Hello world!

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How have you been? Happy CNY!

I am now hiding from the children at Taiping in Starbucks. They are cute and all, but sometimes, a little too much kids can make the world go round and round. LOL. Peace and quiet is nice. I cannot take anymore “I want to play your iPhone”. LOL.

Anyways, life’s been alright lately. Work’s been okay. Regarding previous post, I’m alright now. Learnt to take the everything with a pinch of salt. Not to the heart. hehe.

I love being in a working environment with colleagues and people. It has been awesome possum.

Been to one small christmas party at the office.

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Been on one company trip to Club Med Cherating. It was superdy duper awesome. I love being in a 5 star hotel, after all these years of staying in small boutique hotels and backpackers places. LOL.

All we did was, eat, drink, chill and oogle at hot GO’s bods. Here, you can see the girls looking to the side? Hot Bod was playing water basketball…

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Say Hi to the Agendans…

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This is our Sarong Party Girls-June, Sarah and Me- posing with our very own White Boy, Prentice! LOL.

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Also been to one HUGEASS CNY Sau Kung Dinner with a rabbit theme! It was great fun! :) It also was the first time I got an Ang Pow from company! Hehe!

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This is Andrea, June, Teck Yew, Me, Joanne

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David and Me! Love this photo! teehee! We look like kanak-kanak istimewa.

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The Bunny Family.

Fun Fun times.

Also, PS is back and we went bar hopping at Changkat with Amelia + Pui Yin + Kenny + Bavani. We had an epic time! Great drinks, awesome company, everyone was quite wasted + dancing. Great night. I think it was because everyone went with the flowww and clicked really well. LOL.

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Came back home super late. Dad was like “What is the time nowww??” HAHAHA

Ok time to check out of Starbucks and go back home to sleep.

Life gives you lemons, you drink lemonades….but sometimes, lemonades are nice. Just ask Lea!


so been having an emotional whirlwind in my stomach these few days/week or so. Most of you know what’s going on. Been doing a lot of thinking about life and what will I make out of it.

Been dreaming a lot too. Which makes me damn tired in the morning. Somedays I tahan sleep in office, others time passes by damn fast. Sometimes I feel like life just went on without me noticing it.

I’m getting the hang of work,I’m getting the hang of life as a salaried person. Without it, I would so totally die. There is a need to improve and get more moolah, now that I’m growing up and you know moving on with life.

Everything involved monayy that you can’t stay on in the “blissful” period of ignorance and happy skippy life…

I need a new bank account.


for life savings.

and travel savings.

looks like project UK 2011 is looking okay if i keep up this savings+extra money i get from here and there. Ps, please wait for me to visit before you go anywhere! HAHAHA

I just need to stop shopping, or limit my budget to RM200 a month. LOL!

Like this month’s shopping is busted with my purchase of 3 cardigans -_-

Urbanscapes, I shall only go cos Louanne wants to go. Going with only RM50 for food+parking and etc. I SHALL NOT SPEND. Cos there’s no ATM there too, which is good! unless they bring one there -_-

Been running with the girls a lot lately. We need to keep this up girls! Loosing fats, here we come!

I’m also seriously considering joining the Daily Muscle’s Transformation camp. Just to try out for a month.

See how much fats i loose in a month. if its working for me, I’ll continue, if not, I shall save my money! HAHAHA

anyways, I need to dry my hair and sleep now. damn tired -_-

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get out of this “feeling” I have about myself. I’ve lost a lot of hope in myself and beginning to doubt my abilities to succeed in life. I’m lost and have no direction. I used to wonder how can people not have a clear vision of what they want to do in life, and now I know how… Lol!

It’s funny really. I was the girl with a lot of ambition, I wanted to be a rockstar or a kickass clinical psychologist! Like in the movies!

Now I’m just unsure -_- it doesn’t help that I have to “make money” while I’m at it.. Lol!

Wish I could go somewhere overseas to study and get started all over again! In a foreign land! Haha!

I wish, but I don’t have the finances…and I’m not that smart to score a scholarship! People only give money to the smart ones!

3.6 is not 4.0 and my extra curricular activities aren’t that impressive! Lol! I’m
not in toastmasters or Aiesac (sp?)!
Hahahaha! The only impressive thing I did was become president of ADPSC! Haha! fun times!


Life sucks like that…

I tell myself I’m in an “in between” stage where I need to figure out what I want to do in life! The clock is ticking and I really need to find that thing that I want in life!

So many opportunities… So little time!

Should I join some kinda big companies that hire people based on entrance exams? You know I love ace-ing exams! Haha!

Or start up companies, or media agencies? Or still persevere aplying jobs in other countries? Hahah! Or go study?

I need to revise on my statistics if I wanna study masters in psychology again! It’s been too long since I’ve ever calculated anything other than media/PR values -_-

It’s a scary world out there like the big scary ocean and I’m one little fish with so much to offer, but just don’t know where to start!

Little fish

Why do poor people exist? Why are people so lazy? Why do people die? Why do people feel sad? Why do people cry? Why sometimes, people put themselves through so much crap because of love? Why do people tolerate injustice? Why do people make life so hard? Why do people doubt? Why do people smile when everything around them is going down? Why do people accumulate sins? Why do people lie? Why do people kill? Why are some people so cruel? Why some people can be so selfish? Why the world revolves around money? Why do we really have to work in this materialistic world? Why does money exist? Why is there still war? Why are people dying? How can people kill each other? Why animals are being killed? Why people get worried? Why is the world becoming like this? Why did you come and left earth? Why can’t you stay with us here? Then maybe we’ll know better and the world will be a better place…

*photo credit

wahhh, I feel so bad for not updating for 4 days! haha. My 55 year old self will slap my 23 year old ass for not updating. Cos when I’m 55 I want to know what happend on the 1st of september right? Why wasn’t the blog updated? My phone line has been cacat for the past 3 days. No phone line, no internet. so sad.

Anyways. I am at work now and boss just told me Monday’s a public holiday for peeps in Subang! AWESOME POSSUM! She also just left, leaving me in the office aloneeeeee…

I am so tempted to go to Subang Parade to eat lunch and walk around. But. I don’t want to spend money lahh. haihs. I just spent so much over the merdeka weekend. HAHA. Just when I thought I had wahh, so much savings..then I spent so much. sheesshh. I seriously need to open a new account and bank in the money in another bank.

Maybe I shall just do my work finish…then go home…But I do need to go to a magazine shop to check out travel magazines. I actually did this already. Saved the info on my phone and when I changed phone, the draft just went missing! DANG! bodoh betul. All my information goner. Maybe I shall leave at 4 ish to go check out magazines instead.

Owh. what shall I eat for lunch. I hate lunching alone! haihs. I should’ve brought my mooncake to work today. haha. I bought this 4 yolk white lotus paste mooncake from Lavender at Pavi. RM15, MAHAL SHIT. Haven’t had it yet. Waiting for the right mooncake craving. haha.I bought this Overseas Restaurant Mooncake with 4 yolks. HATED IT. I mean, the yolks are awesome and all..but the skin is so thick! omg…I hate thick skin.

I still love Tai Thong’s 2 yolks lotus paste. yums. They have the right amount of skin. HAHA.

Lookie at my piggy mooncake! So sayang to eat it…looked at it until the day ended and had it for supper. haha. This one too, had TOO MUCH skin. I guess they need the skin to craft the pig.

Owh wells. its going to rain.. I shall just ta pau food and watch youtube while eating.

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