So, I recently got a Sprocket Rocket camera with a bunch of iso 50-200 Redscale XR negative film from Sidney as a christmas gift+birthday gift+2010 gift!

The film, Red-scale one, would normally work well on any other cameras, but a sprocket rocket – So I’ve learnt from

So all my photos turned out crap and 50% empty! HAHA. I really dunno what the hell i took -_- or how i took it, sampai most of it was not even exposed! ishhh.

And since the negative is red-scale… they were all red-ish in colour -____- and of course BLUR like crazy.


I also dunno why the picture wasn’t stretched till the end of the negative. It was supposed to… hmmm…Maybe i didn’t take out the sprocket thingy. Next time i shall scan myself at The Click Shop.

Nevermind. We shall learn from this mistake. Lesson Learnt:

  • Get ISO 800 films to shoot next time.
  • Probably shoot only in the morning, with super sun light!
  • Bulb for night exposure, leave it for a minute or so to expose…LOL.
  • Get an Colour Splash Flash or a Diana F flash for more light!
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