Its been a while since i’ve blogged.

Just came back from 2 house parties and had an awesome time πŸ˜€

So i think i have a mission to accomplish in 2012 (I just had to do it y’know! For old times sake -_-)

  1. >Buy a GRE book to start learning about what i need to do to pass the test. LOL. BABY STEPS TO MASTERS. (Must buy soon. Maybe in SG or sth)
  3. >Watch some classic black and white movies. The good, bad and awesome. Here’s what i have in mind:
    1. His Girl Friday (1940)
    2. The Philadelphia Story (1940)
    3. Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)
    4. Roman Holiday (1954)
    5. Little Miss Broadway (1938)
  4. >Save money. SRSLY save money so i can go somewhere far. backpacking or something.
  5. >owh, and the age old one. loose weight.
ok cukuplah. My only wish for myself is:

hahahhaha, continuing my wedding must have lists.

and also looking at places for work, Jes’ wedding and Koko’s wedding….I stumbled upon these…

My wedding will be something like this:

So pretty and yet i think the decorations are all handmade and simple.

okla, set!

This was at TTDI’s Taman Rimba. You can actually have garden dinner at TTDI. very pretty!

Other places:

Laman Andaman at Kg. Sungai Penchala:

Its more of a open air hall area. They cater very much to Malay weddings. But I guess if you want, you can twist a bit.

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

So, this concert was awesum. You know why?

  1. Cos we didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get the mosh pit tickets. We were invited by MTV. How exclusive eh?
  2. We saw AAR at Popeye’s at Sunway Pyramid before the show…asked for a photo, but the guards said NO!
  3. We were at the mosh pits – SO FREAKING NEAR!
  4. We also didn’t know any of the songs -_____- Well aside from the super famous ones (even that also we dunno lyrics wan).

Champions right?

But it was super fun! We just headbanged, danced, hands up the air-ed our way throughout the concert. FUN! We saw Estranged, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, All American Rejects (Tyson is a freakshow!), Hoobastank (WAS AWESOME!), and Kasabian.

Guess we’re not too old after all for concerts like these. hahaha. But I’m sure everyone there were 20 and below! haha. Enjoyed most of the performances. Tried our very best to follow all the songs….but super fail.

Finished at 11ish. Walked past the post party. so jeles, cos we cannot go. So we just went to 7-11 and had some coke&slurpee. Picked Shermaine and had mcdees for supper.

Lea and I promised to drink 6 shots of tequila each if we get post party passes for any of the next international shows. HAHAHAHHA

wish us luck!

FUN-est part of the night was watching Hoobastank perform!

Photo from MTV Live Blog.

They were rockingly awesome! Well, maybe because I know this band more than all the other performers. Used to LOVE their first album! I did see them in concert a few years back, owh, and I also got their autograph wayy back when they were so tiny. They had autograph session at Tower Records at 1 Utama! They didn’t even have new wing when tower was at 1U! hahaha.

Those were the days. Tower Records was memang the place which had alot of memories for me. Lea, remember, we saw Ammo there? Our first everrrr show. Asyikin also was with us, plus my brother.

They sang the reason and crawling in the dark, which of course, everyone knew and sang along!

Watch me on MTV World Stage!

28th August 2009.

I dunno what time. I think at night. Check your Astroview!

Anyways, its 330am.

Time for some reading and sleep. I’m so thirsty actually….Shall go get some OJ!

I want to do all these..

Not that i’m going to get married anytime soon….Just planning. I always watch Discovery Home and Health, David Tutera, read designer blogs, watch movies and always come across ideas and stuff liddat for parties and weddings. I always tell myself, I want to do that someday….and now, I will list them down. Just in case I need it…lols.

I mean you may think im crazy…but should I get married one day, this handbook will come in handy don’t ya think? All thought of and just a reminder lah…I mean people say this is a very important day of my life…then if we have like one year to plan, where got enuff time??? hahahaha.

