Everyone now, “hiiii Kaaarreeennnnnnn….”

Its true, I am addicted to reading people’s little blurbs. I love replying people’s blurbs and following celeb’s blurbs. Although, some news said Britney Spears and Kanye West hires people to tweet. SHAME ON THEM! Totally defeats the purpose of twitter right?

I love Diddy’s “Ptwitty” updates. He really tweets, like a lot! John Mayer’s tweets are good too. Until Jenifer(shit I got memory lapse) Aniston broke up with him because of his twitter obsession. Occasionally Mariah Carey tweets and also the boys from Backstreet Boys. How sweet right? Celebs little ways to keeping in touch with fans. Its like as if myspace and facebook wasn’t enough. We are now one degree of separated away from our fave celebs.


I don’t have much friends on Twitter because you’re not cool like me, wtf.I asked you to join last time, tak nak…..Anyways, I need to go shower and sleep because I have to like go for this photography competition tmr morning at 930am. *yawns* Just when I thought I could sleep in. HAHA. Cos Lea wanted to skip exercise anywaysss!:)

I’m excited about Stylo’s fashion shows next week! :) It has all finally come into place. I need to strap on my old, small, useless Digital Camera and brace the big guns with HUGE ASS cameras. Wish I had a cooler camera.

I might need to borrow Lea’s and Joyce’s camera! hahaha. Because sure my battery will die and no more memory! The last fashion show, I had Dell Mini9 with me, this time, no tiny laptop to carry around, boohoo.

When the time comes, and if I remmeber, please remind me to post a photo of this homeless man’s little home. He’s staying under a bridge at Kuchai Lama. I always see him when passing by the bridge and he usually sleeps. His house is actually under this flyover, you know like the end of it. He keeps all his plastic bags of what I think is his belongings and sleeps a few feet away from the end of the flyover. Near his “bed” he has this stick on the ground about a feet high and on top of it, there’s a number 3 on it. Its like as if it was his house number. I always pray for him that he’ll soon find a house of his own whenever I pass him.

Today, he was actually sweeping sand, like as if it was his own house. I wanted to cry because, omg, he’s sweeping sand, on a sandy ground. Underneath the flyover usually got sand one right? He has no slippers and the whole time I was waiting for the traffic to turn green, he was sweeping the sand.

What can I do for him ah? I do want to do something, like help him? Or tell him to go to St John’s AOHD for lunch and a bath. How how how?

Today’s love: Doe-sf, a small craft/clothes/everything else shop in San Francisco. They tweet too:)

Love the frame and the prints in them. I can perfectly fit this frame on my pink wall :)

This one I love long time: Ban.do

When I get married, I want a big flower on my head. Just like Carrie had a huge bird on a head. WTF.

Here are more headband love:

I love all of em:) Now I just need messy hair and a little blonde, and I’ll look like a hippie!

I’m a sucker for notebooks. If you ask my friends (namely, TK), he will tell you how I am a sucker for notebooks. I bring him notebook shopping each semester before college starts. It is a crucial mission. It shows how much effort i will put into my college sem that semester. I may also need on the side, a pretty new bag, a pretty pencil case, new pencils/pens in all colours, papers and all sorts of stationary rubbish you don’t need.

Ahhh, those were the days of carefree college stationary shopping:) Here’s a few awesome ones I found recently…

Guess which one is my fave?

Zebra Print with a hot pink borderweekly planner from Sarah Pinto So predictable right me?

On another note, some blogshop wrote their sizes as UK 5 and UK13. like 0_0

Also, Harrods is also open in KLCC. Would you buy a Harrods plastic shopping bag for like RM150 bucks? (ok price may be more or less, but around that price lah).

And a freaking Harrods bear for like RM150 bucks? (ok price may be more or less, but around that price lah).

Their price totally times 7 wan. haha. Owh wells, maybe I’m not raised to pay that much for something so cheap looking. Just for the brand, it is like, whoaaaa, mahal shit. A key chain was RM90!!! lols.

In case you’ve missed me, here’s a photo of me after my YSL workshop. That’s Anabelle, owner of Havaianas Malaysia Online Shop. I want a pair of  Havaianas!!! When will brands in Malaysia trust that big feet people also will buy wan!!! hahaha

Do we look like as if we’ve been made up?

