Went diving over the weekend with these people – Syahmin, DC, Daryl and Tedy.

It was as usual, slightly daunting before we take the first stride into the water. But it all becomes normal and you will remember how to breathe.

What I like about diving is that you are reminded to breathe calmly and with only the sound of your breath and nothing else, it’s really something else.

This time round I was much more comfortable under water. With practice I suppose. I feel more confident and not too Kan Cheongs.

My mask though, was slightly annoying this time round. Water kept on entering. Super annoying!

Can’t wait for my next dive! Hopefully this year, if I have enough money. Lol.

Being on the bus with no social media was hard. I had to resist the urge of not looking at the phone. Lol. I shall practice my Spanish on the bus. Yes I am learning Spanish.

I went to look for a pair of grey shoes at Marks & Spencer, but there wasn’t any. Went down to Muji instead to have “economy rice”. Except it was not very economical. It was $18. But it was a really good meal. I haven’t had a clean meal in a long time. So this was good. After that I was going to get Koi, but I got side tracked into Sephora. Yikes. Bought a few things and got some freebies from Sephora!

Blow Dry hair brush from Tangle Teezer.

Tester size hair oil from Percy & Reed

Hair water from Botanist – this smells divine!

Marimekko X Clinique lip gloss – just had to…

Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet – they are so cute!

Got a free make up brush holder and this super cute make up bag with tester sized stuff in it. Sephora really knows how to make a girl happy!

#macamyes my make up brushes. They are cheap ones from AlieXpress. Not all have been used – as you can see 🙄

It was a really nice after work retail therapy. Much needed!

I miss Sidney. Haven’t seen him for so long. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

So, I think I’m doing it. Taking it slow!

So here’s something I’d insta story. Sidney’s gift from Seattle. Still bummed I didn’t get to go, but, these gifts make up for it.

  • Cutting board
  • Meal prep Lunch tote
  • ❤ spatula
  • ❤ Macaron kit
  • Toilet Bowl freshener, because he knows how much I need to keep our toilet clean and smelling awesome! Lol!
  • Not pictured here is also a “Sleepless in Seattle pajama!

It’s not too bad.

Well it’s day 1. I guess I’ll be blogging more. Which is a good thing also.

See ya!

Growing up has seriously taken my glass half full, innocence away. I used to think that friends are forever, even if we are no longer close, we will still be the way it used to be, but most of the time, is not. (Cue Vitamin C’s Graduation song) It is really super hard to see friends move on to other people they find comfort in. Doesn’t help with bloody social media. I mean. I love chronological moments of people’s lives, trust me, I made my friends get a blog so we can keep up with each other. Now, it’s easier, I try to keep up emotionally, but it has to be both sides and feelings about the relationship has to be mutual to not feel sidelined.

I try to not care too much, but I do. I just need to let it fucking go and hopefully, just stay on the sidelines when they comeback, if they come back. I’m not a victim here, I am also at fault for not taking the effort to keep up and fulfil their needs. A friendship is that right? Fulfilling a need. Maybe I just need to stop it with social media. What I can’t see won’t hurt me, right?

To everyone that had been my close friends, I’m sorry for not keeping up with your needs that made you find another me.

*This feeling I’ve been having is not based on one incident, so don’t terasa if you stumble upon my ramblings. It’s based on a few friendships in my life that has affected me.

On a lighter note, well not really much lighter, YT posted on her IG stories asking what makes everyone happy. Since I’ve been a little down lately, and took it upon myself to think about what makes me happy. So here is my attempt in no particular order….

What makes me happy?

  • Cuddling with Sidney – still the best feeling in the world. Knowing that I’ll always have a Friend for life, really makes me happy.
  • The beach, sounds of the crashing waves, wind, sun
  • Airports? Because it always means I will be in another country or location – which is always nice.
  • Cooking & baking. I just love food.
  • Creating stuff. I like the feeling of accomplishing something. A tangible thing.
  • Colours
  • Seeing my parents & my family happy. Family gatherings too always makes my heart happy.
  • Having someone to sing song with. Literally. Karaoke makes me happy. Musicals gives me goosebumps. Music makes me happy sometimes too literally.
  • Friends, having friends and keeping them. Them asking me to dinner/lunch/breakfast to just catch up, even if it means talking about the same things over and over again.

Here’s a picture of 3 hearts I drew on my ipad.

So two years ago today, I decided to leave the comfort of my hood and come to this tiny red dot. It’s been one helluva ride emotionally. Lol. But I’m sure I’m much grown up now compared to if I was still living at home. I don’t know what’s next. We’ll see. Thanks for having me, Singapore! I was just telling my friends that I would have never met a South African or a Brazilian in KL. Now I know both and a Taiwanese dan lain-lain. #grateful (oh and MOM is gonna send me my EP tomorrow, yay! #legal)

2 years.

It has been 2 years since i’ve decided to move to another country and live on my own. I must say, its not as easy as i thought it would be. I’m still broke ass, thanks to the many concerts and holidays i am going to.

Broke ass, but happy. in a way. I’m happy being on my own. I can come back at any time, eat delish pork kimchi fried rice, shower at any time, sleep semi naked (in my room, duh), light up my cucumber cantaloupe candles and listen to my fav songs on Spotify. at 2am.

Having said that, I also hate coming home, alone. I mean, I do have my lovely housemate and cutest baby to come home to, but sometimes, it just gets so hard to be here alone with no family.

I do have friends, but not the kind of support and love I have back home. Everyone has their own “people” already. y’know? LOL.


Work’s been good. Had a little struggle to find my way in the new place. But thank God for the lovely people i’ve met here. I benchmarked people in Singapore to my previous company, guess I was half wrong.

I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m going to be 29 soon. bloody old. still broke ass. Here’s to hoping Sidney and I can find a common location to stay at by end of year. here, bali, or timbuktu. I do miss having him around.

one day at a time.

Figured i’ll get back into writing.

I’ve totally missed a lot of my life in between the last time i’ve really blogged till now. Guess instagram and other social networks ruined my mojo. 2015 has been kind. I got a great start with a new role in my new company. Way less drama, i hope, and no more negative faces.

I’ve got to put my big girl game face on and do my best. In everything.

Ok, end here. Its a good start, no?




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