Well, this is a working list:) should be changed when needed:)

  • I will play Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D Major for my wedding… Hopefully Louanne will play for me! hahahahhaa…well, unless you’d wanna be one of my bridesmaids. HAHAHA. Well I only know one classical musician, so you can play for me lah. Cheap price ok?
  • The walking back/out part, maybe like Hans Zimmer’s Cry…the part where it builds up…damn nice!
  • Speaking of music, maybe have a live band at the dinner :) Anyone wanna audition for my wedding dinner? Must play all my favourite songs. Which I shall list down one day. Songs for my wedding (there are loads of wedding songs on Youtube by independant artists! Ok, now too early to start biying those songs from iTunes….)!
    Some must play (I should start making a folder):

    • Right Now, John Cena
    • Say a little Prayer, Diana King
    • Home, Michael Buble
    • I do, 98 degrees
    • Cinta Kita, Sheila Majid
    • How do you want me to love you, 911
    • Love Story, Taylor Swift
    • Anyone else but you, The Mouldy Peaches/Micheal Cera&Ellen Page
    • I hope you dance, Lee Ann Womack
    • Dreaming of you, Selena
    • Star, Bryan Adams
    • Hans Zimmer’s The Holiday soundtrack (How could I forget this!)

    Do send me recommendations!

  • From Friends’ Chandler and Monica’s wedding, I saw how they had disposable camera on each table for the people to take wacky pictures of themselves. I want a disposable camera on each table too:)
  • Contrary to how usual Malaysian weddings are, where they just sit, I will ensure that i have place cards for seating with names and seat people who RSVP, so that my guests won’t have to like sit in awkward moments with strangers that they don’t know.
  • Of course, I must have cupcakes for my wedding. White ones, swirly maybe with colourful (depending on the theme maybe) sprinkles. Well design wise, can be changed lahh. But, I need to have cupcakes along with my 5 tier wedding cake. It has to be like so nicely done. If its too expansive, I shall make my own πŸ˜€ (budget!)
  • Owh, I want my flower girls (if any) to carry cupcake crystal bags (From Sex and the City Movie!). so cute! My flower girls don’t need to throw flowers, maybe confettis! hahahaha!
  • My hair will not be in a bun, please remind self NOT to tie hair in bun! hahaha. Maybe just leave it as it is.
  • I want it to be outdoors like in a beach :), but then again, we live in Malaysia and I’m catholic…so have to marry inside the church lah. Maybe add fake plants and flowers everywhere to make it look outdoorsy! lols
  • I also want like a lot of photogs taking photos.
  • Wedding Dress….still haven’t decided. Maybe like a decent one fro church and a slutty one for the dinner. HAHAHAA. Hopefully I will be size 10/12 by then so that I don’t look too fat?
  • My friends all should wear tasteful formalish/summerish/dresses. Dress Code: Bright colours/flowery prints. πŸ˜€ flowy and really awesome dresses! hehe. Men, wear black tie suit! but then again, once again, we’re living in Malaysia…
  • Wedding theme colours? Pink or Green. or both. Pink and green does well no? Or maybe just colourful, as that would be so me. Like bright green, pink, blue, yellow, those kinda colours: ) if it matters here in Malaysia with no seasons, I would like a Summer Wedding! πŸ˜€
  • Wedding invitations has to be really fun! I remember seeing a couple of design shows with great ideas! But this has to be highly dependent on the theme πŸ˜€ But whoever has addresses anymore? HAHAHA Maybe an email wedding invitation to a flash website where they get to RSVP on the website straightaway? I guess all my friends will emails right? HAHAHA
  • Website: Wow, this website must like have a lot of things in it. Must be set up very early in the wedding process to document all the things, well for people who are overseas and can’t attend my wedding, can view the process…. Like RSVP system. Picture Gallery. Blog. Wedding Registry. Music recommendations from friends. What else?
  • Who shall I invite for my wedding? Preferably a small sized wedding. But then again, im sure must invite all my extended families all. Ok, if you want in on my wedding, please comment! hahahahaha.
  • My wedding favours won’t be like cake -_- or like sweets -_-…It has to be something that they can keep and will always remember the wedding πŸ˜€
    I have a couple of ideas:

