Having one of those sleepless nights. Sure regret tomorrow when I have to wake up at 8 for church. LOL.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I love what it can do for brands, hey, I built my career on FB and I’ll be forever grateful 😛  I love catching up with long lost acquaintances, see what they’re up to. But I hate knowing that some friends are no longer friends like we used to be.

Reason #1012928292 why you should not open Facebook after midnight. You will see things you don’t want to see.

Joyce was so mad at Lea and I last week for not having time for her. She was “all by herself” LOL. We met anyway towards the end of the weekend for a short dessert session. Just yesterday we finally went for a Karaoke session and sang our lungs out. We totally needed that Karaoke session, I needed it anyway. I thank God for these two really. Keeps me sane with all our mission to stay healthy, gossips, talking about life, planning our lives together.

Super super lucky to have Sidney too <3 forever and ever and my Lainey Boo, for always being my constant online person everyday and listening to my daily diarrhea of ranting. Of course, TK, Wei Foong, and that one in India, Lavena for always trying to be in my world. LOL. My SYG colleagues – Sarah Jon June. Giam for always giving me life advice. Geng Bas Sekolah <3

Like I’m giving a speech. LOL. I realize i do this every year or so. I get so emotional and thank everyone for being part of my life. I know you don’t have to, but you want to. Thanks XOXO.

I may not keep up with everyone I used to know, but the few that I do keep in touch with on a daily/weekly basis I treasure the most. But sometimes, I guess I miss a lot of people that I have successfully distant myself from. I guess people change, I change. Life happens, we are no longer important to each other. Sad really, seeing how we were once important to each other. But what to do? If you don’t try to keep up with each other, it will never work.

To all my friends that drifted away. . . I still think about you :)



It has been a while since I did a verbal diarrhea.

It is a Saturday morning and I am under my blankie. It is cold and i am feeling content. Content about life and everything that has been happening. It has been progressing. I have been learning and I am ready to move on to something bigger and exciting. Something more challenging.

Last week I helped Wei Yenn and Vincent decorate their wedding. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Thanks Miss Wei Yenn for trusting me with it. Really gave me some confidence in pulling bigger things. I was worried no one will like it, but in the end, it was a hit. Hopefully other people will want my services of decorating. Always nice to do something you are passionate about.

This is me and Kalai arranging the pinwheels.

The church session…

Don’t we look so cute and innocent! 😛

We also had a photobooth at the wedding! We recycled the backdrop and put the pinwheels on a bunting and wa-la our photowall is ready. It was so pretty on photos! Loved it!

Prop table! :)

And here are the photobooth shots that I loved!

The night went well :) the couple sang on stage, we yum seng, ate awesome 10-course dinner and danced the dikir barat on our table. Geng Bas Sekolah Full attendance. Here’s one shot minus Vincent:

Dear you,

You forgot to write this letter to yourself this year. I know you’re older, so forgetful meh? Its a tradition okay, how to forget?

Anyway, imagine today is 29th September 2012, what would you say to yourself?

I’m quite proud of your progress i think. I mean. You’ve tried a bit to achieve your dreams. I sincerely hope your dream comes true. #crossesfingers

Hope you also go get more money for yourself. EVERY YEAR is the same thing i tell you. 26 already, still never change.

Spend spend spend so much money. but then again, you only live once, might die tomorrow right?

So proud of you that you went to Sydney and Melbourne. First time going on a long flight, walking and navigating around a foreign land on your own.

Sucks that your ear thing is still bugging you. Can you please go put the nose medication so that your ear canal won’t be watery? Srsly.

You have great friends who love you much. Great boy friend who bought you a birthday holiday (thanks love!). Great family who looks out for you.

So many great possibilities in life.

Please live life to the fullest and live with no regrets. I don’t want you to grow old and regret everything. Try all the things you want to try.

You so rock, even until now :)

2012 photo:

So, my car is stuck at office cos my battery died… This post is titled NEVER LEARN because this is not the first time this happened! Now i’m waiting for my brother to come with an AAM card and call the AAM people… LOL

Grrrr… I guess it is a blessing in disguise because I was about to embark on a long long journey bracing KL traffic.

This is how KL is like on a Friday night, after massive downpour. Red=slow traffic!

I should not even bother going anywhere on Friday nights!

Anyways. What’s been happening?

September was a crazy month of travels. I went to Penang, Singapore and Pulau Weh in 3 weekends!

It was tiring, but majorly fun!


Went for a staycation with the SYG. We celebrated Jon’s birthday with his family and had a dose of the Lau family. They were a fun bunch :) The next day, we headed to Lone Pine. It was so pretty and just as I imagined it would be! Love that place. When I’m rich again, I’ll definitely have a staycation there with Sidney and my girls. Must share the awesome ness with them.

The Pool

Sarah, Jon, Me and June. See how i hid behind them? LOL

Of course, the weekend would not be the same without Han who drove us there and Andre.

We went to this place called China House. It was a nice experience. The place was SO long! Like literally. The cafe went on and on and on.

TBC cos my brother arrived with AAM -_-



It is also Easter weekend. Which means I can finally indulge in food. I think I’m getting used to this eating vege thing. Maybe I shall continue doing it. Until i loose some fats -_- I’ve been running every weekend to help with the process. Don’t think it is working that much because I am still fat. I should really start doing it daily.

Can’t believe it is already APRIL!

Let’s recap what happened since January 2012.


Owh I went to Singapore with Lea to watch Wicked! It was an awesome weekend. The show was great. We stayed at a hostel. But too bad no kwai Lo for Lea to cuci mata! :) We walked around SG. Ate, drank, shopped. A week later, Lea and I went to catch AJ Rafael in concert. It was awesome watching my fav Youtube singer perform IRL. 17th January also marked the day I spent RM700 on a flight ticket to see my Lainey Boo in Sydney. As usual, we also went to Taiping for CNY at the end of the month. Met up with my crazy noisy family :) Pictured below is Ah Boy making funny faces for my camera! Such a fun bunch.


