So two years ago today, I decided to leave the comfort of my hood and come to this tiny red dot. It’s been one helluva ride emotionally. Lol. But I’m sure I’m much grown up now compared to if I was still living at home. I don’t know what’s next. We’ll see. Thanks for having me, Singapore! I was just telling my friends that I would have never met a South African or a Brazilian in KL. Now I know both and a Taiwanese dan lain-lain. #grateful (oh and MOM is gonna send me my EP tomorrow, yay! #legal)

2 years.

It has been 2 years since i’ve decided to move to another country and live on my own. I must say, its not as easy as i thought it would be. I’m still broke ass, thanks to the many concerts and holidays i am going to.

Broke ass, but happy. in a way. I’m happy being on my own. I can come back at any time, eat delish pork kimchi fried rice, shower at any time, sleep semi naked (in my room, duh), light up my cucumber cantaloupe candles and listen to my fav songs on Spotify. at 2am.

Having said that, I also hate coming home, alone. I mean, I do have my lovely housemate and cutest baby to come home to, but sometimes, it just gets so hard to be here alone with no family.

I do have friends, but not the kind of support and love I have back home. Everyone has their own “people” already. y’know? LOL.


Work’s been good. Had a little struggle to find my way in the new place. But thank God for the lovely people i’ve met here. I benchmarked people in Singapore to my previous company, guess I was half wrong.

I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m going to be 29 soon. bloody old. still broke ass. Here’s to hoping Sidney and I can find a common location to stay at by end of year. here, bali, or timbuktu. I do miss having him around.

one day at a time.

Figured i’ll get back into writing.

I’ve totally missed a lot of my life in between the last time i’ve really blogged till now. Guess instagram and other social networks ruined my mojo. 2015 has been kind. I got a great start with a new role in my new company. Way less drama, i hope, and no more negative faces.

I’ve got to put my big girl game face on and do my best. In everything.

Ok, end here. Its a good start, no?




I finally found a soy candle that is apparently from Australia. This one is lemon and fig. I didn’t buy any lighter. So I can only try it like tomorrow. Hoho.

Here’s how it looks like. I hope its good!


On another note. I am staying in the room today because it was raining massively and i didn’t want to walk out. Super lazy i know. So I ordered in. Used a free delivery voucher from Room Service and ordered burritos and wings. Such a lavish lunder, but I’m hungry dammit.

I’ve been here almost 3 weeks now. Loving every moment and missing everyone back home. Here’s to another 24 more days till i’m home :)

Till the next time i have motivation to pen more thoughts!


Free printable calendar here

It has been 5 days since i’ve landed in Singapore. Work’s been OK. Haven’t really started on anything yet, just learning the tools, client’s products and services and of course the clients themselves. Have yet to meet them, but hopefully they’re nice :)

Seems to be like an ok job that i could do, and have been doing since i started this social thing 2 years ago. LOL.

Of course, I’m way better than that (;P), we’ll see how i can contribute.




Now playing: Rock with you.

So here I am, in the flight to Singapore. Looks like it is happening now. Haha.

From that initial interview to the excitement of getting the job and the farewells. Now it is finally happening.

Going to Josie’s house in a while.

Slept my first Saturday away nursing a flu.

Now I should probably make my Sunday more worth it. You know. So that I don’t waste any time!

Like brunch (now tea) with friends, some shopping, maybe clean my room eh.

The last one is probably the most essential one, but hey, I still have a few more weeks to go right?


Good to know my nose is clearing up. I fell sick last Wensday. Second day of the year and i’m already sick. I have such a bad nose.

Oh wells, on to happier news! I finally did something I wanted to do. Shall do that post in a private post in a while. but today, i’m writing happy things.

I watched a horror flick with Sidney that day. Set with homemade popcorn too! hehe. It was awesome. Check out the happy face:

I bought the pop corn in Sydney. It was nice, but I was kinda sick to enjoy it.

Learnt a new skill this New Year. Joyce, Lea, Sidney and I spent the new years home. The girls and I made some bracelets. LOL. We learnt how to make them and then later I made one bracelet out of an old t shirt.

Its quite easy to do, but it is super mah fan. Nowonder people sell them for so mahals!

But, yes, Lea, Joyce and I want to do this and start a business so that we can go holidays hahahaha.We’ll see how that works out.

Anyway, Imma go take a long hot shower and meet up with Tk and Wei Foong for cakes and coffee! 😀

2013 is going to be awesome, I just know it!


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