gossshhhh…stupid blogger!!!

i have to rewrite everything i wrote!stuupidddd…no mood to write adey!

heres something i made tadi..

lj is down!

so HAVE to blog here..

like anybody reads anyways…well the only person i know(besides my lj friends) who reads my journal here…is AMELIA! heehee…others…i really dunno…cos they dun leave anything here…to EVERYONE who reads…leave something on the tag board will ya??

according to them they had a massive power failure…

oh well i hope all my stuff are NOT missing!

have you ever eaten “sai mai low” before?

its yummy!


looks like that!


im so lazy today..but i wakey at 10…made my very own roti bakar telur cheese..

slept, woke up, ate Wan ton mee-made by mum, slept again…made my very own notebook!for college.which is in HELP in May! there is gotta be more to life than studying overseas..right? so i made up my mind to enjoy life where ever i reach..

i’ll get a NEW car yay! ahhahaha

*hope so*

went to wangsa maju..see sidney..i actually WALKED from the train station to UTAR! its sooooooo freaking far! but i did it~! hehe
then met sidney, went to chuck books in his house..by then i was so tired.ate in wangsa maju…ate some bread curry mee and nasi lemak! hehe
took pics..but the bluetooth is gettingg old n annoying! hehe..
then later we went to avenue k..

its a new mall opposite KLCC… this entrance is at the underground train station there..i bought a new bag for me phone!
then  later we went to lepak at KLCC…ate Lecka-Lecka Gelato! yummy….it looks like shit right?but it taste real yummy…

Today…Sidney came to Kepong…we went to 1Utama…
took more pics of ourselves! yay! ahhaha…here’s one..

(it just won’t appear…weird…go to www.livejournal.com/~lyyyl for er…the picture!)

took it while eating DQJulius Blizzard…where they serve it upside down! ehhehe…its real yummy that thingy!
i love outings with Sidney!hehe…

thats all i could upload as i cannot bluetooth it…*sigh*
today is the LAST day for Digi’s 1 cent per sms and 10 cents per mms…im so sad….now must use more money!

ouchhie..i just knocked my lips on the edge of the table..*dumdum*
from 830-1030 we were in darkness! there was no electricity! i was so bored…
things i did –play puzzlebobble with the radio on…
                 –counted coins in my coin box
                 –sang out load to annoy my bro
                 –sprayed Ridsect around the house and couldnt tahan the smell!
                 –read newspaper! in the dark!
hahahahhaha…stupid things..
anyways..today i went to IDP to get my ielts results!
yay! ahhahah
not bad laa..i expected worst!

so later meet up with Sidney and Hon Wai and their friend to sell Sidney’s old SAM books. There were like 10000000725637262936293 stalls there selling the same books…so imagine the competition! we stood there from 1030 i think…till 130! hahahha….madness right! i met David Lee, Kenny and Dinesh there..we sold everything including the calculator for RM317! not bad what…considering almost all of the books are photostated! hehe…plus its 2 years old! Sidney left SAM in 2003!
taylors college!

after that Sidney and Honwai and me went to mamak to eat lunch…my roti hawaii came at 230! waited for so long for it…somemore i was like starving!
ate our lunch (provided by Sidney!:P) and later we went to buy some DVD’s…Hon Wai left us to balik…sidz n me bought a few DVD’s in subang Square!more like Sidney bought laa…bought Star Wars and 2 other DVd’s..
   finding nemo was one of it…its MINE! hahah…RM13

Sidney bought Star wars Box set for RM60 pirated la ofcourse!4 DVD’s included

Sidney’s a big fan!:)
and another DVD…some japanese show…actually in that shop, they give you 1 free DVD if u buy 5…so my Nemo was like free la..
oh ya..they have all kinds of series too…each DVD RM15…good deal! if you have no money to get the real deal!:)
Sidney got me this disney movie songs!

Sidney and me in the train!


i went to Zara yesterday..and tried on this pants..RM65…it was originally RM99
its nice..i wanna bug my mum to buy it for me..what do ya think…green or khaki colour?
its kinda long! but cut-a-ble!

New year’s Day Party at my house…Some pictures…
Bryan and me..
Rapheal and Rohan..posing with their presents—cousin and nephew
Baby Allyah! she’s so cute!

Nat(cousin) striped tee-she just pierced her tongue! yucks! hehehe…
Grandma(dad’s mum)-in pink saree..
Darryl(cousin), talking to Basil(family friend) and Calvin(cousin). Bryan(cousin) on his lap..
Jerome(cousin) in Red Liverpool shirt..they were watching the game…all three Nat, Jerome and my bro-BIG fans..
Rohan-in orange…
L-R Jasmine(cousin) and Bernedine(family friend) with Rohan and Raphael in front.
Darryl and Bryan..

thats about it!more to come soon…

oh ya…the other day, Wing Sun, Karen Lee and jung wei came to my house to d some photoshop for Mr.Tan..
some pics..
Jung wei n me…karen and Jung Wei.
Wing sun was there too…she took the pic..

well thats all for now! oh yeah…PS sent me a gift fromChina-nice!! hehe..



Verse 1:

She told him she’d rather fix her makeup, then try to fix whats goin on

But the problem keeps on calling, even with the cell phone gone

She told him that she believes in livin, bigger than she’s livin now, but her world keeps spinnin backwards, and upsidedown

Don’t say so long,….

Don’t spend today away

Cause today will soon be


Like yesterday is Gone

Like history is Gone

Just try and prove me wrong

And pretend like you’re immortal

She said he said live like no tomorrow

Every day we borrow

Brings us one step closer to the edge

Where’s you’re treasure?

Where’s you’re hope?

If you get the world and lose your soul

She pretends like she pretends like she’s Immortal

Don’t say so long

You’re not that far gone

This could be your big chance to makeup

Today will soon be


Like yesterday is Gone

Like history is Gone

the world keeps spinning on

you’re going going


Like summer break is Gone

Like saturday is Gone (like all my pictures..GONE)

The world keeps spinning on

And pretend like your immortal

your immortal…your immortal

Your immortal..ha ha

we are not infinate

we are not permanant

nothings immediate

were so confident

in our accompishments

look at our decadance

Gone like Frank Sonatra

Like Elvis and his mom

Like Al Pacino’s cash

Nothing lasts in this life

My High school dreams are gone

My childhood sweets are gone

Life is a day that doesn’t last for


Life is more than money

time was never money

time was never cash

life is still more than girls

life is more than hundred dollar bills

and time fills

life is more that fame and rock and roll and thrills

all the riches of the kings and up pinwheels

we got information in the information age

but do we know what life is outside our convenient Lexus cages

She said he said live like more tomorrow

every moment that we borrow

brings us closer to the GOD whose not sure to cash

Hey..im glad you asked

Life is still worth living

Life is still worth living


i cna die now!

i really can die nowWW!!

all my pictures are GONE!!!! my precious pictures! my lovely darling edited pictures! im so sad right now…im gonna cry later!


i dun like the stupid lap top!

i really dun like it!

i hate it!!!!


u cannot take away pictures! its life! memories!


i hate my lap top!



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