I just made my blog mobile friendly. If you’re reading my blog from an iphone, it is now in an awesome mobile theme. LOL!

it has been a long time since I’ve browsed the plugins page for new stuff. #i’msuchageek

yes, i know.

anyways, today was work night. Launched this car officially to the media…

Pretty hor?

On the bright side, I have a day off tmr ๐Ÿ˜€

Did you know, I’m running the KL Marathon! LOL!

Yes, its quite amusing. Me running. don’t worry la, its the 5km “fun” run. not exactly marathon. they won’t even count our timing -_-

ok nights!

There are some people that are better at being friends online than offline. When they meet offline, there is just not much to say to each other and many awkward situations arises. They just connect more online, than offline. Some people say that its the curse of the internet and social networking, but sometimes, the barrier of the internet just makes it a less judgmental world.

Like, you can be whatever you want on the internet. Scary, but sometimes, it helps people with low self esteem to make lasting friendships with other people on the internet. I have many friends I consider, only can be friends on the internet because we just don’t have that chemistry to be friends in real life.

Sometimes, I read people’s blogs and what nots, I feel connected to them, but somehow, meeting them in real life, its either we can click or not. If yes, then awesome lah, but if not, very very awkward wan lor. But society places so many different “classes” on people. Which becomes such a barrier too. Like the people we hang out with in real life, the different cliques, the clothes we wear, everything creates such a difference in real life, but when online, we’re all just a nickname and a person to discover.

Do you feel the same way too?

I want to do all these..

Not that i’m going to get married anytime soon….Just planning. I always watch Discovery Home and Health, David Tutera, read designer blogs, watch movies and always come across ideas and stuff liddat for parties and weddings. I always tell myself, I want to do that someday….and now, I will list them down. Just in case I need it…lols.

I mean you may think im crazy…but should I get married one day, this handbook will come in handy don’t ya think? All thought of and just a reminder lah…I mean people say this is a very important day of my life…then if we have like one year to plan, where got enuff time??? hahahaha.

Well, this is a working list:) should be changed when needed:)

  • I will play Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D Major for my wedding… Hopefully Louanne will play for me! hahahahhaa…well, unless you’d wanna be one of my bridesmaids. HAHAHA. Well I only know one classical musician, so you can play for me lah. Cheap price ok?
  • The walking back/out part, maybe like Hans Zimmer’s Cry…the part where it builds up…damn nice!
  • Speaking of music, maybe have a live band at the dinner :) Anyone wanna audition for my wedding dinner? Must play all my favourite songs. Which I shall list down one day. Songs for my wedding (there are loads of wedding songs on Youtube by independant artists! Ok, now too early to start biying those songs from iTunes….)!
    Some must play (I should start making a folder):

    • Right Now, John Cena
    • Say a little Prayer, Diana King
    • Home, Michael Buble
    • I do, 98 degrees
    • Cinta Kita, Sheila Majid
    • How do you want me to love you, 911
    • Love Story, Taylor Swift
    • Anyone else but you, The Mouldy Peaches/Micheal Cera&Ellen Page
    • I hope you dance, Lee Ann Womack
    • Dreaming of you, Selena
    • Star, Bryan Adams
    • Hans Zimmer’s The Holiday soundtrack (How could I forget this!)

    Do send me recommendations!

