Sometimes I overshare my feelings on the internets. Then I regret it because it makes me feel like I’m so vulnerable. Then again, 50 year old me would appreciate my overshare. If you are reading my thoughts, it’s a process. I just need to think out loud and go on a head space cleanse. I may seem like I don’t have my shit together. But I’ll be alright :) if I’m not, you’ll be the first to know.

Decided to skip the “tour” to an island nearby so that I can just sit and chill with my thoughts while listening to my boyband playlist for 2 hours without any humans around. So much happened this week and I just need some time to process everything.
Hanoi has been great so far. The food is so good, but apparently there’s some swine flu scare with pork, so we’ve been skipping pork. What a shame! Work has been a challenge, but manageable. Think I’ve got this 💪🏼💪🏼 Being away from Sidney for so long is hard. Good news is I’ll be home in KL this Friday for Easter! Yas 🙌🏼 but it’s gonna be sad not having Teez around 😔 Issokay, we shall celebrate his life! Imma create a memorial shrine at home with all his photos 🤣
Okay, I so need a massage.

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