Having one of those sleepless nights. Sure regret tomorrow when I have to wake up at 8 for church. LOL.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I love what it can do for brands, hey, I built my career on FB and I’ll be forever grateful 😛  I love catching up with long lost acquaintances, see what they’re up to. But I hate knowing that some friends are no longer friends like we used to be.

Reason #1012928292 why you should not open Facebook after midnight. You will see things you don’t want to see.

Joyce was so mad at Lea and I last week for not having time for her. She was “all by herself” LOL. We met anyway towards the end of the weekend for a short dessert session. Just yesterday we finally went for a Karaoke session and sang our lungs out. We totally needed that Karaoke session, I needed it anyway. I thank God for these two really. Keeps me sane with all our mission to stay healthy, gossips, talking about life, planning our lives together.

Super super lucky to have Sidney too <3 forever and ever and my Lainey Boo, for always being my constant online person everyday and listening to my daily diarrhea of ranting. Of course, TK, Wei Foong, and that one in India, Lavena for always trying to be in my world. LOL. My SYG colleagues – Sarah Jon June. Giam for always giving me life advice. Geng Bas Sekolah <3

Like I’m giving a speech. LOL. I realize i do this every year or so. I get so emotional and thank everyone for being part of my life. I know you don’t have to, but you want to. Thanks XOXO.

I may not keep up with everyone I used to know, but the few that I do keep in touch with on a daily/weekly basis I treasure the most. But sometimes, I guess I miss a lot of people that I have successfully distant myself from. I guess people change, I change. Life happens, we are no longer important to each other. Sad really, seeing how we were once important to each other. But what to do? If you don’t try to keep up with each other, it will never work.

To all my friends that drifted away. . . I still think about you :)



Stephanie Chuah shin Ju, I miss your tomyum chicken balls! the one you made during IWD in a rice cooker :)


Seriously…most importantly, I miss you woman! :) Its been so long since we’ve msned. You see, stephanie one busy woman. since the day I met her, she’s always working. My hero, so rajin :)

I’m glad to have met the great Stephanie… :) Come back home soon, we need a session with all the days of the week in Kuala Selangor! LOL

– – – – – – – – – – –

On another note, can I have  a gumball dispenser?

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