Since the holidays are over and its approaching May, I need to start losing weight -_- I want to regain my 2005 self. I was awkward but skinny y’know!

So, apparently, the Dukan Diet works for my colleague, twitter friend and some other French women. LOL. It seems like a super HARD thing to do, considering I’d have to skip rice/bread/noodles/nasilemak omg. DIE LOR.

My motivation: I want to look like my 2005 self again. To fit into UK12 again. To buy more clothes in BKK to sit and not have fats showing off. to loose width of legs. LOL

Other “excuses” to loose weight: my cousin’s wedding in september and Joanne’s in november, plus another one next year, my brother’s wedding.

So the solution:

Protein + Vege

That’s all i can eat till September to achieve my true weight.

Apart from protein and vege everyday… I’d have to do these:

  • Drink 1.5litres of water per day (plain or carbonated) particularly at mealtimes to help you feel full. Tea, coffee and diet drinks (no more than 1 calorie per glass) can be included in this total.
  • Eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day (as porridge, sprinkled on yoghurt, or made into a pancake).
  • Walk briskly for 20 minutes every day. This is a non-negotiable doctor’s prescription.
  • Avoid all butter and oil.

Links to refer:

Am I ready?

No Carbs!

I dreamt yesterday that I drove to Singapore on a work day, then I forgot it was work day and quickly patah balik as I was walking in a Garden, somewhere near the pier…

Then I saw some people swimming in the ocean with oil spills. and I think they were trying to clean it…, they were in their snorkeling gear all..

I took the wrong turn and had to walk up stairs that were a little too steep, took me so long to go back up to my car.

As I was walking out of the “gate” I saw a bunch of people standing in line, waiting on a bride and groom walking into the singapore park/garden.

When I went out, I saw Darryl and he followed me back to God knows where. I asked him if he told his parents, he said yeah la yeah la…and we drove off.

I then went to an African-ish/jungle-ish place where there were like a family feud between 2 families.. We were in one of the family’s house..My mom was there and she was telling me to keep my phone properly.

Then suddenly a phone rang (in another scene) and my maternal cousins called me and said they were all somewhere waiting for dinner -__________-

What can you decipher from my dream today?

On another note:

Twitter is down, HOMAIGAWDDDD!

What will i do! I have so much to tweet about -_- Here’s some of my thoughts.

  • I also haven’t paid for my bagskaki bags yet. I should do so by this week. Counting money…
  • I need to research and improve my talking skills -_-
  • I gotta go call press now.

I wanna go for Mimpi Murni’s craft party! LOL! I wanna learn so mucchh and do crafty things 😀

Please let me know okay! 😀 I RSVP first! Louanne wanna come?

On another note, I really wanna join the Daily Muscle Transformation Camp.

It is a training thing for 6 months!I mean, I think I can freeze my CF account to pay minimal fees to join this program. I think this may be the right choice to loose all my fats. LOL! I’ve  followed the DM program for a month. I think it has really made me choose what I eat and eat lesser. Although, I really don’t like the fish oil regime. gross. it is supposed to help, but i don’t like eating oil! HAHAHAHA

Click here to enter the pre-sale list. Anyone wanna join with me? I think if i join this, I’ll have to start drinking fish oil again -_-

Img Credit

I wanna dance the English Folk Dance like in Pride & Prejudice, can? I wanna wear corset and a huge ass dress and dance with such grace 😀

Where can I learn? I need about 10 people too -_-

You can finally fit into a dress you bought yonks ago which you’ve outgrown a bit, then now it fits perfectly! LOL! And I got a perfect bra to fit too! From the Triumph warehouse sale…

I measure my fitness success by wearing clothes I love but can’t fit anymore. I terror! More protein meal replacement + gym tmr yeay! :) I love gym (*psyching self*)

On another note…I got a MNG skirt today to match a pink top for a work event. I am mengada because I use the event as an excuse! HAHAHAHA! Well, I had to wear pink and pink matches khaki colour better than black right? Here’s my test outfit:

Thanks to MyLaineyBoo’s rave on this shaved iced concoction, I have fallen in love with Snowflakes! Had my third one again last weekend. hehe! Every time I eat it, it reminds me of how she describes the ice and cincau and how unfattening it is! HAHAHA!

My blog posts are so shallow. Sue me!

Day 31 is tmr. Which marks the last day of the email coaching from the Daily Muscle! (i think) Lol! Acc to him, I will feel the difference in my body if I followed his instructions! Hahahhaa!

So fail man. Well at least I’m conciously looking at what I eat and drink. Exercising more and yea, a few skirts and pants are kinda loose! Ahhahah!

I wake up and look at my naked self and it looks nice now, hahah until I put on my glasses… Then it’s like… Er…

I do feel the difference I guess, but not so much la because I didn’t follow the program to the last detail! I need to go gym more often!

I think I am alright with the less rice, but I still eat a lot of oily food. Lunch time is a bit hard to watch what I eat as I usually eat like at Chinese shops where they have rice rice and more rice! Hahaha! But trying la okay?

You know how long I never eat educated Nasi lemak??? How I want to chow down the whole packet! But I choose stir fried Kai Lan instead -_- or spinach soup from the yong tau Fu shop… Or make my own dinner…

Mercato’s salad from their salad bar is quite nice! Ready to eat somemore! More healthy choices place to eat from. Now if only they had ham slices that we can add in…

Below are my home made food that I made last week! Can’t believe its been almost a month since I started on this fat losing game. HAHA, here’s to more days of eating healthy! *toast*

So i am on track… Let’s hope this is not hangar hangar tahi ayam! Hahah I ate carbs today! Boohoo! But I also went for 1 hour of combat! Yeay!!!

