I would like to think I help initiate the online shopping frenzy here in KL. I remember back in those days, circa 2007/2008 when there were so little online blogshops, I started collecting them and putting them into a now popular, MOFSD.com, when I was with emmagem. There were measly few online blogshops then with some of the awesome sites like ShopaholicSU.blogspot.com, Osixnine and the ever so popular, SellTradeKL on Livejournal.

Ever since girls started noticing all the sites and how easy it was to be an online entrepreneur, they all started their own. I’ve heard so many of them telling me at that time that it was because of emmagem that they started their shops, now they’re so popular amongst girls here in Klang Valley (and i’m sure on other states). Then came along all those online review sites, etc. etc. I watched it grow from having less than 20 to now over 500+ the last time I was updating it, a year ago. I’m sure there are more now! :)


/end nostalgia

Anyways, one of the trends of online blogshops are now moving towards a more niche high class target, where they source for designer bags and sell them online. Back in those days, I wouldn’t even think about getting a designer bag, unless i’m some rich kid with loaded parents (which I’m NOT), or when I am working a really high paying job as designer bags are so overpriced here in Malaysia, after all that conversion, taxes and all that.

Luckily we have these awesome ladies who actually do the shopping for us. They do ship for us all the way from US, or UK. Of course, you’d have to pay for shipping, but since they do bulk shipping, the charges are significantly lower than what you’d pay from overseas by yourself.

Among the many online blogshops I browse to drool on designer bag is Bagskaki.blogspot.com

So cute their logo – Bagskaki

You know why? Cos they have my favourite Malaysian bag designer in their stash of designer bags! – Gin & Jacqie! :)

HAHA, but their main business is of course, bringing you the bestest designer bags!

They have ALOTOF Coach, Gin&Jacqie and recently they started stocking on Burberry, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Cole Haan and other European brands. (I mean, its only a smart thing to do to stock on European goodies while the Euro Dollar is low now! HEHE! )


(Most of her Coach swingpacks aka sling bags are RM445)


(nice graffiti!)


(heart the hearts!)


(Basic black bag from Cole Haan, I LOVE Cole Haan’s designs, simple and nice)

gin&Jacqie MARY & KATE Beach bag, RM89

(I’m eyeing on this bag!)

Bagskaki is popular for having the LOWEST price for any designer bags around (as compared to other blogshops).

Bagskaki ~ managed by bagaholics for bagaholics ~ only offers authentic Designer bags

* Insanely Lowest Price guaranteed! Do your price checks to believe!
* 100% authenticity guaranteed!
* Exclusively available items / Rare & Hard-to-find items

I checked and its correct. Their prices are wayy cheaper than other blogshops who usually charge service charge and customs/tax fees on the customer. You can ask Louanne who is another bagkaki who has done her fair share of research when she, ahem, bought a certain designer wallet. The price you see on Bagskaki, is what you pay for the bag! They minimize all the charges to give us the best price, awesome no?

Pssttt: They also have installment plans! HAHAHAHA My kinda thing, maklumlah, I’m always broke. Will look into that soon.

Not like I can afford any bags anytime soon.

But but but…..not until I found this deal…… I love this deal – Best Value Sets. They combined a few bags for a price of one, like value meals, only for bags! *SMILES* You know how cheapskate I am right? I love freebies and warehouse sales!

If I had Rm799, I would SO FREAKING BUY THIS SET! Its a pink Coach bag some more. Die la. God please help me, stop me from purchasing this bulk bag crazy promo!

1 Coach Bag + 3 Gin&Jacqie bags. I wanna buy this one! How ah? Should I? Should I not? 3 reasons I should…

  1. I LOVE the size and style of the Coach bag. It is also affordable considering how many freebies I’m getting.
  2. I’ve been eyeing that beach bag for AGES! I really want a beach bag that can dry faster and look awesome too! (Plus it comes with the organizer!)
  3. I love the slingbag too. Good for travelling! (ok, so I don’t really fancy the fanny pack, but I’ll take it anyway, give to mom! HAHAHAH)

3 reasons I should not

HAHAHAHA Can’t think of any reasons. Maybe the only reason I should not is that I AM BROKE! (But wait, there’s installment plan!). Just don’t go shopping for 3 months can lor. I usually spend that much on clothes+ misc things anyway! :) Good choice, no? Plus my iphone payment plan is gonna finish soon! hehe!