My hair sucks, FML!

Ok gtg wash hair and type invoices(dreads).

I wanted to blog about Langkawi, but my photoshop CD expired. Which reminds me, I have to meet up with Lea and Joyce to get more photos.

Was just msn-ing with TK and PS.. haihs, how I miss them both! When Ps comes back to Msia this year, we’re (with Amelia) doing something super stupid on Bukit Bintang. Wait for us k? hahaha. Anyone I am close to just moves overseas and never comes back, why oh why! Maybe I’m meant to have friends on screen only (ie: msn). haha. Thank God they blog and I blog too. I keep in touch that way, wtf.

my life=my friends=my job=my internet.

Well at least i think my friends are reading what I write and are looking forward to my posts (perasan). I hope, are you? gimme a holler! I just found out recently that Sarah my friend from college reads *waves* lols

Anyways, I heart Freepeople.com. It is a website with a lot of hippie clothes. haha. Or at least very bohemian, earthy tones, Serena Vanderwoodsen kind. Which is a style I like and wish to emulate, but always fail dot com.

I love earth tones/greys/browns/black/white combination.

don’t get me wrong, I’m still cheerful colours karen. I just LOVE freepeople’s style and clothes. Wish they ship overseas and owh, yes, wish I was earning 10k a month too.

FTW cos I earn peanuts! Where is the moolah??? lols. start working in banks?

Are you the one poster. I found this poster while i was cleaning my room last month. It is now in the dumpster. lols. But not until i’ve recorded it down in photo :)

In 2004, CIMP’s families class, we were asked to do an advertisement to find your soulmate. LOLS. I had fun doing this, i really loved doing posters and stuff in CIMP. they were a lot of fun. I cut and paste all the hensem-hensem guys i liked from the magazines and wrote down all the qualities that i liked in a guy.

Farnee right?

Good Looking, Good Body, Tall, are those superficial things which I secretly want too! lols. Tell me which woman does not?

I have always liked Lee Brennan. He’s SOSOSOSOSOS cute. I want to have his babies. Utt is uber hot and I’ll always love Utt 😀 I want to ave his babies too. I’ve always wanted a concert goer-partner to go to all the concerts with me and be all crazy. A funny guy is always a must. Jien is omg, my celeb crush for yearssss!! I watch Disney Buzz just for Jien! 😀

This poster of course, was made with someone in mind.

Share with me YOUR dream guy/girl qualities!!!

My soon to be new Macbook Air 13 inches

I’m thinking of asking my dad to buy me one. If the buying doesn’t work, I’ll ask him to be my Ah Long and loan me 6K. I pay by ezypayment of RM200 a month 😀 lols. Pay for 2 years wtf!

Option A – RM5158

  • 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x1GB
  • 250GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
  • SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
  • Keyboard & User’s Guide

Option B – RM6007

Add the protection plan. Damn mahal shit!

  • AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook/MacBook Air – Auto-enroll (THIS ONE COSTS RM849)

haihsss.. damn mahal right? I know Mac is way to mahal for my own good. But I think there are pros and cons. Let me list them down.


  • Its purrrdyyy. The graphics, the pictures, the awesomeness of it being mac. And you do know I love anything pretty and nice.
  • I need a new computer as my computer is wayy too old to handle my job description of a blogmistress. lols. Its delaying me and not making me any productive at all.


  • It is expansive. I mean I’m sure can get a windows one for much cheaper and better specs.
  • My brother cannot save me when there are problems because he don’t do mac. hahaha

So, what do you think?

My face is horrible nowadays omg.

So I decided on a skincare product (Which i hope i will continue to use everyday, because i need to save my face)! Maklumlah, dah tua, no more nice skin like when I was in high school.

Actually last time i used to use Ponds (if you remember that brand) I think now it is Olay. hehe.

I choose Garnier in the end – because I saw it on the Australian Open..lols. I am so lame, please kill me now. Also because they have this set, Garnier Light sold at Watson’s which retailed for RM44. With cleanser, toner/dew and moisturizer. Plus a free mask:)

My lame review:

The cleanser like normal lah.