  • From Friends’ Chandler and Monica’s wedding, I saw how they had disposable camera on each table for the people to take wacky pictures of themselves. I want a disposable camera on each table too:)
  • Contrary to how usual Malaysian weddings are, where they just sit, I will ensure that i have place cards for seating with names and seat people who RSVP, so that my guests won’t have to like sit in awkward moments with strangers that they don’t know.
  • Of course, I must have cupcakes for my wedding. White ones, swirly maybe with colourful (depending on the theme maybe) sprinkles. Well design wise, can be changed lahh. But, I need to have cupcakes along with my 5 tier wedding cake. It has to be like so nicely done. If its too expansive, I shall make my own ๐Ÿ˜€ (budget!)
  • Owh, I want my flower girls (if any) to carry cupcake crystal bags (From Sex and the City Movie!). so cute! My flower girls don’t need to throw flowers, maybe confettis! hahahaha!
  • My hair will not be in a bun, please remind self NOT to tie hair in bun! hahaha. Maybe just leave it as it is.
  • I want it to be outdoors like in a beach :), but then again, we live in Malaysia and I’m catholic…so have to marry inside the church lah. Maybe add fake plants and flowers everywhere to make it look outdoorsy! lols
  • I also want like a lot of photogs taking photos.
  • Wedding Dress….still haven’t decided. Maybe like a decent one fro church and a slutty one for the dinner. HAHAHAA. Hopefully I will be size 10/12 by then so that I don’t look too fat?
  • My friends all should wear tasteful formalish/summerish/dresses. Dress Code: Bright colours/flowery prints. ๐Ÿ˜€ flowy and really awesome dresses! hehe. Men, wear black tie suit! but then again, once again, we’re living in Malaysia…
  • Wedding theme colours? Pink or Green. or both. Pink and green does well no? Or maybe just colourful, as that would be so me. Like bright green, pink, blue, yellow, those kinda colours: ) if it matters here in Malaysia with no seasons, I would like a Summer Wedding! ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Wedding invitations has to be really fun! I remember seeing a couple of design shows with great ideas! But this has to be highly dependent on the theme ๐Ÿ˜€ But whoever has addresses anymore? HAHAHA Maybe an email wedding invitation to a flash website where they get to RSVP on the website straightaway? I guess all my friends will emails right? HAHAHA
  • Website: Wow, this website must like have a lot of things in it. Must be set up very early in the wedding process to document all the things, well for people who are overseas and can’t attend my wedding, can view the process…. Like RSVP system. Picture Gallery. Blog. Wedding Registry. Music recommendations from friends. What else?
  • Who shall I invite for my wedding? Preferably a small sized wedding. But then again, im sure must invite all my extended families all. Ok, if you want in on my wedding, please comment! hahahahaha.
  • My wedding favours won’t be like cake -_- or like sweets -_-…It has to be something that they can keep and will always remember the wedding ๐Ÿ˜€
    I have a couple of ideas:

    • A small bucket (like steel kind)/basket/box with loads of knick knacks in it.
    • A thank you card must be included, preferably name card sized where it will include our contacts, website address where they can view pictures once they’re up.
    • A “I attended Karen & husband’s name’s wedding.” stickers. lols.
    • Place card holders that they can take back as a wedding favor…
    • Maybe a fortune cookie?
  • I know in this part of the world, wedding registry is like non existent. BUT, I will have a wishlist/Wedding Registry. on my website and people who want to buy me gifts (which is a must, thank you) can choose from. Of course, I will choose a wide range of price for those who can affordย  ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahaha. If not Ang Pow also can lah. Can Maybank2u to me to save Ang Pow packets. lols
  • A rehearsal dinner? Well, not really practiced here in Malaysia. But I do want to have close family and friends for a dinner a few days before the wedding to just sit and chat, because you know how during weddings, you don’t really get to do much:)

Disclaimer: Karen is NOT getting married anytime soon. Just planning ahead. Just in case I decide to get married:) hahahahaha

Image Via: Heather Cameron

Well, I think so. lols.

I sign up and subscribe for all these little websites newsletter. Like:

  • Southern Living
  • Southern Accent
  • My home Ideas
  • Open Source Food
  • Handmade items blogs
  • Interior design blogs

Basically anything to do with pretty designs, good food and furniture.

Commercial break –

Check out Amelia’s brand spanking new website called Runway in a Teacup! Too bad she didn’t go for the name I picked (I forgot what was it!). The sizes are not my kinda size. lols.

But anyways, Lynfunkstar is also selling her second hand clothes here. She sells plus sized clothes, some shoes and bags, so clothes would be UK12 and above. Which is my kinda size:)

– end commercial break.

Image via: Daisy Pink Cupcake

Back to my story, so yea, I am and very much am domesticated. I cannot wait to earn enough money after all my traveling to decorate my room/house (If i ever get one). I think David Tutera is god of party planning and I wish to throw dinner parties like him.

I also love baking. I can just bake daily and find the perfect cake recipe and share them with everyone in a basket like Bree Vanderkamp. Maybe I can grow up to be this woman:

Image via: Faith & Gender

I read about “Dinner Party Basics” or “Best soups” or ” Best bedroom design” all the time. And really wish I could do all that. I KNOW, I sure cannot afford all that jazz. I also dream of becoming a crafter/scrapbooker/designer and do creative designs/writing all day. But where to find this kinda job leh(and make tons of money?)?