OK the question is now…how to order…

LOL! I will email the person rightawayyyy!!!

(please stop me)

So recently, I started looking at my face very seriously… Maklumlah I have mirrored iPhone! Haha so every now and then I look at my face and wondered when did I get old! Hahah! My skin may get praises from make up artists last year, but I tell you, not having to meet people like when I was a writer last time made me a lazy person! I don’t really dress up anymore or even take care of my skin!


Hence the super old looking, aging skin that’s on my face right now… Lol! I don’t get freebies anymore, so I shall resort to using “bought” products! The horror!

I miss being a writer, we get bribed with so many products! Lol!

Anyways, I just got an essential item-sunscreen today and I will be getting a toning lotion soon..

its called the Hada Labo Moisturising Lotion. I thought it was a moisturiser, until I read online its really not…its like double moisturizer or sth liddat..I got the sample and I’m loving it! :)

Karen’s Basic Skin Care:

Cleanser: Still undecided on what’s nice..hmmph…Gave Simple a try, I don’t like it! Bluekk! Recently I’ve tried Oxy Blackhead Clearing Wash. I think that works!

Toner: Garnier (cos i’m poor)..I really like Laneige’s Skin refiner. its awesum, but owh so mahal!

Toning lotion: Hada Labo! About RM47, yeay! must get it soon!

Serum: I still have some samples from Clarins and Laneige! So don’t need to buy yet! hehe!

Moisturizer: I want Biotherm Aquasource, but once again, I’m poor, so I shall continue on Garnier and my many sample moisturizers!

Sun Block: Clarins UV PLUS Protective Day Screen SPF 40. Wanna vomit blood cos so mahal…but I tried many cheap ones and they all leave my skin feeling clogged up and feels sticky icky! So yes, it is mahal, but hey, I already skimped on toner and moisturizer and cleanser! :)

What’s your skincare routine?

The Na’vi’s are so ugly, but aren’t they living in such a magical world? One where it glows where you stand and flowers and leaves lit up when you walk pass them. So nice! Everything is neon and glowing in the dark. Its like a playground.

The flying jellyfishes are so pretty! And I love how they can be one with nature! :)

I didn’t watch any trailer, nor did I read any reviews. I just heard it was an awesome movie to watch. My verdict: 8/10 :) Very stress watching this movie, cos so drama! LOL. It is like a modern day pocahontas, I must say. Americans trying to take over people’s land, not a new plot, but the characters are very original and the setting is just awesome.

Watch it in 3D :)

*Source: 1, 2, 3*

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

So, this concert was awesum. You know why?

  1. Cos we didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get the mosh pit tickets. We were invited by MTV. How exclusive eh?
  2. We saw AAR at Popeye’s at Sunway Pyramid before the show…asked for a photo, but the guards said NO!
  3. We were at the mosh pits – SO FREAKING NEAR!
  4. We also didn’t know any of the songs -_____- Well aside from the super famous ones (even that also we dunno lyrics wan).

Champions right?

But it was super fun! We just headbanged, danced, hands up the air-ed our way throughout the concert. FUN! We saw Estranged, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, All American Rejects (Tyson is a freakshow!), Hoobastank (WAS AWESOME!), and Kasabian.

Guess we’re not too old after all for concerts like these. hahaha. But I’m sure everyone there were 20 and below! haha. Enjoyed most of the performances. Tried our very best to follow all the songs….but super fail.

Finished at 11ish. Walked past the post party. so jeles, cos we cannot go. So we just went to 7-11 and had some coke&slurpee. Picked Shermaine and had mcdees for supper.