    • A small bucket (like steel kind)/basket/box with loads of knick knacks in it.
    • A thank you card must be included, preferably name card sized where it will include our contacts, website address where they can view pictures once they’re up.
    • A “I attended Karen & husband’s name’s wedding.” stickers. lols.
    • Place card holders that they can take back as a wedding favor…
    • Maybe a fortune cookie?
  • I know in this part of the world, wedding registry is like non existent. BUT, I will have a wishlist/Wedding Registry. on my website and people who want to buy me gifts (which is a must, thank you) can choose from. Of course, I will choose a wide range of price for those who can affordΒ  πŸ˜€ hahahaha. If not Ang Pow also can lah. Can Maybank2u to me to save Ang Pow packets. lols
  • A rehearsal dinner? Well, not really practiced here in Malaysia. But I do want to have close family and friends for a dinner a few days before the wedding to just sit and chat, because you know how during weddings, you don’t really get to do much:)

Disclaimer: Karen is NOT getting married anytime soon. Just planning ahead. Just in case I decide to get married:) hahahahaha

(everyone keep on tagging me) I shall do that stupid 25 random things about myself, with pictures wtf. Because I’m rajin like that!

  1. I can eavesdrop really well, wtf! So please don’t talk so loud k? I can hear!!
  2. I enjoy going for concerts, if you don’t already know. I just love listening to live music and live singing and also, ahem, seeing the hot stars on stage. Next live performance: Jason Mraz! Anyone coming along? Buy the RM138 one!!
  3. Recently, I painted my room pink. I put out a sign on my door saying that my room’s in renovation works since December. It is still in “renovation” mode.
  4. I appeared on national newspaper twice: One for my cupcakes on The Sun and one as a blogger for emmagem on NST. I also wrote for The Star’s RAGE once.
  5. Owh, I appeared on Astroview for having this really messy room. My mum was so disappointed in me for publicizing my messy room! Astroview can now come and take more photos of my new and improved room: CLUTTER FREE!!
  6. I am a mini celebrity in my own mind, thank you!
  7. I enjoy blogging and I always think that one day when i’m 55, I can look back at my crazy life way back when I was 22. Shit, I’m 23 this year! Too bad i threw away my teenage years diary. Damn.
  8. I also love taking pictures. Either of myself or random things and friends. I also realize that I need a new camera because my camera is old shit.
  9. Friends come and go. But I will always remember my good times with them πŸ˜€ I will never forget you, my friends. I love you, you, you and you, including you, and you and youuuuuuuuuuuuuu and you, you too, the one there, you tooo!!!!
  10. I hate exercising.
  11. Watching reality life stories is love. Think: Jon&Kate Plus 8 (OMG, I love this show! Kids are so cute), Little People Big World, Life in the Fab Lane, Kimora Lee Simmons, Snoop’s Doghouse, Run’s house….you get the idea!
  12. (OMG, now only number 9) i love to make my dog’s life miserable by taking pictures of him with my toys or blankets. I LOVE MY TEEZEEBOY!
  13. I used to crush on very little guys. I can count them.
  14. When I was a teenager, I had the best time of my life chasing boybands and Poetic Ammo. lols. Safe to say that I was a groupie. hahaha. Ok, very mild groupie. We were 15!! I cherish my groupie years
  15. (what else is random?) I really wonder why my friends aren’t on twitter. Twitter rocks! Its like mini blogging. It makes the world a smaller place. It makes life in office fun-er. Add me:
  16. I usually hate the air con. Sometimes I can sleep under the comforter at night without fan or aircon. I am champion!
  17. I love going to Singapore!! I have no idea why. Maybe I just enjoy all the food there that I cannot get in Malaysia. hahahaha. MOS burger, Ben & Jerry’s, Max Brenner…etcetcetc.
  18. If you didn’t already know, I love children!!! I wanna pinch their faces everytime i see them!! hahaha. such cute creatures.
  19. Google is my life and encyclopedia. I google everything and anything. I also use google to learn so many things. I learnt HTML by googling and now I am semi-good with HTML. I learnt how to make cupcakes and decorating techniques from Youtube. I learnt how to make a 2 tier cake with fondant icing for Elaine’s bday from the internet. i also use google to stalk people. hahahaha
  20. I never was a “fashion” person. I hated carrying handbags and used to wear khakis pants with a lot of pockets and chuck everything in it. I also thought wearing make up was yucky. Now,I’m a freaking fashion blogger and I wear make up. Wish me luck.
  21. On my 21st birthday my friends made me drunk and I puked on my bed while I was sleeping. I never saw vodka the same way again. Tequila please, k thanks bye!
  22. My dog’s name was originally Timtam. He then became Tamboy, Tamster, Tammy Boy, Thomas(don’t ask!), The Boy, boyyyy and now he’s known as TeeZeeBoy/Teezster/Teez/Tee. I make up these name and my family follows them.
  23. I wish everyday was a holiday
  24. I have an orange alarm clock. (If you notice I really am running out of random things to say)
  25. Random Picture of the day
  26. I really wonder why I succumb to peer pressure. Now, you do it too!!!! Follow the gang, don’t be an individualistic!


