Just when I had juicy news to tweet about, my internet had to be an ass!


So today, I went to watch Couples Retreat at GSC. Awesum movie. Go watch!

After that, I came home at about 1am. Drove pass my school where there are the usual illegal road blocks. So I was like, ok, smile and slow down. Then this police shine torchlight at me (wtf) and asked me to go to the side. I was like wtf, do I look drunk to you? Maybe cos one of my eye was red. It was itching like crazy. So I stopped at the side. Then he asked me

pergi mana?

balik rumah….

Owh, tengok lesen…

Took out lesen…


took out IC.

*shines torchlight on IC and license like checking if I was really human or something.

Tinggal di mana?

Depan tu je.

Kamu beritahu saya, mana saya tahu! *chuckles* Takpe, pergi je, saje nak kacau pompuan…


Tell me how to not do the -_-” sweat emoticon?

Some people think that they are SO BIG. Some people have no manners. Some people need some organizational skills. One company needs to buck up!

I don’t know why people get so angry over freebies. Eg:@digi_telco‘s giveaway. its FREE (or practically free), hello! If you’re not first in line, then sorry lor! Make so much noise for what! Its not the company’s fault that you went late, or you got problem with the people when you line up, or when you go there and the stuff is finished, go try elsewhere, or go home.

Damn sore losers people who complain over not getting freebies. ITS FREAKING FREE ALREADY. Go get a life la. READ:LIMITED QUANTITIES! FTS! IF you’re not the first few then just walk away. Or go fly a kite.

Sold out means you’re too late la. gaaahh. Very angry. Also angry at stupid people in the servicing line who are rude. HELLO! Management, please do something! Your company’s reputation’s at stake here! You may not take social networking seriously, but i tell you, it is super important!

No matter how much FB and twitter social networking they do, if the front line service is bad, it will just hit you back from behind anyways.

OK enough of getting angry over stupid things, stupid freeloaders.

I is angry and should sleep.


Ear Infection Antibiotics

So I have a mild case of Otitis Media. Some fluid is built up in my middle ear. Its not infected yet, but will soon if it doesn’t come out or dry out soon :(

I feel like I just came off swimming pool sometimes. Feels like waves floating in my ear. So annoying cos sometimes it gets so loud when I’m super still.

I have to take Antihistamines for a few days. Annoying cos I’m always sleepy…

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i drove like i wanted to go to KL…I work at Subang

then shit, i realized i was taking wrong way

turn back

then i realised, i forgot my phone, sweet


turn back again

to make things sweeter, there was a 5 car pile up at 1U area

jam like shit

then it started to rain


series of unfortunate events

i think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed


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