I love handmade crafty artsy stuff. Yes, I am yaya like that 😀 So I bought a really pretty sling bag with bows and pretty mix-matched print from Shambie. Shopping budget (in KL) for this month is finished! Must shop at BKK like crazy for one year’s supply of clothes!

On another happie note. I got myself an Instax! Polaroid photos FTW! Thanks for buying it for me! 😀


For my birthday, I got myself a Coach Bag from Bagskaki :) And because I was quick, I managed to get the best deal promotion they had in July and snagged myself 3 other Gin&Jacqie items! :)

Just made final my payment yesterday to Bagskaki and guess what, I got my parcel today! Super fast man this Bagskaki! LOL! I paid and they sent immediately!

Of course, since no one was at home, its now held at Poslaju, at Batu Caves!!! GAHHHH! So far, and since tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, the office is closed and I can only collect it on MONDAY! GAHHHH!!!! But nevermind, I asked my dad to collect for me on Monday! :)

Anyways, a few of my friends are asking if the bags from  are genuinely real. There are many cheating blogsites that sell those Grade AAA fakes and pretend it is real and sell it at “real” prices. A lot of people do get cheated, but I can surely say that Bagskaki do sell genuine items because well, Pauline from Bagskaki told me that their bags all come with an authentic care card, and if it was bought from a boutique, they will also include a receipt from the boutique. She is also an authorized reseller for Gin&Jacqie’s bags. I know Gin&Jacqie will only be associated with a genuine reseller right?

I guess that’s best way of knowing how trustable an online blogshop is by seeing testimonials of other people’s purchases from the shop. A good friend of mine, Louanne, just purchased a black hobo Coach bag and a Gin&Jacqie purse organizer from Bagskaki and she can definitely confirm that it is an authentic Coach bag! :) What’s awesome, is that she got her bag at a fraction of the price.. She was happily showing it to me when she got it. So happie for her! :) Also, a blogger from Iamthewitch.com too bought a bag from Bagskaki and she is happy with her purchase and it is of course, authentic!

HAHA and of course, when I get my bag next week, I will take loads of photos for you to see if it is authentic or not! Till then, go browse and see if you like anything from Bagskaki ;p they have a special promotions for the second purchase! :) Buy any Gin&Jacqie bags at RM5! So cheappp!

this is mom and I at Universal Studios!

I’ve made a couple of big decisions this year.

First, is something which i will blog about later. haha.

Second – I GOT A COACH BAG!!!!

(Well sorta)

My first designer purchase of my life. Guess is not counted okay, Guess is ugly. LOL. Remember I mentioned that I wanted to buy this bag from Bagskaki in the previous post?

Well, no one donated money to me, but I managed to work my butts off to buy my own. Am I awesome or am I awesome? All that extra work i did for that extra cash is really awesome.

(After this no more big purchases!)

I actually haven’t gotten this bag yet. Considering how poor i am, I took the installment plan on Bagskaki. What’s so amazing about this service offered by Bagskaki is that you get to pay them within 90 days, monhtly, or whichever time you want, as long as you finish your payment in 90 days.

They just changed their T&C for Installment plans to cater to ANY amount of bag purchases. So even if you’re getting a Rm200 wallet/clutch, you can still afford it, because if you divide RM200 into 3, you’ll only have to pay RM66.67 each month, and you can own a designer bag already! 😀

Here are the details:

  • we offer ANY # of installments, subject to a maximum of 90 days
  • For purchases of ANY amount. (*please provide us a copy of your transaction details to facilitate us in tracking your payment)
  • You will only get your item(s) once payment has been completed.

So once you’ve made your payment, you can let Bagskaki know your shipping details and the bag will be shipped to you in no time using PosLaju. What’s awesome-er is that the bag price you paid for is all inclusive, so for RM799, I get the bags with shipping already included in the payment.

I just made my first payment and the bags will be reserved until I finish paying. When my bag arrives, I will update everyone! 😀 😀

hee hee! Pretty hor? Love the grey and blue!

for once i prefer the blue over pink (actually the pink insides had white outsides and im too lazy to wash shoes, so blue it is!)

There are more colours online, but the shop only had 2. meh. but i like, can match more clothes -_-

shall wear it later 😀

wokey back to work -_-

We’ll get there fast, And then we’ll take it slow, That’s where we wanna go, Way down to Kokomo…

I think my beach bum bum is aching for another beach holiday… how ah liddis?

LOLS. Speaking of beach bags…I need to confirm my order from Bagskaki already! So that I can enjoy my next beach vacay with my gin&Jacqie beach bag 😀

They’ve also updated with SO MANY wristlets/slingbags/wallets. GO TAKE A LOOK. They’re all also on sale too.

COACH Poppy Leather Wallet – RM460, Bagskaki

COACH Heritage Signature Stripe Swingpack, RM400, Bagskaki

COACH Signature Pleasted Swingpack, RM400, Bagskaki

I’ve got a special special special deal from Bagskaki for you.

Readers of Pink Shoes (YES YOU!) will be entitled to a free gin&Jacqie Swinging Nikki waist pouch worth RM79.00…..this is on top of whatever prevailing sale/discounts already at Bagskaki.

Conditions :

  • For any purchase above RM500
  • You must have heard it from here, so of course, you’re a reader of mine, thank you!
  • Must be a ‘Follower’ Bagskaki.
    How to be a follower? SIMPLE!
    1. Search for this section on the right side of the sidebar:
    2. Click on “Follow” and just follow the instructions that they give.
    3. And wala, you are now a follower of Bagskaki!
  • Buyers only need to identify themselves as Pink Shoes & Bagskaki followers in their Order
  • Effective 15-31st July.


And remember, you heard it here first! 😀

ok, since I’m on a roll talking about what bag to get…

I saw a Gin&Jacqie bag in Isetan The Gardens that I so want because it has my favourite prints on it and its only RM29.90! the SAME one as my other Gin&Jacqie bag.

i walked away….

HAHAHAHA smart move eh?

When I have the time, I will review an organizer that I recently got. On how to use it creatively!

now I shall go shower and like, try to finish some work. I think the latter is going to be a failed mission.

We’ll see.

Some pics from Urbanscapes 2010

Classic KLPAC in the hot sun picture.
Louanne’s newly bought hat for RM15. Whatta steal!
I love my colourful top. I wore bright green inside too. To contrast like crazy! But nice.
This day also gave me like the worst sun burn EVAHHH
I also got 2 rings this time around.
A flower ring from Mimpi Murni that I wanted for a long time already!
an umbrella ring from Ring Apartment.
The bunny is Louanne’s, also from Ring Apartment! :)
Tres Cute!

Because every fashionista needs to start somewhere…so Coach it is! :) Hopefully Coach doesn’t disappoint me-in terms of their quality and stitch! LOL!

Remember I wrote about the little clutches/wallet that i was eyeing on the Coach Website? I love love love the design 😀

poppy kaleidoscope swingpack

poppy op art large wristlet

madison op art chainlink small wallet

Well, I got the price from Bagskaki already!

All three of them are priced at RM470 (as their real prices are at USD$98). It’s all inclusive, including shipping & Custom Duty :) No other hidden charges.

its quite on the high end, only because they’re new arrivals and not on sale yet. Bagskaki always goes to US to source for marked down items that she can also sell it at marked down prices for all bag kakis like meeeee!

So, the question is, should I get a wristlet, or a pink signature pleated hobo bag?

(I have so many questions -_- )

This bag looks nice…so very Louanne. I remember her telling me she wanted this bag when we were at the Coach Store…

Sellng at RM1350.

Till the next post, happy shopping! LOL!

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