RIP Uncle Ben

He was my Sunday School Confirmation teacher and the spiritual adviser for YAC. He and Aunty Margaret, together with Aunty Sheila and the others def made an impact in my life and more importantly, my faith. Great man he is and may he rest in peace with God. My faith in God will not be the same, if it wasn’t for my confirmation class and what I gained and learned from them.

Aunty Margaret was so pulled together at the wake. She and Uncle Ben was inseparable! Wish her well.

I miss my fellowship with YAC. Gathering soon?

Teez, my dog, AKA Timtam boy is sick! :(

He was whining in the morning this past few days, I know because I wake up at 630am cos he whines so loud. So this morning, I googled, at 630am “why do dogs whine?” and they said, that they might be seeking attention or might be sick. Then I got worried :( :(

At first I just thought, nahh, he just manja la. Making noise for attention. So tonight I came home. My mum’s asleep, dad went out, bro’s not back yet, I was petting him while watching TV. Tired already, so I stopped. He started licking my hands. I mean, usually he does that, but this time, was excessively! I pet again, then he ok. When I stopped, he started licking my hand and you know, put his head on my hand, lick lick lick until sampai my elbow when I let him lick. -_- damn gross, but omg, it struck me.

He’s trying to tell me he’s sick!!!!

:( He was trying to tell us for a few days already… Then I checked him thoroughly. See what’s wrong, then I saw his eye. Got like an infection on it. I googled the symptoms of an eye infection. And tada, it matched

What are the Symptoms of an Eye Infection in a Dog?(Source)

A dog with an eye infection will show several symptoms, including the following signs which can affect one or both eyes:

  • Eye discharge – In a dog with an eye infection, discharge is often thick and yellow or greenish in color.
  • Red, swollen eyes – In the case of an eye infection, the eyelids and area around the dog’s eye will often become swollen and red.
  • Bloodshot eyes – The dogs eyes may become bloodshot if an infection is present.
  • Squinting – Dogs will often squint if they have developed an eye infection.
  • Pawing the eye – A dog with an eye infection may paw at the affected eye.

So, on Monday I had this really LONG day in the sun. When I came home, my body broke down. like really. cannot take it. it was hurting and I took Panadol to sleep.

Then the next day. I already felt I was going to get sick. But I went to work anyways, as we had much to do for the next day. Another event. So I stuck paper into files, burnt CD’s till about 7pm. Then as I was driving home (It HAD TO rain lah!!) in a very long jam, my body was heating up already.

Then, went home. popped into bed and then it started. My fever. It was 38. Took Panadol and slept. Morning, it was 39!! wahh. so hot my gosh. I couldn’t sleep at all. twist and turn twist and turn. Of course, I’d miss my event. so sad. been looking forward to this event.

So the whole day I slept. sweat. slept. sweat. slept.

Then went to see doc in the evening. He said I’d have to check for Ah1n1 in 2 days if my fever persist and I don’t get well :(

its been so long since I’ve gotten sick. Don’t like how I feel at every moment.

Anyways, I have been wanting to join this contest for the longest time!


Each country has a winner and Malaysia has sadly, only 1 entry. Which means, more chance for me to win!!! hahahaha. Ok, now I need to get my ass to Krispy Kreme and take some photos of myself with the donuts.

You don’t join ok!!! Cos I WANNA WIN!!! hahahahha

Image from Getty-source

Thank you for your music, your humanitarian charity work, your childlike persona, your dream of making this world a better place, your constant plea to go green since before it was ever cool to be green now, your performances….everything else.

You’ve been a great inspiration and source of life for so many. You’ve been part of my life and I thank God for having me in the same era as you are in. Because then, I got to know the King of Pop..

The one who made a difference and made the world not care about whether they’re black or white. The one true LEGEND, king of Pop.

Stayed up tonight to watch the memorial. Seeing the casket being brought up to the middle of the stage by the Jackson brothers and the choir at the background, omg, so tear jerking already.

Even in his funeral, he had to go with a gold extravagant casket which really shows how extravagant his life was! Well suited for the King, I must say…

It was heartwarming listening to all the eulogies and music that were presented on the show. Brooke Shields made me tear……usher’s performance was also tear jerking…Until Marlon Jackson started talking….so emo already…..then when Paris Jackson said those last few words at the memorial, I couldn’t tahan anymore. Tears just rolled. nose clogged up.

Michael Jackson, you’ll be missed. I will share your music to my children and I hope they see you the way the world sees you today.

emo experience, but totally worth the staying up. You should watch it too.

Here in Malaysia and if you have ASTRO, watch the Michael Jackson memorial tribute repeats:

  • 8am, 9pm on Channel [V]
  • Now, 4am, 240pm, 610pm,930pm, 11.10pm on E!

I think 8tv is repeating at night also, at 10ish pm…

I should go sleep now, as watching the repeats/CNN makes me sad even more :(

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