Lea and I promised to drink 6 shots of tequila each if we get post party passes for any of the next international shows. HAHAHAHHA

wish us luck!

FUN-est part of the night was watching Hoobastank perform!

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

They were rockingly awesome! Well, maybe because I know this band more than all the other performers. Used to LOVE their first album! I did see them in concert a few years back, owh, and I also got their autograph wayy back when they were so tiny. They had autograph session at Tower Records at 1 Utama! They didn’t even have new wing when tower was at 1U! hahaha.

Those were the days. Tower Records was memang the place which had alot of memories for me. Lea, remember, we saw Ammo there? Our first everrrr show. Asyikin also was with us, plus my brother.

They sang the reason and crawling in the dark, which of course, everyone knew and sang along!

Watch me on MTV World Stage!

28th August 2009.

I dunno what time. I think at night. Check your Astroview!

Anyways, its 330am.

Time for some reading and sleep. I’m so thirsty actually….Shall go get some OJ!

My new found love, AJ Rafael.

haha. I heard his music through a twitter link by one of my tweeps. FELL IN LOVE STRAIGHTAWAY!

There’s something awesome about his voice and music. Love the piano playing covers of songs. Love his original music. I’m suddenly a 15 year old groupie….lols.

Even his remix of one of my fav songs from him.

Soldier (This video is a mix of the original song+remix)

Such a rare find from Youtube! I’m glad I was introduced to AJ Rafael. Take a listen and tell me what you think?

I guess he’s of Phillipino decent. His videos and friends all quite Asian wan. I guess the “hang out with your own kind” also goes in the US.


Anyways. I love (my kinda) chillout music. This song would fall into one of it. another song I heart is this song called “Little Piece of Home“.

Nice to find new songs to listen to! My love for music never dies…

So i tried this new mascara, omg, I super love it and it superceeds my old love for Diorshow Iconic. Bluek. Diorshow Iconic doesn’t even make my lashes long and curly. hahaha. Well, this new one by Maybelline is AWESOME.Puts Diorshow Iconic to shameeee..

Wait for my review on emmagem!


Also, because I look super fat on my graduation photos, I am so lazy to edit photos -_-

Everyone now, “hiiii Kaaarreeennnnnnn….”

Its true, I am addicted to reading people’s little blurbs. I love replying people’s blurbs and following celeb’s blurbs. Although, some news said Britney Spears and Kanye West hires people to tweet. SHAME ON THEM! Totally defeats the purpose of twitter right?

I love Diddy’s “Ptwitty” updates. He really tweets, like a lot! John Mayer’s tweets are good too. Until Jenifer(shit I got memory lapse) Aniston broke up with him because of his twitter obsession. Occasionally Mariah Carey tweets and also the boys from Backstreet Boys. How sweet right? Celebs little ways to keeping in touch with fans. Its like as if myspace and facebook wasn’t enough. We are now one degree of separated away from our fave celebs.


I don’t have much friends on Twitter because you’re not cool like me, wtf.I asked you to join last time, tak nak…..Anyways, I need to go shower and sleep because I have to like go for this photography competition tmr morning at 930am. *yawns* Just when I thought I could sleep in. HAHA. Cos Lea wanted to skip exercise anywaysss!:)

I’m excited about Stylo’s fashion shows next week! :) It has all finally come into place. I need to strap on my old, small, useless Digital Camera and brace the big guns with HUGE ASS cameras. Wish I had a cooler camera.

I might need to borrow Lea’s and Joyce’s camera! hahaha. Because sure my battery will die and no more memory! The last fashion show, I had Dell Mini9 with me, this time, no tiny laptop to carry around, boohoo.

When the time comes, and if I remmeber, please remind me to post a photo of this homeless man’s little home. He’s staying under a bridge at Kuchai Lama. I always see him when passing by the bridge and he usually sleeps. His house is actually under this flyover, you know like the end of it. He keeps all his plastic bags of what I think is his belongings and sleeps a few feet away from the end of the flyover. Near his “bed” he has this stick on the ground about a feet high and on top of it, there’s a number 3 on it. Its like as if it was his house number. I always pray for him that he’ll soon find a house of his own whenever I pass him.

