I love experimenting.

Anyways, my dad actually bought the paint already and omg, its really happening :)

I tackled the grossest part, under my bed. it was alright i think. managed to throw like a boxfull of stuff which i chucked under the bed over the 5 years i’ve lived here. lols.

More room muse:

by Bella Seven

by Jolante

I want to paint my bed frame white now:) Because pink and white just goes well don’t you think?

lols. More nightmare for my dad i think. But this I can do myself. Don’t need his workers to paint the bed frame for me :)


I’m editing images now. Thank God I wrote an article yesterday 😀 Then today less stress…

I love mariah carey 😀

So my room is now lets say, 40% done (Meaning, I took out all my rubbish). Need to tackle the most gross part of the room – UNDER THE BED! Then I’m painting the walls. I asked my dad for hot pink. hahaha.

Something like this:

From Myhomeideas.com

But the closest i could get from ICI is this colour called “Shiraz” 14532. See this PDF file page page 6. Almost close no? I think its darker only. But ok lah, still quite bold and nice :) Not the hot pink I wanted, but okoklah

I would love this wall, but who am i kidding! lols. Need an artist to paint my room.

Lovely picture by Muse Photography

I might get decals to make my pink wall look nicer:)

Winkplay, a decal company from Singapore.

A home interior shop in AEON Bukit Tinggi has these decals, shall visit one day!

I’d like something like this:

in white against my hot pink walls:)

Ok i should sleep!

I want my pink wall to be like this:


Selina Lake

LOLS, nice right? Anyways, I oogle all these interior design websites, so I will share with you all my favorite  things.


Amy Atlas

so cute right? I want a party like that 😀

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