakes for CSS meeting tmr :)

its so pretty, if i must say!:) hahhaa. actually very ugly la. so purpleish. TOO purpley already. my RED colouring turned out to be purple/pinkish.

i need to bathe. bye

and sleep

i’ve got 2 more days to bum around until i need to study ALL OVER AGAIN!!! and long sem sucks..i will get less motivated to study, and hence, the very low GPA during long sem. :( sucks.

i’ve gotten my results already!:) and its a pretty one. 😀 still doesn’t change the overall gpa tho. thanks to the gazillion B’s i got 2 sems ago!!

its okay. if i can remain with this GPA. i’ll be happy!:)

i watched beerfest today!:) it was really really really funny!!! good movie, for all beer-holic. haha.

my whole family is out today. my brother’s still at home, but he’s going out soon. i’ll be HOMEALONE!!! waaaahhhh..somebody take me outtttt….

nvm, can save money if i stay home. HAHA.

i baked disasterous cupcakes yesterday. the cupcakes were fine, i was experimenting the icing with Almond Extract. and, omg, it was so smelly and u feel like puking when you taste the icing. So, i shall not poison the people who are going to eat them, and threw away the icing. Then, i made another batch of icing, and OMGx2 my vanilla extract is finished!!! okay!!!
i added cocoa powder instead, so this time, icing, no pretty icing, only brown colour with heart shaped sprinkles.

fail mannever experiment with new stuff!!! hahaha. or at least try first with SOME icing…chocolate buttercream icing is not as nice as plain vanilla one…i made basic vanilla cupcake.

here are the disasterous pictures:


tk and i went to Jusco Kepong that day, to send out the books in Poslaju. We ate at this HK-inspired restaurant called E&T. The food there is OK, but NEVER order their pies!! they give you just normal sandwiches, nothing pie-ey about it at all! hahaha.



i need a life and money. haha.

2007’s been fun. mainly because i get to go out almost everyday! haha. went to 1U on tuesday. Jut to look for books. Sidney wanted them. we walked from MPH to Popular to Times and back to MPH. tk borrowed me RM50. all because my ATM card won’t work!

so we bought the book.

today, i went to the bank, straighten things out, it will work tomorrow 😀

went to the Pos laju, shipped the items.

i also bought pens, papers and a Strawberry Shortcake File. OMG, SO CUTE!

then, it was the best part…..a baking supplies shop!:)

HAHA, i was super happy to see all the weird ingredients that you cannot find in Jusco or Tesco or Carrefour!! hahaha.

i bought many many heart shaped sprinkles and red coloured sugar sprinkles.

i’m a happy camper!

Valentines cupcakes, anyone? i charge cheaper than cuppacakes!:) hahahhaha.

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