Karen on NST

This is me and Audrey picking out her clothes to keep or sell. The one beside is Sweatlee. She is really a cheap chic. She can saveeeee:)

Read the whole article by clicking on the article below!:)

Wedding+Reunion of familia:)

On birthdays, weddings and funerals are the only time I get to see my extended family and relatives. Just so happened, there was a wedding recently..

My brother’s a poser

Guess who are the chindians?

I like my dress. I call it the twirly dress. Because it makes me wanna twirl!!!

Family. I think we should frame this up! ahhahaha

Why oh why must I have double chin!!

One of those rare family pictures with some extended uncles. hahaha.

My lala day with my lala muis (lols)

So Lea, Joyce, Louanne and I went to Sg Wang today. We were practically there for like 9 hours. so happens there was some Tahun Baru China thing going on and it was crowded giler!! We were tired like shit at 930. We so happen to go to our usual Saturday Make Me skinny day in the morning and jogged walked,ran on stairs, did some gym machines, play swing, and reflexology for an hour! hahaha. We so fail.

owh, I bought this realy cute blue frills blouse :)

Since i made a list of my all-time-favorite songs here. Here’s my list of all time favorite movies!(That i can think of! lols. for now!)

(most of it are my teenage years movies. lols)








(I really can do a lot of mouliu stuff when im busy)

Okay, so i’m going to get an Mp3 Player soon. Can’t waittttt…
I’ve been listing songs on my cell phone (like those that i listened on radio and needs to have it)…
also the ones i want to and CAN listen repeatedly without getting bored or just songs i really like
or would love to listen when i want to.

(Just for my reference la, you can listen, if not don’t bother la!:)

Songs I can’t find, but would love to have!

Faithful- George Micheal
I wanna dance with somebody-Whitney Houston
i’d do it for you/lookin to my eyes? (not sure of this title) – Bryan Adams
Owh, a song by John Cena!Ko, send to me!!!the one i like….

Songs I must put on my mp3 player
My 90’s boyband/pop~BSB, 911, Boyzone, Take That, Kavana
Kate Voegele – just because i like her atm

All time favourites!
*Micheal Jackson – Man in the mirror and a couple of other classics! (FIND!)
*Sister Act 2 – soundtrack (FIND!)
*Damage – i’ll be loving you (FIND!)
*Mercy Me – I can only imagine
*K-ci and Jojo – All my life
*TLC-waterfalls (FIND!)
*Nelly ft. Jaheim My Place
*Mandy Moore – Extraordinary
*Rihanna and Neyo – hate that i love you
*Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – Hold You Down
*Thalia featuring Fat Joe – I Want You
*Bryan Adams – Star (FIND!)
*James Morrison – You Give me something
*Thicke – Brand New Jones

Songs i Found, oh the joy!:)

Now playing : Nelly ft. Jaheim – My Place.mp3
Get your own mp3 player @

Nelly Ft. Jaheim

Thanks Christina for the link! It has awesome music from the 9o’s too. click on it:)

you know, my brother always think i like songs which has like “ting” sound in the background music! hahaha…which is kinda true!

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