So, my auntie unofficially appointed me to be official cupcake baker for my cousin’s wedding. She was so excited that even before my cousin announce her engagement, she was asking me about cupcake boxes and how many i can bake -_-

So we had our little meeting and decided that we don’t need a box, as it wont’ be a favor, but it will be served at the end of the 10 course and served by the restaurant people.

Size: Need to speak to my aunt to find out what size she wants…

We figured, why not make like some cupcake topper to write like “Jes+Mike’s wedding” or “thank You” or something like that. Maybe a monogram (is it called monogram?)


  • cupcake trays (depending on size)
  • 2 inch circle puncher/with scallops on the side for easier cutting!
  • Cupcake cups

Some inspirations…

TomKatStudio even gives out free printable cupcake toppers! also gives out free cupcake toppers printables!

Monogramed one from

This one is so cute! From

OMG, this one is more me than Jes πŸ˜€ TOO CUTE!!!! From Craftzine

This one is tre cute, but i think it will take a long time to make 500 of it, set with ribbons all! LOL! From Flappergirlcreation

I like to create things. Be it an edited photo/photos. a layout, an article, a concept. Mostly visuals, because I love everything to look pretty. I just love creating. I guess you can say, I am creative. HAHA. But nola, as compared to like really creative people.

I never liked Art class in school. Maybe cos we were forced to draw really ugly things and paint under pressure -_-

I had this project at work where we had to create an idea/branding behind this development. So at a cafe in TTDI Plaza while boss was typing an email, I started drawing – on a tissue paper -_______-

I imagined this place, it looked like this:

LOL I know. it looks so messy. But if this place really turns out to be what i imagined, it would be awesome.

I guess that’s how interior designers feel each time they think of a concept, execute and create homes πŸ˜€

I bought a 4 inch high heels today. Please kill me because this is a backache causing shoe which is OWH SO CHEAP and IN MY SIZE. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love shoes in my size. But, good luck to me wearing this shoe!

Enough 230am ramblings.


by plasticcoatedcolors

I want to take photos of myself liddat. with balloons and colourful stuff…Who wants to take my photos?

It has been a while since I’ve tracked who came to my site. I always forget to place the analytics back into the different theme i used.

Traffic has been low and good. hahaha. 40-50 visits per day. I used to be such a traffic whore. Till I realise, omg, why why do I want people reading what I write. It is just scary! haha.

Today I met a friend’s colleague. Then she said, eh, you look familiar…..then friend said, owh, she’s the girl who owns that blog.


lol. I is famous.

I also decided to unadvertise-fied my blog. Not that I don’t like extra income, but its useless when my traffic is so low -_- Give nuffnang more views only, and I don’t get nothing.

I’ve been searching high and low for a clean looking theme where I can edit. So far, I’m not satisfied with all my findings :( This one comes close. I just need to find time to edit the background -this is so pink!

My glove rabbit plush needs arms and head to be attached. This rabbit is probably the ugliest handmade plush evahh!! Photos when I’m done with it. hahaha. I’ll probably make a flower choker for my rabbit! hahaha.

ok, too much guessing game. But I finally got photoshop:) Now life is complete.

These are my photo booth pictures. More of you should come into my photobooth and take photos with me!!!

  • Skirt:MNA, RM10
  • Top: DP, RM30+
  • Shoes: F21, RM99

Guess who looks skinner here? hahahaha.

I live in denial.

I don’t like my tumblr to be my dress showing off blog. not nice.hahaha. I shall start posting them here. haha.

Anyways, I finally bought my cotton and now I can make my rabbit soft toy out of gloves:) I go shower and start my crafting session.

ok bye.

me me me!!!!

oklah, domestic goddess may be a bit too over.

But…I did do something so girly. I sew-ed a flower!!!!

hahaha. It was pretty easy. If I had the correct fabric, it would probably be easier. I just cut out old t shirts which were quite thick. I also made it a little too big! hahaha. I didn’t have a smaller reference for a circle, took an old CD and made it into circles for the petals.

It is almost as big as my palm! But so pretty. If only I had prettier fabrics!

What do I make this into? Maybe brooch. or a really HUGE headband! hahaha. Must be damn daring to wear this flower as a headband as it is HUGE!


I wanna make more! in many pretty colours. Even if i don’t wear them, I will be contented just making and looking at them! hahahaha.

My weekend is fulfilled.

I still like my whiteish blog layout… once streamyx is back on track, I shall upload another layout!!

I should have better things to do than choosing what layout right? HAHAHAH

I am now editing photos.

Image Via: Heather Cameron

Well, I think so. lols.

I sign up and subscribe for all these little websites newsletter. Like:

  • Southern Living
  • Southern Accent
  • My home Ideas
  • Open Source Food
  • Handmade items blogs
  • Interior design blogs

Basically anything to do with pretty designs, good food and furniture.

Commercial break –

Check out Amelia’s brand spanking new website called Runway in a Teacup! Too bad she didn’t go for the name I picked (I forgot what was it!). The sizes are not my kinda size. lols.