Feb… what happened in feb? I’m not too sure (Digs old instagram photos)….

Met Lainey boo who came down for CNY. We had yaya breakfast and cake. OWH, I went to Singapore again to teman Sidney make some big life decisions. Met Nad for lunch. Saw the Lumia MRT station.Then I had an eye infection again :( FML laa srsly. I made a scarf out of an old T shirt. It was so funky and nice. Felt such a sense of achievement. I guess I’m very much of a creator. I love creating something out of nothing. like cake, or even a scarf! :) Maybe that’s why i love taking photos of things. So that I can keep. I’m such a hoarder. also baked FAILED rainbow cake. It was too weird tasting. I don’t know why. I guess cos its dry.


Went to Changkat with the girls. As usual it was an awesome night out. OWH, I made super awesome Red Velvet cupcakes the other day. The cheese was pricey as hell, but the cake turned out awesome. Maybe I shall switch the mascarpone cheese to cream cheese frosting. That sounds cheaper :) The batter looked like real blood. Quite gross looking. but i like it! So colourful! Can I make Yellow Velvet, Green Velvet, Blue Velvet and other colours too? It would be so awesome! OK SET I think the next round i make this cake, I’m making many many colours! Won tickets to Kina Grannis, another youtube star i like :) been Stir-frying a lot lately. Quite yums if i must say :) Ive also learnt that i LOVELOVELOVE BIG’s Walnut Brownie with ice cream. IT IS SO AWESOME! Made my photobook and it arrived. It took SO long to finish, but it was worth it. All my photos are finally getting printed, some way…I also washed my car in March! It is such an achievement ok. I never wash my car! Lavina came back for a while. Only to let us know she’s migrating to Australia :( That country stealing more of my friends. Well at least TK is still here. Only until he migrates too :( #iDieAloneInMalaysia


Anyway, I think that’s enough. That’s more writing than all the 3 months put together. LOL. See ya!

You suck, seriously!

2 years later and you still are so poor. FYL!

But issokay. I guess you now have something to write in your memoir. You can say you are forever broke!

Srsly now, there’s a second bank account. Throw some money in it will ya?

anyways, you’re so lucky to be where you are now. Despitbeing low in ka ching. Many people don’t have such luxuries that you have, so to that “frugal” me, please laaa, stop being a bitch to that “carefree” me!

Did you see the balloons your colleagues gave you? SO PRETTY! Aren’t you lucky to have such awesome colleagues <3

You are so loved.


Life has just begun. Please put extra money into that second account. Stop shopping. Stop eating so much food. Stop eating expensive food. Drink lesser Chatime. Eat lesser Snowflakes. Watch more TV. Take more lomo photos. Get the iPhone 5!



Hello world!

5413496672_69d541e209.jpg (500×500)

How have you been? Happy CNY!

I am now hiding from the children at Taiping in Starbucks. They are cute and all, but sometimes, a little too much kids can make the world go round and round. LOL. Peace and quiet is nice. I cannot take anymore “I want to play your iPhone”. LOL.

Anyways, life’s been alright lately. Work’s been okay. Regarding previous post, I’m alright now. Learnt to take the everything with a pinch of salt. Not to the heart. hehe.

I love being in a working environment with colleagues and people. It has been awesome possum.

Been to one small christmas party at the office.

5412890395_0debb0f2c7_b.jpg (500×667)

Been on one company trip to Club Med Cherating. It was superdy duper awesome. I love being in a 5 star hotel, after all these years of staying in small boutique hotels and backpackers places. LOL.

All we did was, eat, drink, chill and oogle at hot GO’s bods. Here, you can see the girls looking to the side? Hot Bod was playing water basketball…

5412889985_48462c31f8.jpg (500×375)

5413497068_b12b99e151.jpg (500×374)

Say Hi to the Agendans…

5412887395_7dc76843ee_z.jpg (572×340)

This is our Sarong Party Girls-June, Sarah and Me- posing with our very own White Boy, Prentice! LOL.

5412891279_b9611dc9ee_b.jpg (496×720)

Also been to one HUGEASS CNY Sau Kung Dinner with a rabbit theme! It was great fun! :) It also was the first time I got an Ang Pow from company! Hehe!

5412890763_d6f7fa6acd.jpg (445×453)

This is Andrea, June, Teck Yew, Me, Joanne

5412889165_6c09a55e75.jpg (500×375)

David and Me! Love this photo! teehee! We look like kanak-kanak istimewa.

5412889483_0197b07703.jpg (500×254)

The Bunny Family.

Fun Fun times.

Also, PS is back and we went bar hopping at Changkat with Amelia + Pui Yin + Kenny + Bavani. We had an epic time! Great drinks, awesome company, everyone was quite wasted + dancing. Great night. I think it was because everyone went with the flowww and clicked really well. LOL.

5413496292_725835c26f.jpg (500×375)

Came back home super late. Dad was like “What is the time nowww??” HAHAHA

Ok time to check out of Starbucks and go back home to sleep.

5078146959_58291da449.jpg (496×325)

Went to this place called Pinchos in Changkat twice in August. Many kwai lo’s kinda place. Lea sangat ghairah! LOL

5078740556_d58990e864.jpg (342×489)

One of my last event  :)

5078146539_28aa918dbd.jpg (391×500)

I went on a plane last saturday. Quite cool. I got to see KL skyline which was really not that bad :)

5078146675_47d32509e8.jpg (349×499)

Got this new app called action cam.

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