The toner pulak like very cute cos its called lightening dew. like so cute right? hahaha

Then the moisturizer, omg. after applying like sunblock lah. hahaha. Lucky i didn’t apply much. I guess it will help me when out in the sun because it has SPF15. hahaha

I sound like such a bimbo with all these cleanse+tone+moisturise all. hahaha. But hey, Garnier promised 2 tones lighter skin after 28 days:) we shall see in March, if i’m 2 tones fairer. I identified my skin tone. I am number 12. So in 4 weeks, we shall see if im number 10. (-_-)

I think only in Asia has this Garnier Light. Every Asian’s dream to look fairer. wtf really.

I just want a nice blemish free skin lahhh. I guess i bought the wrong brand :)

I just learnt a new html code today <hr*> lols.

I just got my period, which means on March, I might have it on the weekend i’m going away to Langkaweeeee. OWH NOOOOOOO… haihs. Please GOD, make my period come sooner or later, not on March 4-8 can?

4th – Jason Mraz

6th-8th – Langkawi

How lah!!!!

haihs. I hate wearing Tampons because it feels weird. Plus, haihs, I hate period. Can we have kids WITHOUT having ovaries and uterus walls falling apart? I mean, come on!!! God is unfair towards us women when he made us lahh. Gave us period every month.

I am on the lookout for the best dressing table:) Something with loads of compartments, a hugeass mirror and easy to reach drawers. Like this:

I forgot where i got this. From some interior design blog. Loads of drawers/compartments for my stuff.

Where to find one?

I like this one by Annette Penny:

So classic:)

I could also just get tables, shelves and a chair  and mix and match!!! hahaha

Does anybody know where to find like Junkyard Garage Sale for old furniture in KL?

I had Kuaci today. Its been so long since i had one. lols. Funny how I first spelt kuaci as Kuachee just now thanks to Kuachee from Frequency Cannon.

I finally bought Eat, Pray, Love today at MPH. Its about a self discovery book and a memoir about Liz who went travelling to find out who she was. Also because Oprah said it rocks sometime ago and every girl should read it. So I must read it 😀 hehehe. shall bring it along to my vacay. Self discovery through a book. i think I’m buying it at the right time of my life because I really need it, right now. The turning point of my life. Life decisions is to be made.

I’m burping and farting a lot. The last time I felt so bloated, I had diarrhea the next day. OMGNESS. I cannot shit in highway rest stops!! hahahaha.


Buy me this and I will love you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’m sleepy already. LOLS. Ok shall sleep.No blog. Sleep.

I miss everyone!! Just chatted with StephJuju 😀

(In Steph’s style: sleep? what sleep? I don’t sleep!!! Sleep are for the lazy bums  :D)

[just cos i found something to blog about]

Then stages of relationship came out as we were talking. I remember last time in Sunday School, my teachers used to teach me all these stages of a relationship. Like first stage is the getting to know each other stage, honeymoon stage, etcetc (I never paid attention in Sunday School, we were too busy writing notes to each other and bitching about something, right lea? hahahahah).

But i did remember bits and pieces of the stages. Like mostly physical stages of a normal relationship and what they told us was to ahem, stop at Hugging I think? lols. Was it petting? I just remember anything after heavy petting is a NONO. I don’t remember all. I just threw away all my sunday school books that day when cleaning up. So I did what I do best, I turned to my best dictionary/encyclopedia in the whole world!

Stages of development are something imprinted on our heads after studying 4 years of psychology (Hint hint: Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development). We know that there’s a stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation-which is where most of us are, after age 18/19/20 till the next stage of generativity.

Quote Allpsych.com:

Intimacy vs. Isolation.
Occurring in Young adulthood, we begin to
share ourselves more intimately with others. We explore relationships
leading toward longer term commitments with someone other than a family
member. Successful completion can lead to comfortable relationships and a
sense of commitment, safety, and care within a relationship. Avoiding
intimacy, fearing commitment and relationships can lead to isolation,
loneliness, and sometimes depression.