But anyways, Lynfunkstar is also selling her second hand clothes here. She sells plus sized clothes, some shoes and bags, so clothes would be UK12 and above. Which is my kinda size:)

– end commercial break.

Image via: Daisy Pink Cupcake

Back to my story, so yea, I am and very much am domesticated. I cannot wait to earn enough money after all my traveling to decorate my room/house (If i ever get one). I think David Tutera is god of party planning and I wish to throw dinner parties like him.

I also love baking. I can just bake daily and find the perfect cake recipe and share them with everyone in a basket like Bree Vanderkamp. Maybe I can grow up to be this woman:

Image via: Faith & Gender

I read about “Dinner Party Basics” or “Best soups” or ” Best bedroom design” all the time. And really wish I could do all that. I KNOW, I sure cannot afford all that jazz. I also dream of becoming a crafter/scrapbooker/designer and do creative designs/writing all day. But where to find this kinda job leh(and make tons of money?)?

Owh can, can, I KNOW HOW!!! Be a tai tai and I can do all that. Just need to find a rich husband who earns 50K a month :) Everyday just stay home, be pretty, go gym meet the other ladies who are rich and do nothing. Come home cook and slave for the husband.

Image via:

On another note, are people from PR agencies really have high nose up the sky reaching Mars or are they just putting up a “face” to the people and they are actually really nice once you get to know them? Do they also think other people are beneath them and don’t reply emails with a yes or a no? I really thought PR people are nice people until I met some. I am so not an ass kisser, but sometimes it is just a must.

I also oogle on fashion websites on a daily basis and wish I was fashionable. So here’s one which I think the guys will like! muahahahha.

Beach Bunny Swimsuits

Ok 12am already. Time to bathe then need to type invoice again. ugh! Tmr is an early start. 1030am at Menara Hup Seng!


A lot of people have been talking about how Earth Hour is just a hype and PR gimmick. Like wtf lah, if there is no hype, you think people would actually know and care? EH is not about saving energy for that one hour. It is an awareness for everyone to switch off at all times. That one hour is just for show, really. Just so that people will realise that switching off is actually one way to save energy and if their PR gimmick was right, they will achieve their goals, to make people switch off at all times!

haihs.people are so pessimistic. I hate pessimistic people. Drink a load of sunshine people!

Btw, I nanged my post at Nuffnang’s Innit! hahaha


I wanna share with you my fave song a.t.m. Mariah Carey’s I’ll be loving you long time. Of course, youtube banned anyone who’s not from USA from watching any videos nowadays. I hate you tube!!! I hate censorship! Where is the free internet?? So, just listen to it lah!

I’ll be loving you long time…

You don’t even gotta worry,
about a thing,
I got yah babe.
And ain’t nobody taking me away ’cause its not a game. I’m here to stay.

See our love is stronger than any drug.
Addicted just can’t get enough.
And everytime I’m with you I want some more.
Just close the door and let’s explore each other.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t care what no one has to say.
They don’t understand us like we do.
I need you near me night and day.
Together their ain’t nothing we can do.

Sweep me up and we can go,
to a little spot where no one knows.
Spend a little time just us alone.
You could caress my body and never let go.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t want another, ain’t never gonna be another, Can’t nobody do what you do to me. (Repeat 3 Times)
Ad Libs after repeat…
(Nobody)1st Time
(Can’t nobody love me)2nd Time
(Like You Do)3rd Time

I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (eternally)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long Time (Held Note)

I’ll Be Lovin’ I’ll Be Lovin’ You(I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time)

So today after my awesome dinner at Pastis, The Gardens, I went to Art Friend.


Louanne, I must bring you here. Its like a freaking hypermarket of arts and crafts items! I think leave louanne and I there, we can spend hours there. lols. I was like in wonderland. all the colours, all the stuff, they have polystyrene in all sizes and shapes, even a shape of a man’s head and body -_-

They have all kinds of papers and stuff you need to do anything artsy. Now when David Tutera tells me ” You can get this item at your local arts and crafts store” I can actually find it in this awesomely awesome shop.

I love it there. Makes me wanna start doing crafts.But one of the Auntie working there was so unfriendly. mehhhh


I would love to work for David Tutera. Party Planning. So awesome! I miss watching tv. meh. working normal hours sucks.

So yesterday I went crazy designing these Christmas (cards?) thingys. I really don’t know what are these? E cards? printable cards? lols. It can be anything lah, use your imagination:)

anyways, I’ve decided to give it out for free for anyone who wants to download them! You know,Β  place them on your blogs to wish everyone happy Christmas:)

I had fun making them πŸ˜€ lols. So have fun using them:) To download them, just Right Click and Save Image.

Christmas Tree with Lights Card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas Presents with light bulbs Card – I love these presents. πŸ˜€ (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas Presents with light snowflakes card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Christmas presents with pattern card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Pattern Just for fun :) (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Green Ornaments Fall-ish colours Card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Snowflake Christmas CardΒ  (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Snowflake Christmas CardΒ  (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

Totally not Christmas colour card (Download Now: Right Click and Save Image)

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