Penang with Cuz last weekend

RIP sunnies from Rubi. You’ll be missed. I love how you gave me rose-tinted view on life. My sunny days will never be the same without you :( Now I need to find a new rose-tinted glasses that fit my face shape :(

Yes Penang Roadtrip 11-12 March 2011

Michael Buble – 14th March 2011

Lat the Musical – 15th March 2011

I need a weekend of sleep. You know, the kind where you wake up at 12, eat lunch, sleep, watch TV, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep, Wake up, Go to Church, eat breakfast, sleep, eat lunch, sleep, watch some TV, sleep and wake up for Monday.

I need that. really. my eyes are like burning. I’m not too sure if its a bad sign of aging. But, my eyes are really burning. I think I shall sleep early today.

Note to self:

  • Do your claims huh? Dowan money ahh??
  • I have a live meeting at 3 tomorrow
  • Come back early tmr, Priest coming to house (so weird 0_0)

Maybe I shall do a facial today. Self mask facial.

Final Rant:

Some people are so annoying and full of themselves, that they really need someone to tell them that. So you – stop talking about yourself and you – stop thinking you’re all that. okthxbye.

If you terasa, which i think you won’t laaaa, cos you are so full of yourself, you don’t know what you are doing anyways :p

/end rant

ok don’t ask me who is this person, unless you’re Lea, Joyce and Louanne. LOL. Not like anyone really wants to know..

Why do poor people exist? Why are people so lazy? Why do people die? Why do people feel sad? Why do people cry? Why sometimes, people put themselves through so much crap because of love? Why do people tolerate injustice? Why do people make life so hard? Why do people doubt? Why do people smile when everything around them is going down? Why do people accumulate sins? Why do people lie? Why do people kill? Why are some people so cruel? Why some people can be so selfish? Why the world revolves around money? Why do we really have to work in this materialistic world? Why does money exist? Why is there still war? Why are people dying? How can people kill each other? Why animals are being killed? Why people get worried? Why is the world becoming like this? Why did you come and left earth? Why can’t you stay with us here? Then maybe we’ll know better and the world will be a better place…

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Teez, my dog, AKA Timtam boy is sick! :(

He was whining in the morning this past few days, I know because I wake up at 630am cos he whines so loud. So this morning, I googled, at 630am “why do dogs whine?” and they said, that they might be seeking attention or might be sick. Then I got worried :( :(

At first I just thought, nahh, he just manja la. Making noise for attention. So tonight I came home. My mum’s asleep, dad went out, bro’s not back yet, I was petting him while watching TV. Tired already, so I stopped. He started licking my hands. I mean, usually he does that, but this time, was excessively! I pet again, then he ok. When I stopped, he started licking my hand and you know, put his head on my hand, lick lick lick until sampai my elbow when I let him lick. -_- damn gross, but omg, it struck me.

He’s trying to tell me he’s sick!!!!

:( He was trying to tell us for a few days already… Then I checked him thoroughly. See what’s wrong, then I saw his eye. Got like an infection on it. I googled the symptoms of an eye infection. And tada, it matched

What are the Symptoms of an Eye Infection in a Dog?(Source)

A dog with an eye infection will show several symptoms, including the following signs which can affect one or both eyes:

  • Eye discharge – In a dog with an eye infection, discharge is often thick and yellow or greenish in color.
  • Red, swollen eyes – In the case of an eye infection, the eyelids and area around the dog’s eye will often become swollen and red.
  • Bloodshot eyes – The dogs eyes may become bloodshot if an infection is present.
  • Squinting – Dogs will often squint if they have developed an eye infection.
  • Pawing the eye – A dog with an eye infection may paw at the affected eye.

So I just installed wordpress 2.8 and the whole rich text editor thing is missing! how now brown cow?

Now I’d have to live with this crap no text editor thing until they update 2.8.1…. or I could revert back to 2.7.1…But I need to log in to myPhP Admin thingy like last time. I totally forgot how to. HAHA

Anyways, I can live with HTML updating for a while. But omg, this wordpress 2.8 has too many bugs. Not a smooth transition I must say!

Owh wells, I shall see over the weekend if I want to revert back to old wordpress. Nothing great about 2.8 also…except the widgets part.



ok, wordpress is not lame. its awesome possum cos I get to do this to fonts now with rich text editor!

Karen Rocks!

ok, so now i think this layout sucks! Time to test out that new layout installer on wp2.8! I go shower first!

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