Owh can, can, I KNOW HOW!!! Be a tai tai and I can do all that. Just need to find a rich husband who earns 50K a month :) Everyday just stay home, be pretty, go gym meet the other ladies who are rich and do nothing. Come home cook and slave for the husband.

Image via: Dailymail.co.uk

On another note, are people from PR agencies really have high nose up the sky reaching Mars or are they just putting up a “face” to the people and they are actually really nice once you get to know them? Do they also think other people are beneath them and don’t reply emails with a yes or a no? I really thought PR people are nice people until I met some. I am so not an ass kisser, but sometimes it is just a must.

I also oogle on fashion websites on a daily basis and wish I was fashionable. So here’s one which I think the guys will like! muahahahha.

Beach Bunny Swimsuits

Ok 12am already. Time to bathe then need to type invoice again. ugh! Tmr is an early start. 1030am at Menara Hup Seng!


A lot of people have been talking about how Earth Hour is just a hype and PR gimmick. Like wtf lah, if there is no hype, you think people would actually know and care? EH is not about saving energy for that one hour. It is an awareness for everyone to switch off at all times. That one hour is just for show, really. Just so that people will realise that switching off is actually one way to save energy and if their PR gimmick was right, they will achieve their goals, to make people switch off at all times!

haihs.people are so pessimistic. I hate pessimistic people. Drink a load of sunshine people!

Btw, I nanged my post at Nuffnang’s Innit! hahaha


I wanna share with you my fave song a.t.m. Mariah Carey’s I’ll be loving you long time. Of course, youtube banned anyone who’s not from USA from watching any videos nowadays. I hate you tube!!! I hate censorship! Where is the free internet?? So, just listen to it lah!

I’ll be loving you long time…

You don’t even gotta worry,
about a thing,
I got yah babe.
And ain’t nobody taking me away ’cause its not a game. I’m here to stay.

See our love is stronger than any drug.
Addicted just can’t get enough.
And everytime I’m with you I want some more.
Just close the door and let’s explore each other.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t care what no one has to say.
They don’t understand us like we do.
I need you near me night and day.
Together their ain’t nothing we can do.

Sweep me up and we can go,
to a little spot where no one knows.
Spend a little time just us alone.
You could caress my body and never let go.

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Don’t want another, ain’t never gonna be another, Can’t nobody do what you do to me. (Repeat 3 Times)
Ad Libs after repeat…
(Nobody)1st Time
(Can’t nobody love me)2nd Time
(Like You Do)3rd Time

I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long as I know you’ve got me.
I’ll be Loving You Long Time (as I can be)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)
There’s no stopping you and me. I’ll be Loving You Long Time (eternally)
I’ll be lovin’ you long time (eternally)

Long Time (Held Note)

I’ll Be Lovin’ I’ll Be Lovin’ You(I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time)

My soon to be new Macbook Air 13 inches

I’m thinking of asking my dad to buy me one. If the buying doesn’t work, I’ll ask him to be my Ah Long and loan me 6K. I pay by ezypayment of RM200 a month ๐Ÿ˜€ lols. Pay for 2 years wtf!

Option A – RM5158

  • 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x1GB
  • 250GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
  • SuperDrive 8x (DVDยฑR DL/DVDยฑRW/CD-RW)
  • Keyboard & User’s Guide

Option B – RM6007

Add the protection plan. Damn mahal shit!

  • AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook/MacBook Air – Auto-enroll (THIS ONE COSTS RM849)

haihsss.. damn mahal right? I know Mac is way to mahal for my own good. But I think there are pros and cons. Let me list them down.


  • Its purrrdyyy. The graphics, the pictures, the awesomeness of it being mac. And you do know I love anything pretty and nice.
  • I need a new computer as my computer is wayy too old to handle my job description of a blogmistress. lols. Its delaying me and not making me any productive at all.


  • It is expansive. I mean I’m sure can get a windows one for much cheaper and better specs.
  • My brother cannot save me when there are problems because he don’t do mac. hahaha

So, what do you think?

