You know the feeling.

You’re the new kid on the block. The fresh meat. The chef’s special in a sea full of take-aways. All eyes are on you.

This is us. Read this or else:


Yeah hello. Life is shit however.

And being the brand new person in a big bad world of the internet can never be easy. The same applies to the workplace, school etc. If you’re the new person… Hah! Good luck.


You have the usual cliched groups of the popular kids. The automobile blogs (= jocks in school/bosses in the workplace), the bimbo slut blogs (the whores in school with 52GG breasts/ slags at work who sleeps with anyone with a pulse), the feminist blogs (the school lesbian/ perpetual PMS lady boss), the technology blogs (geek in the school that never gets the girls/ the geek at work that never gets the girls), the local language blogs (the group of similar raced kids sitting together in school), and the rest of the holier-than-thou-because-i-came-first blogs (bastards at school/ pure bastards with bastard hearts at workplace).

It’s daunting. It’s hard when you’re the only normal one there. The one with a little bit of everything. The balanced one.

Here’s what you can do to fit right in to the freakshow that is life.

1. Talk


Yes. Talk. Simple as.

If you’re going to go somewhere new and not speak. Then by god you’re going to turn into another cliched group all unto yourself – the one-post-a-millenium-blog (the weird kid in school who cuts himself / the co-worker who you’ve only heard talk once. To himself).

After that. You wait.

2. Wait


Let them deliberate your fate. Are you in or are you out?

3. Woohoo!


Congratulations. By talking and waiting you’ve succesfully woohoo-ed! You’re now part of the mix.

Well of course, these 3 steps are not without their failures. So attempt at your own risk. I mean, how bad can talking get?





Well,  you die. From exhaustion. And no one will be there at your funeral.

Welcome to readthisorelse. We promise to blog often. But only often enough. Don’t want to die from exhaustion now do we?

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