Owh hello there. I’ve abandoned this blog for a the longest time!

I’ve been working and learning about the new company and its clients. its been hard to learn the new processes from an already massive process of workflow, but i’m learning, slowly but surely. The terms, the short forms, SLA, Timesheets, FTEs, the responsibilities – the works.

But having more colleagues have been awesome. I now speak to more people on a daily basis, I hardly have time to speak to anyone on msn, well I do bug some people on msn for work purposes. LOL. But yea, I now also work with colleagues from Singapore for one of my accounts. So exciting. I’m super privileged to be given the chance to work on this regional account. I’ve  been to Singapore for a training and marketing conference and met people from around the SEAP region. I met my SG counterpart, Serena and she’s awesome :)

5150082605_2d4e325f0b.jpg (500×375)

The SEAP team

5150692560_cc2af60734.jpg (500×375)

Team from VN, ID, TH and MY ( okay, my mission is to be their size soon. They’re so small. LOL. )

Owh, and I am holding a Moleskin that the client made for us with our name on it :) Can’t wait to make use of it soon. As for now I am using my Jordi Labanda notebook that I got for my birthday. I love notebooks and it is safe to say that I am addicted to buying cute notebooks -_-! hahaha.

As for Social Media part of the work, It has been awesome. For the first few weeks, Ive been told to come up with SM messages like wayy before hand. We didn’t do this back then when I was handling LANEIGE. We used to work on a more spontaneous basis, but i guess sometimes, a little planning a head couldn’t hurt.

Quite tiring to go back and forth to do both roles, but I guess that’s work and I’ll have to juggle. I’ve been doing a lot of analytics lately and it is so overwhelming because it is definitely not my cup of tea.

Anyways, it has been awesome  :)

HereComesTheWhinyMacLoverInMe: My work lappie is one of the slowest laptop to start up. and yes, I’m working on Windows now. FML. I miss working on my mac on a daily basis. everything was just so much easier. I miss my awesome trackpad and the swoosh change of window panels with 4 fingers. Now I have to use a mouse. I wish all the offices in the world would change to Mac so that we can all work faster and more efficiently :p

Picture by Marcky_365, a colleague, I tweaked it using Picnik

This idea of a “September” and “October” babies collective birthday is new to me. I never had it, well except for last week when Angela and Kalai had lunch with me. LOL!

Anyways, today I had a collective birthday with my new colleagues. We had red velvet cake. how nice, they secretly bought my favourite cake!  :)

Work has been nice. I like working on new things all the time and I get new things to do. Things are definitely not mundane. Although there are some mundane stuff. but the rest are exciting. (Well, for now while my “new to everything/noob” feeling is still here.) Still loads to learn.

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll be FLYING A PLANE!

I know right, flying a plane. Sidney and Koko are sitting in my plane! LOL. I wish us all luck! kinda takut a bit, but will not miss this opportunity to fly on a small  ish plane! Hopefully i don’t puke or something.

I should leave.. Supposed to go for this party, but i think i’m too late :(

I found this really awesome article that wrote about buying a designer bag in Malaysia!

LOL  You can also read all 5 of the previous article from this one! LOL! (If you get what I mean?) Shhh. Don’t tell anyone :)

Read more about it here: http://www.mix.fm/blog/post.asp?pid=60837&a=buzz

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