I’ve always wanted short hair. Long hair makes me look nice, but really, it was so boring already! Cheapest way to make a change is to cut it. So i did!

Check out the Mushroom head! I do look more gemuks. HAHAHAH. But I really hate my fringe. It is so uglehh. The lady doesn’t know how to cut the fringe. Owh wells. It will grow out. Just a few more weeks of uglehh hair.


Post hairwash and DIY blowdry, it looks like this:

Penang with Cuz last weekend

RIP sunnies from Rubi. You’ll be missed. I love how you gave me rose-tinted view on life. My sunny days will never be the same without you :( Now I need to find a new rose-tinted glasses that fit my face shape :(

Yes Penang Roadtrip 11-12 March 2011

Michael Buble – 14th March 2011

Lat the Musical – 15th March 2011

I need a weekend of sleep. You know, the kind where you wake up at 12, eat lunch, sleep, watch TV, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep, Wake up, Go to Church, eat breakfast, sleep, eat lunch, sleep, watch some TV, sleep and wake up for Monday.

I need that. really. my eyes are like burning. I’m not too sure if its a bad sign of aging. But, my eyes are really burning. I think I shall sleep early today.

Note to self:

  • Do your claims huh? Dowan money ahh??
  • I have a live meeting at 3 tomorrow
  • Come back early tmr, Priest coming to house (so weird 0_0)

Maybe I shall do a facial today. Self mask facial.

Final Rant:

Some people are so annoying and full of themselves, that they really need someone to tell them that. So you – stop talking about yourself and you – stop thinking you’re all that. okthxbye.

If you terasa, which i think you won’t laaaa, cos you are so full of yourself, you don’t know what you are doing anyways :p

/end rant

ok don’t ask me who is this person, unless you’re Lea, Joyce and Louanne. LOL. Not like anyone really wants to know..

Keep your headphones in a tissue holder. Like this, your headphones won’t be tangled up and the slit in the middle makes it easy for you to grab it on the go when you need it!

Of course, you can get one in a manly colour if you don’t like pretty prints :)

Tissue Holder from Gusto, Platinum Mall Bangkok -799 Baht

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