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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are a group of 30 ladies from Salisbury and the surrounding area (including Andover, Blandford, Devizes, Southampton and Bournemouth) who go out to socialise every couple of months for ‘ladies only nights’. We are diverse group, largely hospital employees, although we also include waitresses, a receptionist and a personnel assistant at a brewery(!) and range in age from 18-65! There are mums, single ladies, those living with partners, divorcees and my mum is a widow. The nights out started simply as 3 of us wanting to go out to a Robbie Williams tribute night and it resulted with 12 of us going! Over the past year the numbers have grown and grown! We have been to all sorts of social events including tribute and casino nights etc, however have recently started to have private dining events which allow everyone to talk freely and relax with friends. We talk about everything from stationery, food, gossip, movies, books, health and beauty. We swap recipes, make up tips and great venues to eat and drink.

    Our next social is on the 20 May and we are going to have some ‘games’ to get everyone talking and relaxed. It would be a fabulous to have products to talk about and try out. I am writing to enquire as to whether you would be willing to send me 1 or 2 samples as prizes? There is one thing that is guaranteed is that my friends love to talk and it would be a great marketing/advertising opportunity. I appreciate that in the current climate that you may not wish to use this opportunity and that you no doubt receive hundreds of similar requests however any samples at all would help to create great talking points.

    Because 90% of those who come along are administration based we have a terrible addiction to stationery and pretty accessorises! We usually buy each other pens or pretty accessories as presents and it was infact a friend of mine who told me about your website, hence me seeing your products.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

    Best wishes

    Miss Kate Merrifield

    63 Catherine Crescent




    SP5 3NR

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