Today, he was actually sweeping sand, like as if it was his own house. I wanted to cry because, omg, he’s sweeping sand, on a sandy ground. Underneath the flyover usually got sand one right? He has no slippers and the whole time I was waiting for the traffic to turn green, he was sweeping the sand.

What can I do for him ah? I do want to do something, like help him? Or tell him to go to St John’s AOHD for lunch and a bath. How how how?

Today’s love: Doe-sf, a small craft/clothes/everything else shop in San Francisco. They tweet too:)

Love the frame and the prints in them. I can perfectly fit this frame on my pink wall :)

This one I love long time: Ban.do

When I get married, I want a big flower on my head. Just like Carrie had a huge bird on a head. WTF.

Here are more headband love:

I love all of em:) Now I just need messy hair and a little blonde, and I’ll look like a hippie!

short update on what I found and been lusting over today because it rained.

I was writing this post on rain boots. Then I was thinking, Malaysians usually don’t wear rain boots. They are uber cute though. Read more about it here.

I love this one. Would buy it and wear it around! hahaha. I guess boots save you from the rain more than a flip flop.

Actually my Crocs also can serve as a “rain” shoe because it is rubber! hahaha. only it won’t cover my whole leg like a pair of boots would.

OK bye everyonee!!

lols. I watched Slumdog Millionaire again. Great show, really :) You must watch!

Jamal as a kid is so cute, I wanna pinch his face. His name is Ayush Mahesh Khedekar and he’s so cute. He’s already won a few awards.

Actually his brother Salim as a kid was cute too. Latika as a kid wasn’t that cute, but she grew up to be hot. She looks like Jay from Mix.fm. lols.

Tmr, I’m going to this costume party. -_- As Princess Leia. I also don’t know any shit about this character, but the costume fits me, so dang it la. Just go as Princess Leia. hahaha

After that got some Nuffnang Gathering Dinner at Apartment KLCC. After that got Kevin’s birthday party.

I is die tmr. Random photo of the day:

Teapot taken from LomoFisheye2

So, I’m a bit slow. I just watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It is such a cute show. Love the illustration :) It just makes your day after a long day of looking at HTML. -_-

I love the British Accent. It is just so so cute. Can I stay in UK for 5 years and come back with an accent? Then I’ll sound cute! wtf.

And their slang. omg, cuteness membara!!

Georgia: You have to tell Robbie that pete’s not my boyfriend…

Jas: You had your skirt right up your bazoomers with your knickers out on display!

Mum: Whatevs, your mum’s well wicked, minga!!

(Minga means like an annoying thing, slut: Urban Dictionary)

Jas: Thong Alert!

Georgia: I always knew she was from Vulgaria

Rosie: Now that’s what boys like

Georgia: But they just go up your bum

Elle: Do you think you should try one?

Georgia: No way! I’m not going to injure myself just because boys like it! And Slacky Lindsey should know that all that middle aged women did not burn their bras and get women to vote so she could wear a thong. Ugh.

Jas: What a swizzzz(i think)

Georgia: That is just diabolical

Rosie: that’s shockin

Jas: I bet you Robbie doesn’t know about that! so she has false boobs, a massive bum and a blank personality. You would score more in all of those areas!

Rosie: definitely

Georgia: But she’s got Robbie…and i’ve haven’t even kissed a boy

So they’re talking about Robbie, the hottie! He looks like one of those all american rejects kinda band playing kinda guy. Haihs, if i were 15 years old I would have a hugest crush on him. hahaha. Too bad i’m old and crushing on Aaron Johnson would just be weird. He was like born on 1990. That’s like omg, in the 90’s! hahahah.

Anyways bazoomers, watch the trailer:

Ps: Do you speaketh of those slangs?? Teach me its proper usage, wtf!!!!

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