We learn who we are in the earlier stage and in this stage, we want to share more and find that other person to be committed with. its like human nature to find more people to share their lives with. It is a time to explore and find that someone to share your life with….etcetc.

But, we hardly mention stages of a relationship. Maybe we did, I just wasn’t paying attention. Maybe in personality class or developmental psych class. But who is keeping track anyways. Owh owh, we did learn about sexual response cycle in Abnormal Psych and all the psychological dysfunctions that comes along with it. Really funny to hear Dr. Ng talk about it in class. hahaha.

Oh how I love this subject, psychology 😀

My trusted source (ahem, google) revealed that most “relationship expert” websites stated there are only 4-5 recognized predictable stages.

A psychologist, Nancy Wesson, PhD in counseling and psychotherapy for couples said that there are 5 stages:

Stage I: Infatuation
Stage II: Initial but Limited Commitment (6 weeks to 2 years)
Stage III: Permanent Commitment
Stage IV: Early Marriage/Commitment
Stage V: Recommitment

Which I think is kinda ok, considering she has done her research 😀 I always wanted to be a couple therapist. Maybe one day I realize my dreams and make Randy Pausch (RIP) proud.

Then, I also read this one which says:

Initial Stage (Romance)
Eye-opener Stage (Reality)
Stability Stage (Maturity)
Commitment Stage (Totally Practical)
Marriage Stage (Romance once again)
Which is kinda the same as the first one. Just different a bit. Romance stage is where I call the honeymoon stage. seriously, everyone will go through that, most do not make it to the next. Because the next stage means getting to know each other. lols.

This is funny. I found this by Ask Ken. Superficial stages of a relationship. More of a sexual relationship:

Stage 1: Polite dating. Dinner in classy restaurants. Secretive lusting.
Stage 2: Comfortable familiarity. The sharing of poorly written poetry. Dinner, movies and concerts. Thinly veiled secretive lusting.
Stage 3: Nothing else exists in the universe except the object of desire. Food and water not necessary to sustain life. Fear that heart will burst from excessive joy. The first awkward sexual groping.
Stage 4: Coupledom. Both quit asking each other out on “dates”; both assume time will be spent together. Dinner and rented movies. More awkward sexual fumbling. Friends begin feeling forgotten.
Stage 5: No dinners, no movies, just a tangled mass of nekkid, sweating, thrusting bodies. Neighbors pounding on ceiling/walls/floor.
Stage 6: Walking around in underwear in front of each other. The beginning stages of the use of the words “honey” and “dear”. Much more hot monkey love.
Stage 7: Raiding the refrigerator or turning on the television after sex. Frequency and timing of sex becomes predictable. Friends begin hearing from you again. The first signs of problems deciding which videos to rent.
Stage 8: Fast food. More arguments about which videos to rent. Fantasizing about others while getting it on.
Stage 9: Mild discontent. Sex not because you want it but because you can have it. Macaroni and cheese from a box. Network television.
Stage 10: Masturbation because sex is too much effort. Arby’s. Constant sniping at each other.
Stage 11: What were cute habits are now driving you insane. Frequent desire to strangle partner in their sleep. Questions as to what attracted the two of you to each other in the first place.
Stage 12: The division of goods, the parting of ways, the promise that this will never happen again

Well, in my opinion, stages of a relationship are really like what they said. Will write more soon in an open way. 4 days in Taiping with my lappie is going to be fun:)

I think my passion for the topic of finding the right partner, meeting the opposite sex, relationships and being a marriage therapist has not faded with time. All my psych project research has been along the same lines.

Now i’m just talking crap lah, please do not quote me. Maybe one day, I will be an expert in relationship psychology. who knows. lols.

(censored – read protected entry)

Sleep? 4-5 hour journey to Taiping should be enough sleep. I need to pack, like soon.

Randy Pausch said I should dream and always work my way to achieve my dream. I just need to rediscover what I want in life and what I wish to spend my life on. And I will, you just wait Randy!

Happy CNY! :)


I am a fan of King Julien!

He’s so farrneee i wanna cry watching his clips. This would make your day if you’re having thursday’s blues….hahah.. Here’s one:

I need to buy Madagascar DVDs…

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