I cannot be anymore colourful right? Hahha! I love colours!

This is me under a Pokok Melaka

So, its been 6 days and I’ve been to gym twice -_- how fail. But its a working progress! I cannot afford to loose focus. If i do, please tell me i’m a fat loser and hurt my feelings so that I go back to gym? I got 3 more months till may when I need a decent looking body for Perhentian. Imma take a bra and panties shot of my before self, for my eyes only! HAHAHA You’d vomit blood if you saw my body -_-

ANYWAYS, i had fish oil. gross. but ok la. I think my dosage is a bit too much, but what to do, I have that much amount of fats. hahahah! Gym was alright. My fitness level has obviously gone down since the last time I went. That was like what, a few weeks ago…haihs. I need to make the most out of this regime.

Eat healthy and exercise. Speaking of eating healthy…one of the rule I must follow is “NO EXERCISE, NO CARBS!” Which means, if im not going to do any exercise for the day, I CANNOT eat carbs. LOL. How la liddat? I do know that rice and fried food is the source of all my fats…and I really need to cut down, so yea. Grass is good for health. grass, soupy stuff, sandwiches, almonds, nuts, low fat yogurt, what else?

PT said, eat your carbs, don’t drink them! No sweet drinks, this one i die cos PT said cannot drink MILO. My breakfast for champions. My only source of calcium. :( I will need to slowly wean this off. HAHA. Coffee with NO SUGAR!


  • Fish Oil – check
  • Exercise – check
  • Multivitamins – yet to buy!
  • No exercise, No carbs – MUST LIVE BY!
  • No sugared drinks – WIP, must buy green tea

Shopping List:

  • weighing scale
  • Multivitamins
  • Green Tea

Shall get beauty sleep now. Gym tmr! Slap me if I’m lazy thanks!

Well hello there! (cricket noise)

I think the only person still checks this site is Tk who was asking me whyi never update anymore! Hahah! Twitter, Tk! Twitter!! Hahha

Anyways, in case you haven’t seen me yet recently, I’ve gained a lot of weight! Like seriously a lot! Like omg a lot!

I don’t like the way I look now, I used to mask the fatness over I look awesome until I’ve become so fat! Not like I don’t feel like I feel awesome, I still do feel awesome, but it’s harder now when I look like this! Haihs! Arms are fat,legs were always fat! Clothes don’t hang properly on my body anymore, don’t look hot anymore!

People are already doing the usual “wahhh you so fat already” comments! Hahah! I need a fast track losing weight diet! I’m serious! Time to go to gym on a daily basis, ok, maybe 3 times a week! Ok big dreams, but achieveable!

I’ve subscribed to this daily motivation thing online and this personal trainer sends me this daily updates on things I can do to loose weight!

I’m now on day 3. I figured it would be awesome to track my progress here, since I need to jot down some stuff!

Day 1 was signing a contract, WTF! Of course u jut pretended to sign an imaginary contract, dowanna waste paper right? Hahaha..

Ok here’s my contract signature:
Karenmarie signs this contract to loose weight! Hahahah!

Was also supposed to like put down goals and motivations…

I’m supposed to also take a picture of my before self… This I will share later when I’ve got time to do so… Maybe later this week!

Here are my goals!
Goal 1:
Deadline may 2010 to look reasonable for the beach! Hahah WTF! Loose the tummy fat

Goal 2:
Eat less rice and pasta! Preferably take out from diet slowly…Eat vegetables and fruits at least a few servings per day!

Goal 3:
GYM! The 3 letter word I hate, but must love to love! I need to go 3 times a week or more!

Pain/pleasure chart:
If I do it….
PAIN: bodyache, waking up in the morning, tiredness!
PLEASURE: I will rock the bikini with less fat! Haha! Feel more energized and less fatigue with regular exercise! I will get compliments with my bikini body!!! More eyes on me, WTF! I can buy cheap clothes from BKK!!!

If I don’t do it…
PAIN: I will get obese!! Omg imagine all the clothes I cannot wear when I’m size 18!!!
PLEASURE: my current lifestyle continues… Its fun and all that, but imagine…. My life being selamba with my weight and god knows what size I will become by the end of the year! Wtf! Il probably need to join the biggest loser Asia!!! I probably cannot sit on roller coasters anymore…. SO SAD!!!

Day 2 was like this advice to buy fish oil and multivitamins to help the process of body transformation. So today I got fish oil! I don’t know how I’m going to drink fish oil, but for the sake of following the program, I will close my nose and drink the oil! Haha!

Day 3 is when they advice me to exercise 2 times a week! So I will go to the gym tmr morning! And GX classes twice a week!

So this was me now… Well in my gym attire, I guess it would suit the theme! Hahahha (will post a proper before picture soon)

Check me out in may k?

At 1utama now.. Waiting on my veggie wrap. I tried this veggie wrap over the weekend and it tasted alright. So here I am, eating dinner, more like eating grass if you asked me!

Went for combat today. So I’m damn hungry! But the grass is not here yet. Ok makan!! See ya!

Its been a while since I finished an assignment, or like studied for an exam. So in preparation for my post grad, I shall set new targets for myself to achieve.

I know, this exercise thing has been with me since like 2005 when I started gaining weight. I think I’ve reached a point where I can’t get any fatter if not, I will just burst!



Mission 1:

Go to gym in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for cardio. Monday/Tuesday Body Combat.

Deadline: March 2010  – must see results!

Mission Assignment 2:

Study and practice my Thai language.

Assignment due: December 23rd….Cos 24th I’m going to BKK! LOLS

So, wish me luck and force me to finish my mission and assignment….

This is my personal statement. I need to get back in focus and start studying before i actually forget how to study! :)


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