Can my firefox+blog be any christmassey?


click on it to see the details ๐Ÿ˜€

Download the “Tinseltown” theme for firefox here. Happy Holidays WP theme is from So Chic Design. I love this layout, how its positioned and also the fonts/style, the whole works. Maybe after this I will tweak around this layout to make my own. I hope SoChicDesign allow these kinda tweaks.

Funny thing is, I don’t feel the “christmas” feeling yet. Maybe because I have so much to worry about. haihs haihs. Today was pretty much spent studying. Last day of officially being a kid for me:) After today, a period of bumming is required as a rite of passage for all uni leavers. HAHA.

After reading Human Services textbook, I’ve decided that I want to do human services.ย  like, really just help people, whether in counseling or just being a social worker. I believe I will be good at it. Or maybe I just have a lot of interest in the helping profession. Iย  don’t really know. But knowing that I can do something to make people’s lives better gives me the feeling of contentment ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I started helping people earlier.

After my other website got “famous”, i’ve been exposed to the “corporate” world of competition, race to the top experience. As you may know, trying to be the best in the “industry” of niche blogging is just so hard with people in a hurry to make money. It is hard. I just don’t know if I have what it takes to excel in this world of constantly competing with everyone else to win hearts of readers. I just am not the type of person.

Its 0400 am and I have my final paper at 1500. That’s like 11 hours more. I’m still not asleep. haihs. That’s for waking up at 1300 yesterday afternoon! I can’t afford to wake up late tmr, still need to do final reading. I’ve finished studying one round. Just need to revise tmr. I so must score this final paper. Just for the fun of it. lols.

To everyone who reads, please go get twitter, twitter is the new blog and omg, I think keeping in touch with twitter is so awesome. Cos i can read your thoughts like everytime you tweet!:) Then after getting yours, add me k?

ok i should force self to sleep now. and wake up at 9 to study:) hehe

I spent the whole day reading codes, my eyes was blurred with codes.ย 


But I learnt how to use tables today! Which is er, a good thing in a way. But like, with no photoshop, my creative ability is so limited. There’s only so much you can do with basic HTML without CSS! gah. I edit in Notepad, so old school.

My whole department is going for a holiday over the weekend. So tomorrow, supervisor-less! yeay! hahaha. Got work to do leh! hehe

I must beautify the “boring” and “plain” and “not appealing” layout i did today. GAH. owh, my supervisor’s boss said that to my painstakingly long hours of coding work. I do agree with her. Cos the corporate colour is so limited. . .so i also don’t know what to do.ย 

Boring colours + no photoshop = boring lah!

owh wells!

Must make do, must make do! I remember what Mr. James Kuake told us about being in big corporate companies with no Photoshop available and must make do with Powerpoint and Word. Now i understand him. I should send him an email about this and inform him that i’m actually doing what he taught us -_________-

Owh, I should email Mr. Kumar of CareerSENSE also. Thanking him for this job. Which i don’t even know if he knows i went for interview! lols!

I’m deprived of internet. I CAN access the internet, but like, cannot go to many sites and such. READ: Twitter, blogger, etc.

For the past 2 days, i felt so erm, constricted! hahahaha cos i didn’t get my tag yet to teet-teet to enter the building and doors. I had to hold my pee and wait for someone’s who’s free to borrow me their teet-teet card! lols.ย 

I finally got my own card with the company’s logo on the landyard, muahahahahaha. Now i can use it in the train and like show off! wtf!

Owh, Owh, tmr’s dress down casual friday!!! yeayyy! Hello skinny jeans, bye bye slacks! hahahaha

Nola, dun mengada, don’t wear my skinnies. Shall be modest and wear normal jeans with baby tee or something. lols

Okays, 1130pm. Time for my spooky show at ASTRO Kirana. Love horror shows!:) Especially dodgy Thai/Japanese/Korean ones:) hahaha

See ya!



ok, heart attack of the day.

Lost my google account.

But, i got it back. Managed to reset my password and changed it. *phew*

so stress!

x x x

Anyways, I finally found what i should wear! simple preppy!


I really dun have much to wear already lor! :(

Okay what? I can finally wear my pink pumps!:) with my sorta preppy shorts and white shirt. Probably with a vest and tie!:) hehe

owh wells, just GG party, not like some grammy awards!


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