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Okay, so the last update of my so called to do list was from 2011. I was still working at Emmagem I think? Its been too long. 

Fast forward 2014. I am now in Singapore. Working and living on my own. So much has changed, mentally and well, i believe i’ve got a new list now:

  • Go to the US/Europe by 2015. I can’t decide. I should decide. 
  • Save $$$
  • Make $$$
  • Go to gym every week, at least once :)

To be continued///


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In no particular order:

  • Finish up my list of significant boyband catching, concert going list here.
  • Clean up my mess of a room
  • Organize my wardrobe DONE! but, it is messy again! so…
  • Organize my wardrobe v2
  • Bake Christmas cupcakes for the feeding program at AOHD super tak jadi
  • Start a money making blog of my own
  • Work on my time management skills (I need to get to places on time!!)
  • Owh yes, get myself an alarm clock
  • Start saving money
  • Start finding ways to make more money!!
  • Get a DSLR camera I have my own now!
  • Get a MAC (Because my laptop is ancient!) WOOHOO!!
  • Go total budget traveling with Stephanie (yes dear, I remember our trip, don’t forget ya?)
  • Go on a budget but comfy trip with Lea and Joyce
  • Sleep early
  • Work on my PR skills
  • Learn Flash, been wanting to do this since forever. If there’s one thing I learnt from my 4 year degree is that….continuous learning is a must!
  • Catch up with everyone I’ve missed!!
  • Be more creative in content and writing skills.
  • Start thinking about what I want to do with my psychology degree! (lols)

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