B: Milo
L: Yong Tau Fu
D: Fruits
S: Subway
E: Body Combat
3: My dog for always barking at my door asking me to open so that he can sleep in my room. I think he likes my music from lappie! hahaha. Work meetings at restaurants cos I get to get outta office! Myself for braving self to go gym today! *pats on back*

I got awesome skin! Although, still got so many blackheads, ish!

B: Milo
L: Organic Chap Fan
D: Kim Gary’s Cheese Baked Rice – sinful!
S: Ice cream! :(
E: None
3: ikea, srsly i really like lotion!, my photoshop skills :)

my new vintage blouse. love!

B: Milo
L: Thai Chicken Rice
D: Singapore Fried Mee Hoon
E: None
3: backdated, why bother? -___- Owh, I’m thankful for my memory, for remembering what i ate!-_-

B: McDees
L: Chicken Chop
D: D’Lish 3 course dinner shared with Louanne
E: Walking from Bangsar LRT till Bangsar Sports Complex! LOL

3 things: Tali Tenang people!:) Louanne and new shoes!:)

B: Milo+Persimmons
L: Chap Fun
D: Some Shrimps, fries, lobster tails, ceasar salad, clam chowder, ice cream w cookie
S: Frozen Yogurt from Tutti Fruitti
E: Nil

3 things: how I can spend time with Elaine like old times, I missed her so muccccchhhhhh, late night supper with Sidney, My job :)

Brunch: McDees Breakfast
D: Prosperity Burger
E: 1 hour of Body Combat

3 things: Twitter and how funny it can be, a new project of ours, my dog, TeeZeeBoy. Hope he gets well!

(Today’s extra people on the pic are Joyce and Louanne, we went klarrbing)

B: Toast, eggs
L: FuYong Egg w Rice
D: Dim Sum
S: Vodka Lime and 7 shots of tequila
E: 2.5 hours worth of dancing like a mad woman!

3 things: ok, make it 4 things, Lea.Joyce.Louanne.Gai :)

B: Milo
L: 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 pork Schnitzel, fries
D: Nasi Lemak
E: Nil
3things: Desa Parkcity so near my house, Thai Massages, not seating on the drivers seat :)

B: Milo
L: Ham Choy Taufu Mihoon Soup
D: a plate of variety of buffet stuff..
E: Nil
3 things: Finally meeting some Tweeples, got my Nokia X6, Tk for always temaning me yum cha at odd times and hours :)

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