I dreamt yesterday that I drove to Singapore on a work day, then I forgot it was work day and quickly patah balik as I was walking in a Garden, somewhere near the pier…

Then I saw some people swimming in the ocean with oil spills. and I think they were trying to clean it…, they were in their snorkeling gear all..

I took the wrong turn and had to walk up stairs that were a little too steep, took me so long to go back up to my car.

As I was walking out of the “gate” I saw a bunch of people standing in line, waiting on a bride and groom walking into the singapore park/garden.

When I went out, I saw Darryl and he followed me back to God knows where. I asked him if he told his parents, he said yeah la yeah la…and we drove off.

I then went to an African-ish/jungle-ish place where there were like a family feud between 2 families.. We were in one of the family’s house..My mom was there and she was telling me to keep my phone properly.

Then suddenly a phone rang (in another scene) and my maternal cousins called me and said they were all somewhere waiting for dinner -__________-

What can you decipher from my dream today?

On another note:

Twitter is down, HOMAIGAWDDDD!

What will i do! I have so much to tweet about -_- Here’s some of my thoughts.

  • I also haven’t paid for my bagskaki bags yet. I should do so by this week. Counting money…
  • I need to research and improve my talking skills -_-
  • I gotta go call press now.

I wanna go for Mimpi Murni’s craft party! LOL! I wanna learn so mucchh and do crafty things 😀

Please let me know okay! 😀 I RSVP first! Louanne wanna come?

On another note, I really wanna join the Daily Muscle Transformation Camp.

It is a training thing for 6 months!I mean, I think I can freeze my CF account to pay minimal fees to join this program. I think this may be the right choice to loose all my fats. LOL! I’ve  followed the DM program for a month. I think it has really made me choose what I eat and eat lesser. Although, I really don’t like the fish oil regime. gross. it is supposed to help, but i don’t like eating oil! HAHAHAHA

Click here to enter the pre-sale list. Anyone wanna join with me? I think if i join this, I’ll have to start drinking fish oil again -_-

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I wanna dance the English Folk Dance like in Pride & Prejudice, can? I wanna wear corset and a huge ass dress and dance with such grace 😀

Where can I learn? I need about 10 people too -_-

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